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Cure Your Insomnia in 6 Simple Steps & Start Sleeping for 8 Hours Every Night – in Just 3 Days! After numerous courses of sleeping pills, blood tests and more, my luck changed when my doctor referred me to a Sleep Hygiene Therapist at a sleep clinic in London’s Harley Street.
At the time this was a considered a new approach to insomnia, and was slowly being adopted by the medical profession as a way to cure insomnia naturally without benzodiazepines, which by then were renowned for causing rebound insomnia and heaps of side-effects. For a start I was involved in music, which meant late nights and going to bed at different times.
Over the course of six weeks, my therapist taught me many interesting things about sleep, like how the body responds to light exposure, and how hormones and brainwaves play a major role in the sleep–wake cycle.
We spoke about exercise and diet and how humans lived 10,000 years ago compared to how they live in modern times.
These sleep hygiene sessions changed my life in one fundamental way; they helped me turn the table in my favour. I had been given the power to cure my insomnia using natural means that I was already in ownership of. I studied sleep through the ages, comparing the sleeping pattern of our hunter-gatherer ancestors with that of modern man. I discovered that insomnia had begun manifesting itself in society post the invention of electricity, and even more so post the agricultural revolution.
As I dug deeper, I discovered that just about everything humans were doing was counterproductive in getting a good night’s sleep. From an unhealthy sleep-wake cycle and lack of sun exposure to lack of exercise, eating the wrong foods, negative brain stimulation and an unfavorable sleeping environment, it’s no wonder we are all struggling to sleep!
Through this research I founded the Six Steps, a process that reprograms the body and creates and health sleep-wake cycle using good sleep hygiene methodology.
The book was very well received, and I even got a congratulatory letter from my old sleep hygiene therapist! Over the following year I continued my research, endeavouring to discover more practical ways of helping myself and others optimize their sleep. After researching lifestyle and environment, I began studying brainwave activity and the way the brain responds to varying lifestyle conditions. For example, when we are in high states of anxiety the speed of our brainwaves increases, and when we are relaxed the speed of our brainwaves decreases.
When the brain is fully aware and awake (in the Beta state) it runs at around 20 ~ 40 Hz, when we are in a very relaxed state (the Theta state) the brainwaves run at around 4hz-8hz, and in deep sleep (the Delta state) our brains run at around 1-4hz. This made absolute sense to me because my sleep therapist had mentioned years earlier that in order to induce sleep we have to slow down brainwave activity. I discovered that it was possible to slow brainwaves down by entraining the brain to release theta waves for deep relaxation and delta waves to promote deep sleep, simply by listening to this special music.
I won’t bore you with the finer technical details, but let’s just say that binaural beats meditation music is used the world over to strengthen memory, increase focus and concentration, treat ADHD, depression and, among other things, cure insomnia. I know from experience that when people have suffered insomnia for a long period of time they build up a psychological barrier around sleep. To break this barrier down, I worked with a hypnosis specialist to develop Sleep Like A Baby, a powerful hypnosis recording that uses theta waves to relax the mind and subliminal messaging to eliminate fear and anxiety around sleep. The Six Steps uses practical good sleep hygiene methods to correct the negative lifestyle and environment conditions that contribute to insomnia. The Six Steps uses binaural beats music to entrain the brain to settle into the theta brain state when it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep, and then the delta brain state when its time to cycle through the sleep stages. The Six Steps uses a powerful sleep hypnosis recording to eliminate negative thought patterns that contribute to sleep anxiety and prevent rebound insomnia.
Using the Six Steps methodology and audio accompaniments, I have naturally evolved from insomniac to sleep lover.
All you have to do is follow the Six Steps set out in the book for 30-days straight, listen to the audios at the suggested times, and start sleeping like a baby. Within 3-days you’ll witness an amazing transformation, as your sleep-wake cycle begins to reset and you begin to sleep faster, deeper and longer.
These 15-minute binaural beats meditations have been created by brain entrainment specialists to combat insomnia.

