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Pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) is an integral part of physiotherapy which involves dealing with patients having cardio – pulmonary (heart and lungs) problems.
Postural drainage – This involves the adoption of different positions which will assist for the sputum to come out. Active cycle of breathing technique (ACBT) – This is a specialized technique which involves a cycle of – breathing control, deep breathing & huffing. Thoracic expansion exercises – These are exercises to improve the mobility and expansion of the chest which ultimately helps for better air – entry into the lungs. At PhysioRehab we are all experienced and skilled to deal with the above mentioned conditions and perform the techniques for your betterment. While some of them have a cooling effect on the body, others help in relieving stress.Breathing is the most vital activity for those living organisms. Rehab is important to prevent the de-conditioning and weakness due to immobility in the ICU, improve oxygenation, prevent pulmonary complications like lung collapse. Huffing is a minor form of coughing in which patient fills air in his lungs and then breathe out saying a “huh”.
This involves different types of breathing like “pursed-lip breathing”, “diaphragmatic breathing” which helps the bronchioles to expand for better air exchange.
They involve a combination of deep breathing and upper limbs movements to enhance the ribcage expansion. The advantage of it is that it gives a visual feedback of the performance to the patient and motivates to perform better.
Breathing exercises or pranayama (prana means life, ayama means control) would be the very basis of yoga. Deep breathing is expanding your ribcage while you inhale and emptying the ribcage while you exhale.

These exercises are further advanced by the usage of Therabands or weights to start with resistance training for the upper body. Some people use things like cigarettes and alcohol to escape stress which is the worst they can do to their body. The slow long inhale must be followed by a quick, powerful exhale generated from the belly.
According to the ancient principles of yoga, an individual who can control his breath can control his life. Here are some deep breathing techniques that can be better solutions than the destructive ones. Once you are comfortable with this kind of powerful exhaling and contraction, you can inhale and exhale continuously. Yogic breathing essentially consists of three types: inhalation, exhalation and retention of breath. Use natural sounds like the ocean’s sound or the waterfall’s sound to travel to this place through your imagination. Start with the feet and then go up to your knees, chest, thighs, arms, jaw, eyes and hands.
Bhastrika PranayamaTypes Of Yoga Breathing TechniquesThis breathing technique ought to be practiced, before any of another techniques.
Continue doing this process at least 15 to 20 times before you decide to do the other types of yogic breathing.Anuloma VilomaThis yogic breathing technique is called Alternate Nostril Breathing. The most important advantage of this breathing exercise is it helps in balancing both the hemispheres of the mind and in turn relaxing the mind. To get this done exercise, place the thumb of the right hand around the right nostril and the other fingers extended out straight.

Now breathe I with the left nostril, place the pointer finger on the left nostril, while you lift the thumb of the best nostril and exhale in the right nostril. Then inhale through the right nostril, using the left nostril closed and exhale with the left nostril with the right nostril closed. Repeat the exercise 12 to fifteen times on each side.Dirga PranayamaAlso referred to as the three-part breath, this breathing exercise is usually for beginners.
To get this done pranayama, sit in a comfortable meditative posture, together with your spine erect. You will always breathe in and out only through your nose, choosing this breathing exercise. It features a relaxing effect and also gives peace and joy towards the person practicing it. The humming sound creates vibrations, with a calming effect.SheetaliThis breathing technique can also be known as cooling breath. Many times, it proves to be useful in treating fever, reduces high blood pressure and it has a cooling effect on the central nervous system. Close your mouth and contain the breath for sometime before you decide to exhale through your nose.

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