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Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation? Much of today’s television landscape has been shaped by the work of the inimitable David Lynch. But, it’s been eight years since the singular mind behind film classics like Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive birthed a feature (the last was Inland Empire in ’06). I had the pleasure of speaking with Lynch about everything from his influential foundation, to when we can expect to see his next film, to disappointing Kanye West. I’ve been practicing TM for 41 years, and if you’re a human being, Transcendental Meditation will work for you. When The Beatles were meditating with Maharishi in ’68, I thought that was great for them but I had zero interest in meditating. Lynch is also an outspoken devotee of Transcendental Meditation, which he's practiced daily for over 40 years and brings to underserved populations through his work with the David Lynch Foundation. In 2006, Lynch penned a book illuminating his methods for achieving his greatest artistic visions. For many of us who do creative work, lifestyles of stress, burnout, sleep deprivation and technology addiction can keep us from "going deeper." We multitask on texts, emails, news and social media -- without putting our full focus on anything we do -- and that can keep us on the surface of our thoughts and ideas. Lynch is a longtime devotee of Transcendental Meditation, a practice that involves the repetition of a mantra during 20-minute, twice daily meditations.
But you don't have to take Lynch's word for it: The science has proven that mindfulness really can boost your brain power in a number of ways. Anyone can find time in their schedule to meditate, says Lynch -- you don't have to be sitting cross-legged in a special meditation room to enjoy the practice of mindfulness. Few things crush creativity faster than excessive busyness -- research in organizational psychology has found that environments with high levels of time pressure can stifle creativity, and many of us know personally that our best ideas don't happen when we're stressed out and rushing from one deadline to another. The world will likely only continue operating at an increasingly fast pace, so we must take it upon ourselves to slow down. In other words, slow down, find time for your creative work, and let go of trying to keep up with endless emails, social media updates, to-do lists and obligations. In both writing and sleeping, we learn to be physically still at the same time we are encouraging our minds to unlock from the humdrum rational thinking of our daytime lives. The evidence that sleep deprivation disrupts creativity isn't just anecdotal: A number of scientific studies have found that sleep is essential for learning and creativity. Meditation can seem like a selfish pursuit -- one that cuts us off from others and the world around us as we retreat into our inner selves. Research has found that love and creativity are closely connected -- a 2009 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin demonstrated that participants primed with thoughts of love had high levels of creative insights compared to those who thought of lust and control-group subjects. News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch recently tweeted that he was trying out Transcendental Meditation, a popular technique developed in the 1960s and followed today by famous practitioners like Oprah, David Lynch and Candy Crowley.
La celebre realisateur de la serie Twin Peaks et des films a succes tels Elephant Man (1980) ou Blue Velvet (1986), medite deux fois 20 minutes par jour depuis 1973. Dans cette video en 4 partis David Servan-Schreiber (medecin et auteur) interview David Lynch sur la meditation transcendantale.
Meditation Enfant avec Malory MalmassonDecouvrez une meditation guidee pour votre enfant sur le theme de la feerie (lien sous la video) mais avant cela je vous invite a ecouter Malory, la creatrice de cette meditation guidee.
Le Pouvoir Cache des Introvertis (Video)  Comment briller en societe lorsque l’on est introverti ? He himself started doing Transcendental Meditation over 40 years ago, back in 1973, and has not missed a single session ever since. The beauty of the Transcendental Meditation technique is that it gives effortless transcending. And the list of benefits one can access through the Transcendental Meditation technique is a long one, says Lynch. For me, I got more and more happiness in the doing of things, ideas seemed to flow more freely. The reader probably knows some of David Lynch’s films (like “Wild at Heart” with Nicholas Cage and “Blue Velvet with Isabella Rossellini and Kyle MacLachlan) and the famous TV series “Twin Peaks” produced by him. For David Lynch, the way to produce something different and unique isn’t to follow a clear path. If the reader is primarily interested in manual about creativity this isn’t the best choice – there are better options out there. None of the information contained herein constitutes an offer to purchase or sell a financial instrument or to make any investments.

Many Hollywood stars have since followed suit, including Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Scorsese, and Oprah Winfrey.
True Detective, The Killing, Broadchurch—you name it—wouldn’t have materialized if not for Twin Peaks, his supernatural serial drama that debuted in 1990.
Since then, he’s been occupied painting, working on a music album—Crazy Clown Time, released in ’11—and running the David Lynch Foundation, which seeks to heal everyone, from war veterans plagued by PTSD to young children, through Transcendental Meditation. Pretty much everybody’s got stress these days, and more and more people have traumatic stress.
Arguably one of the most brilliant film directors of our time, Lynch is best known for genre-defying, surrealist art-house films like Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, and Wild at Heart. And the award-winning director says that meditation is his greatest secret to creative success. This can take a major toll on our creative thinking, which is never at its fullest potential if we're not accessing a deeper part of our consciousness. Here are some of Lynch's best secrets to finding your personal vision from Catching The Big Fish. He swears that TM helps him to access a deeper level of consciousness, where all of his best ideas have come from. They'll always be there -- it's your job to find a way to slow down for long enough to do the work that's important to you.
And as your mind and body grow accustomed to a certain amount of sleep each night — six hours, seven, maybe the recommended eight -- so can you train your waking mind to sleep creatively and work out the vividly imagined waking dreams which are successful works of fiction.
Sleep helps the brain to consolidate memories so that we can later retrieve them more easily, and it also helps us reorganize and reconfigure memories so we can come up with new and original ideas.
But Lynch argues that meditation is anything but selfish, and for that reason, it can boost your creativity.
Sur le site de la fondation David Lynch vous pouvez regarder une tres belle video (en anglais) sur les bienfaits de la meditation transcendantale.
Si vous pouvez regarder les 4 videos, cela donne une belle vue d’ensemble de la meditation transcendantale.
True happiness lies within.’ And this phrase had a ring of truth to me, but the phrase doesn’t tell you where the within is, nor how to get there. With the regular practice of Transcendental Meditation, a person can transcend many times in each meditation and really see huge life-transforming benefits. I felt more energy for the work and I began to see other people as people I liked more and more.
The book is written in a very direct and charming style about his methods for having ideas and developing them. One reason it that the way we interpret the world can make us more or less happy immediately. However, if the reader is interested in the figure of David Lynch or in a unique point of view on creativity this is a book for you.
Accompanying the group is the gangly British comedian Russell Brand, whom Lynch introduced to TM three years ago, and who’s here to moderate the evening’s Q&A.
We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonThe collision of TM and celebrity is nothing new. Last year, Jerry Seinfeld appeared on Good Morning America to reveal he had been doing TM for nearly 40 years. Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. The acclaimed auteur spoke to Marlow Stern about a month ago on how cable TV is the new arthouse. I had to do two buckets because two people challenged me, so I thought it should have some music to it. But that’s still in the works.Were there some demons you were dealing with when you turned to TM?
The thing that kept me from doing it, really, is that I haven’t quite gotten the big idea for it. Lynch argues that meditation is the solution, the greatest tool we have for accessing our own brain power and diving into the subconsciousness where creativity resides. Mindfulness practice has been linked with improved memory and focus, emotional well-being, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved mental clarity -- all of which can lead to better creative thought. J’ai aime la partie ou David Lynch parle de la relation entre creativite et meditation (2nde video). Many of the “gems” can be appropriated by people who need to be creative even in a business environment.