Delta waves are released when the brain is in a state of deep sleep and the body regenerates cells and tissue. Deep Sleep is designed to be listened to up to an hour before going to sleep, and will induce a natural sleepiness that will last until you fall into a deep sleep. By entraining the brain to release Delta waves around bedtime, you will experience deeper, more restorative sleep. Anxiety Release is a Theta state meditation set to a soundscape of peaceful, dreamy meditation music. Theta is the brain state that causes the body to become relaxed and subsequently prepare to enter either deep meditation or the early stages of sleep.
This recording will release your anxiety and fear around sleep, retraining the mind and body to embrace and appropriately react to the feeling of tiredness. Use this recording in the evening or during the daytime to relax and release stress & anxiety. Created in the low Theta state, Calm Mind will stop your mind racing, bringing you into a state of tranquility and enabling you to fall asleep faster for longer. Calm Mind is the ideal listen after a stressful day at work when your mind is cluttered and racing with 101 things you need to do tomorrow. Sleep Like A Baby is a powerful sleep hypnosis recording that uses Theta frequencies and vocal hypnosis techniques to relax the mind into a state of mild hypnosis. I’d manage maybe two good nights a week, with the rest averaging two or three hours sleep a night, leaving me tired and unable to concentrate. Before following your advice I had been resorting to a couple of beers a night because it was the only way I knew to get to sleep quicker and grab four hours or so. The last few days I have been yawning around 11pm and fall asleep most nights within 10-20 minutes, which makes a change from the usual two hours! This week I have started shopping for some of the sleep-friendly foods you suggest in the diet guide, so I’ll let you know how I get on. I was so glad to finally find someone who understood what I had been going through for the last 2 years. My life had become a blur because sometimes I was barely sleeping for three days at a time. Your theory is practical and really easy to understand, and best of all it’s natural. My son had kept me up through the night with illness for two weeks straight, which really threw my sleep pattern out of sync.
By using your tips for creating bed-sleep association triggers,  my sleep had improved by day three and I was sleeping for around seven hours a night by day nine. I have to say, at first I thought this was all a bit too simple to work, I mean the advice is quite straightforward, common sense stuff.
Your book really opened my eyes to so many aspects of sleep and how to create a sleep-friendly lifestyle. Like you I had trouble sleeping as a teenager, and when I came here to University I was worried that lack of sleep would affect my grades. Just as I had anticipated, the stress of a heavy reading schedule left me tossing and turning for hours thinking about my studies.
I found your book very interesting, particularly the chapter on stress and anxiety, which really made me understand what was affecting my sleep and how to approach putting it right. At my age the smallest of things can worry you and I have been a fairly anxious person my entire life.
I want to optimize your sleep as much as I possibly can, and so for a limited time only, I’m offering three bonus gifts with the Six Steps book and audios to help maximize your sleep potential.
The Smart Sleep Diet Guide teaches you all you need to know about eating your way to better sleep. The guide provides you with comprehensive dietary advice on foods that negatively affect your sleep, and advises you on the best foods to eat to boost sleep quality.
The Smart Sleep Diet Guide includes a meal plan with multiple options for alternate days of the week. Blissful Sleep is an insomnia-busting meditation that uses Delta binaural beats frequencies to entrain the brain to sleep deeper.

Blissful Sleep prepares the mind for deep, long restful sleep, and is ideal for those struggling with mid-sleep waking and subsequent poor-quality sleep cycles. This 15-minute recording uses a sparse soundscape, designed to empty the mind and create a brain state conducive to deep sleep. Listen up to 2-hours before bed to induce natural sleepiness. The Weekly Sleep Planner is a practical chart you can use to track your daily sleep progress. Fill in the plan each day to ensure you remain fully committed to the Six Steps program. Write down how you feel about your progress, and be sure to note any rules you break during the program. Please note the package contains digital downloads and no physical products will be shipped to you.
If you have any further questions, please refer to the FAQ, or contact me directly by clicking here. The Deep Delta Chakra Suite MP3 download includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras. Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation ClassOur Free Chakra Healing Guided Meditations come in eight lessons, with available MP3s and videos. I was pushed from doctor to doctor, pill to pill, counselor to psychologist and eventually to the top insomnia specialist in Europe. I never looked forward to my bedtime because 9 times out of 10 I would get a restless night’s sleep and wake up feeling lethargic and gloomy.
I began to realize that there were many aspects of my lifestyle affecting my sleep, things I could change and control myself, without the need for pills. I was also partial to the occasional cigarette before bed, something I then foolishly believed to be a relaxant.
I put myself through trial and error until I completely understood every aspect of my environment and lifestyle that might possibly be affecting my sleep. Brainwaves are measured in Hz, and like electricity the current changes when turned up or down. And since its inception, the Six Steps has become the cure for over one hundred thousand others, too. All you have to do is put on a pair of headphones, relax, press play and let the frequencies do the work! All the audios are instantly downloadable in mp3 format and can be played back on a computer, mp3 player, tablet or smartphone.
You’ll quickly notice how much calmer and less anxious you are when you get into bed at night.
This track is designed to relax an overactive mind, which is the most common cause of not being able to fall asleep instantly.
Thank you for sharing your experience and solutions so that others like me can sleep normally again. By the way, my doctor is very impressed with my progress and has asked to borrow your book! After taking on your advice, I am full of energy again and sleeping normally after just a week. My body didn’t know what time of day it was, I was either wide awake or dead on my feet. But these are things that on my own I wouldn’t have considered doing without your motivation, and they really do work.
Being a pensioner I’d never thought about new-age stuff like this before, but it really is incredible the way it relaxes my mind and helps me drift off to sleep. Our automatic download system will redirect you immediately after payment to a download page, and also send you an e-mail with download instructions. To take advantage of the binaural beats, you must use headphones, and be in a time and place where it is OK to deeply relax or sleep. So if you get a moment in the next couple of weeks, please drop me an email and let me know how you’re getting on.

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