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Being able to take a step back from a situation that is causing you to go negative can be beyond helpful. Our physical state reflects how we are experiencing the world – so if we stay in a state of stress or negativity it will manifest itself in our physical presence. In some cases simply being able to let go of a problem because it’s not worth the negative energy is amazing. When you are feeling tired and fatigued, allowing your body to refresh can give you a whole new round of energy to tackle your battles. It is our number one recommended method of detoxing your body and spirit of stress and negativity.
In others, walking away entirely may not be an option but if you can gain a new perspective you can see a new possible solution that refreshes your efforts and makes the problem easier to solve. Take a moment to be silent, allow your mind the thoughts that are causing you so much trouble and then let them go, because they are just that – thoughts.

If you can do yourself just one favor this holiday season make sure it is that you are allowing your body (and thus your mind and spirit) to take a break every once in a while.
Remember to breathe, walk away if you can, or find the place within yourself where you feel centered and calm. When trying to think of coping mechanisms to offer our readers naturally the first person who popped into our heads was the man who hasn’t lost his temper in over 20 years. If you know that certain situations cause you a higher level of stress then you can create the wherewithal to avoid them.
Being refreshed automatically puts you in a healthier state of mind to take on the tasks of the day.
Look for the positive silver linings of a situation to help you wade through the darker aspects. When you have faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel you create a brighter outlook for yourself and that outlook will also manifest itself physically and give you more motivation to move on.

Taking these mini breaks can help you remain balanced when everyone and everything else is driving you crazy. There are dozens of Deepak recommended stress relief routes but we compiled a few of our favorite quotes to help you get started. Every little bit helps and if it stops you from exploding then you’ll feel all that much better for it.

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