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Santi 1.0 generates binaural beats in real time, which gives this app the ability to continuously change the frequency throughout the duration of each meditation session. The Quick Rest program takes users into deep meditation, then, at the end of the session, returns them to their day fully energized and ready to go. The Progressive Meditation feature helps users relax at bedtime, get more restful sleep, and reduce stress in their lives. Stress reduction and improving our mental (psychological) health is becoming increasingly important for those of us who wish to enjoy life and thrive in our information rich and pressured modern lives.
It helps us helps us uncover our unconscious mind, and improves brain function, helping us get into a state of flow so that we can perform difficult tasks more easily. Each day the number of people who discover the benefits of meditation increases. As always, your interaction with our posts creates a reservoir of wisdom for all our readers to benefit from so please share your thoughts, stories and questions in the comments box below and remember to tweet, like and +1 ~ thanks, we appreciate it.
Maya works with Authors, Coaches and Small Business owners helping them sky-rocket thier income by achieving "expert authority" status within thier niche. Deep meditation for just 20 minutes, allowing your brain state to slow down to alpha, theta, or even delta, can have the same effect on the body as several hours of sleep.
I do not think there is one definition for the spirituality as the word likely means something different to each individual. Creativity is derived from the word “create”, which means that creativity is rooted in creation.
I believe that the source of creativity is different for each individual and it is impossible to claim that there is a singular source of creativity. I also examined spirituality as a generative force for creativity. I wrote that I believed that the source of creativity is most certainly different for each individual. This app sets itself apart from other meditation aids by offering more options and generating binaural beats in real time, instead of using the same, pre-recorded tones over and over. Santi 1.0 sets itself apart from other meditation aids by offering more options and generating binaural beats in real time, instead of using the same, pre-recorded tones over and over.

The user simply chooses from the 3 available programs, sets the timer, and lets the app guide them into progressively deeper states of meditation.
The changing tone frequencies ensure that users are guided into deeper and deeper meditative states for the chosen duration of their session.
This can be done in as little as 10 or 15 minutes, which makes this feature a ideal way to end a lunch break and come back feeling great. When used just before bedtime, users are guided into progressively deeper states of meditation and relaxation as they drift off for the night. It is a discipline that when practiced daily significantly decreases stress related diseases such as high blood pressure while increasing a deep relaxation response and the feel-good factor. Many people would likely associate spirituality with religion or the belief in some higher power. Spirituality does not include the belief in a singular higher power or eternal life in an alternate realm with utopia or prison.
But rather than creating any simple thing, creativity is the process of creating or culminating a new or unique idea. I said that Spirituality differs from religion because spirituality is not based on believing in a god and does not include heaven and hell. I described the source of creativity as a layer of consciousness where thoughts are more free flowing and the imagination is most active. Regular use of this feature can leave users feeling a sense of calm and instill deep relaxation and a tranquil mind. As with the other programs in this app, the ever changing binaural beats ensure the users feels the full benefit of their meditation. Her product line, Dancing Dolphin Energy Healing Products, has been thrilling customers since 1998.
Religion is also a worship-based belief; meaning people who subscribe to a given religion often worship the eternal being in which they believe in order to gain eternal life in a perfect alternate realm.

That idea may be expressed through a variety of channels, whether it is a physical creation or spoken or written language. A place where thoughts run free and the imagination can create, like during a dream, meditation, or trance. I think having a stronger comprehension of spirituality and creativity is extremely helpful when one is exploring or observing art. To me spirituality is belief in a metaphysical realm in which each person has an identity, the “spirit” or “soul”, without the belief in any singular higher power. I think this layer can be partially active while an individual is awake and can be triggered by external stimulants that lead that part of the mind to some idea, connection or inspiration.
I came to the conclusion that spirituality is based on the belief in souls rather than gods. I think spirituality can also be a source for creativity because it exists on a similar plane of existence that is far enough away from reality that people are able to be curious and imaginative. Thousands of people from over 100 countries enjoy her free email newsletter, Here's to Your Magnificence!
An individual who is said to be creative is often considered artistic, while someone who is engaging in creativity is often said to be creating art.
I really enjoyed this assignment because it gave me the chance to utilize outside resources while also relying heavily on my own beliefs and feelings for spirituality and religion.

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