David Lynch claims that intuition plays a great role and that the artist should be in tune with his environment.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who developed the practice in India in the 1950s, taught the Beatles in 1967 and became a chat-show staple in the '70s, when he was nicknamed the “Giggling Guru.” Clint Eastwood, a TM convert since his Dirty Harry days, appeared with the Maharishi on The Merv Griffin Show, even walking out holding a flower. You started on Eraserhead in ’72, and I understand that was a very fraught production early on.You don’t have to be in bad shape.
Neanmoins, il serait prudent de rappeler que la meditation transcendentale est un cas particulier, qui promet beaucoup mais ne necessite pretendument ni concentration ni autre effort. Sean Macaulay talks to Lynch about the bliss of letting go.The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles this week hosted the West Coast premiere of Meditation, Creativity, Peace, a low-budget documentary that follows director David Lynch around on a tour of film schools in Europe and the Middle East. And soldiers who are suffering from PTSD, it’s like their lives are in this pressure cooker, and the pressure is so great that it affects all their life in the most negative way—their family, kids, friendships—and it’s no fun being alive. And then I thought, “Maybe meditation is a way to go in and find that happiness.” And then I started looking into all types of meditation but nothing seemed right to me.
I was going along OK, but looking back, I was filled with anger and took it out on my first wife and made her life miserable.
Basically, David Lynch worked in other jobs to have enough money to film it – when he had money to buy celluloid and other filming material he would go on.
The 67-year-old director of Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive politely answers the odd question about his films, but mostly he talks about Transcendental Meditation. But I can always take a little more.”The documentary opens with Lynch holding a jelly doughnut. And this transcendental meditation has that active mind slow down.”Afterwards, in the green room, Lynch sits on a sofa and munches on a doughnut.
He might want to take part in helping some people.I think that might be a stretch for him, but we’ll see.
Then, my sister called and said she’d started Transcendental Meditation with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and I saw a change in her voice that sounded like more happiness and more assuredness, and I said, “That’s what I want.” And I went and got it, and never looked back.
It’s not what you would call a “summer blockbuster.” It would be a very tough sell these days.Speaking of the “tough sell” aspect, what’s your take on the state of Hollywood? You’ve seen waves of things go up and down, but maybe the arthouse will be back in vogue, and they’ll reappear all over the place again. A tanned woman in a tight dress is getting him to record an introduction for a screening in Palm Beach.
They say, “I have my life back again,” and all they have to do is stay regular in their meditation—transcend every day—and their lives will keep getting better and better. If I’d gone forward without the ability to transcend every day, I think the pressures of the business could’ve gotten me. Perhaps it is but it isn’t necessary to write so much about transcendental meditation.
A news reporter is shoving a microphone inches from his nose and asks about “TM-ers.”I ask Lynch to draw a diagram to show the before and after of TM.
With Eraserhead, I got way more happiness in the doing, and became way more self-assured.My Uncle Mike told me to watch Eraserhead when I was… I think 12.
Is your follow-up to Eraserhead, the amazing-sounding Ronnie Rocket, ever going to see the light of day? If people have a big screen at home, great sound, and they turn the lights down and turn their phones off, they can get into the world and have an experience. But most people don’t watch films that way anymore.You really were ahead of your time with Twin Peaks—this gritty, engrossing serial TV drama.
Boom!”Lynch says he discovered the practice 40 years via his sister when he was struggling with anger and anxiety. That show really set the stage for a lot of these shows like True Detective, The Killing, Broadchurch, the list goes on.I haven’t seen The Killing and Broadchurch, so I can’t really comment on those. Repetition of your custom-tailored mantra moves the mind beyond self-consciousness and into pure consciousness, where one can connect with the eternal. Why is this?’ And David goes, ‘That’s because you love to masturbate!’”Lynch is quite happy to be the counterpoint to Brand’s naughty schoolboy antics.“Excuse me, David, I think I have a clever thing to say.
Can I say it?” Lynch nods indulgently as Brand launches into an epic, serpentine definition of the benefits of TM.“We’re making a little CD of this,” Lynch tells the audience.

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