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Order now and we'll ship when it's back in stock, or enter your email below to be notified when it's back in stock. Everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time – but for some people it can become a chronic condition of endless sleepless nights. It can be difficult to switch off after a long day and this is where relaxation and meditation is useful. This sleep meditation album, A Guided Journey To Deep Sleep, is designed to help you sleep well at night. Each track builds on the previous to assist you to let go of the worries of your day and drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep. With a running time of 45 minutes, the Sleep Meditation MP3 Download starts with the above introduction, before moving into the Guided Journey to Deep Sleep, and leaves you drifting on a warm cloud of relaxation, as the gentle and rhythmic sound of the oceans’ waves get you into a deep, deep sleep. You have nothing to lose – except hours of restless tossing and turning and getting out of bed without energy or excitement for your day. Stop your suffering and order a copy of Brad’s Guided Journey to Deep Sleep right now.

Imagine falling asleep quickly, and a restful, deep, deep sleep, then having boundless energy and complete alertness All Day!
If you are not satisfied with this Guided Meditation Package at any time during the first 60 Days, just let me know and I’ll refund your money. As soon as your payment has been made, you will receive an email with the download instructions.
Brad Austen is an intuitive meditation teacher who has trained extensively in Psychic Development and Mediumship. He brings this spiritual wisdom to his guided meditations, creating a unique experience for the listener.
This guided meditation is presented as an easy, step by step, everyday language way to achieve spiritual enlightenment or just have a nice nap where, if you are just on the right wavelength, you may have a lucid dream or two as lucid dreaming induction techniques are also included.
It combines relaxation techniques with the soothing sound of the beach to assist you to drift off into a deep sleep. Once you have downloaded the MP3 files; you can simply play them from your computer, burn them to a CD, or transfer them to a portable MP3 player like an iPod, Tablet or Smart Phone.

May you have the best sleep ever or at least be somewhat amused or entertained while you snuggle in for bedtime or naptime. PayPal protects your money, and financial information, with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.
It’s nice to have an effective, and most importantly, natural method to assist me to get off to sleep easily. A good night sleep can be priceless… especially if you have had a bad run of sleepless nights.

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