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Cultural identity is often defined as the identity of a group, culture or an individual, influenced by one’s belonging to a group or culture. The first stage, unexamined cultural identity, is characterized by a lack of exploration of culture and cultural differences – they are rather taken for granted without much critical thinking. The second stage of the model is referred to as the cultural identity search and is characterized by the exploration and questioning of your culture in order to learn more about it and to understand the implications of belonging to it. Finally, the third stage of the model is cultural identity achievement. Ideally, people at this stage have a clear sense of their cultural identity and are able to successfully navigate it in the contemporary world which is undoubtedly very interconnected and intercultural. Educational goals are the basis of AFS exchange programs, and they help guide our participants through the different stages of acquiring cultural identity. AFS Intercultural Link BlogThe AFS Intercultural Link Blog is a space for sharing ideas, articles, materials, videos and recommendations related to Intercultural Learning, as well as the digital version of the AFS Intercultural Link Newsletter. Microsoft applied for patent for a business model to sell PC the way mobile phone is being sold as per the recent report of patent filing.
The hosted market, which uses an application service provider (ASP) model of hosting software for customers, has been major talking point in the past year, and many companies have started moving to hosted offerings from their traditional in house software. Gartner projected thatA  Service-Oriented Development of ApplicationsA  is expected to reduce total IT expenses over the long term by as much as 20% compared to traditional development methods and the savings becomes exponential over the period. is an open source collaboration software that helps teams create collective business knowledge by sharing workspaces, applications, documents, files and digital content within a secure, unified environment. There will be speakers from BU and other organisations plus plenty of opportunity to network with academic and professional research administration colleagues from other universities. Already confirmed are speakers from HEFCE, Sussex and BU. The event will be advertised to colleagues in other institutions so, if you would like to help promote this event to people in your professional network, keep an eye on this blog for further information in the coming weeks.
If you or someone in your network would like to contribute on the day, please contact Emily Cieciura in REKO to discuss this further. If you possess the necessary skills, knowledge, experience and motivation to help ensure the MS Society funds high quality, relevant research then contact them ASAP.
MS research work is driven by a strategy agreed with the Board of Trustees and which reflects the perspectives of the whole MS community – people affected by MS, clinicians, research scientists and others. To help guide their research work they work with the advice and support of a Research Strategy Committee (RSC) and two Grant Review Panels (GRP).
This paper suggests that there may be insufficient recognition of critical ideas, professional and cultural practices associated with the ‘creative industries’ among tourism destination management researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in England.
A study part-funded by the European Science Foundation (ESF) and tested the professional development framework developed by the UK’s Vitae in different European settings has released some very interesting findings.
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Indeed, if this expression exists, if this expression is needed, that means, clearly, the current development is not sustainable.
The classical representation features 3 pillars of development: economic, social and environment. A large number of people cannot understand the overall meaning of sustainable development and can’t use it intuitively.

At Vertdeco, we use, in parallel with this classic representation of sustainable development, another one – simpler and more intuitive.
This representation, first, proposes to distinguish the environment, the physical matters that surrounds us (hence the word environment) from biodiversity, the living matters that creates and manages our milieu (of which, we are just a device). This model can be divided further down to the same precision (the same complexity) as the previous model for those who wish to do so. Finding out about your cultural background and your cultural identity seems to give people a general framework within which they get to know others. This is usually the stage reserved for childhood when cultural ideas provided by parents, the community or the media are easily accepted. During this stage you begin to question where your beliefs come from and why you hold them, you are ready to compare and analyze them across cultures. The acceptance of yourself and your cultural identity may play a significant role in your other important life decisions and choices, influencing your attitudes and behavior. By developing on a personal and interpersonal level, participants in AFS exchanges become more interculturally sensitive and more knowledgeable about global issues. Most of the leading software development companies including Microsoft, Intel, SAP, SUN, Oracle etc have their presence in India. The software integrates social applications like wikis, blogs, file repositories, microblogs instant discussions into a single platform. For the Grant Review Panel for Care and Services Research they are also recruiting a new Chair. They are looking for people from a variety of backgrounds, covering research, health and social care expertise.
This is also a great development opportunity for you, as knowing how a review panel works can inform how you write and present bids. The RSC looks at the strategic picture, providing advice on broad areas of research, setting priorities and scrutinizing the larger, ongoing research programmes.
The paper considers the relationships between academic and practitioner knowledge and practice that potentially connect tourism destination management with creativity and the arts. BRAD is a tailor designed research development framework with supporting development sessions, for BU’s Early Career Researchers (ECR’s). The study into the feasibility of implementing a professional development framework for researchers across Europe has found that there is demand for such a framework, although nations vary in their readiness to participate in it.  Now that this recognition has been gained, expect a framework to follow! Alas! Our unsustainable development is a problem to be avoided while sustainable development is a job to be done. This is a pivot table with three inputs, which must be met to ensure the sustainability of the project. We use it to respond to our clients’ requests, to train our gardeners and to select our products & services. Sustainable development reduces the environment (and does not protect it) and develops biodiversity (and does not just preserve it) with its production, the milieu. One is to invent the environment while the other is to invite biodiversity, one serves to reduce the other to develop, one have no theoretical limit, the other one can’t cross an integrity.

Children at this stage tend not to be interested in ethnicity and are generally ready to take on the opinions of others. For some, this stage may arise from a turning point in their life or from a growing awareness of other cultures and it can also be a very emotional time. This usually leads to an increase in self-confidence and positive psychological development. This helps them form their own cultural identities and reach the the self-confidence presented in the model described above. The demand for Mobile computing, service oriented architecture (SOA), Web services, operating systems, and office suites will witness downward trend, but money saving technologies such as virtualization and open source software will gain momentum. Many product development companies have ISO 9001 or CMMI certification a€“ a mark of quality that is a perquisite for doing global business. Social Media sites like MySpace and Facebook already made a huge impact as part of collaboration Software. That generated the enthusiasm for adoption of hosted or a€?on-demanda€? models by the type of larger enterprise customers like financial services, hospitality, transportation, government and retail, as well as outsourcers. The aims and objectives of BRAD are aligned to the Universities Strategic Plan 2012-2018, our Visions & Values-BU 2018, and Vitae’s researcher development framework.
Unfortunately, these pillars must be further subdivided and this until a tangible meaning is obtained for the tested project. It places biodiversity, (the main sustainability actor) and humans ( the decision-maker) at a more fair position.
This is often the time when high-school students decide to go on an intercultural exchange program, such as the one provided by AFS.
So, we are always confused how can we advertise and market properly in such ad-adverse environments?A  I would like to share my thoughts about the different ways user can put their ad on social media sites.
That more detailed work is carried out by our Grant Review Panels, one for Biomedical Research (GRP1) and one for Care and Services Research (GRP2). The article suggests that there is a need for destination managers to explore contrasting agendas, knowledge needs and interests, and occupational discourses among creative industry practitioners and likewise for creative industry practitioners concerning tourism and destination management.
BU is providing professional and personal development sessions and online courses throughout the next academic year 2013-2014, which are all free to attend. For example, the economic pillar divides first into salary and products & services, the social pillar into law and education, the ecological into non-living matters and living ones. This representation invites mankind to think in two different ways, depending on whether it is dealing with the environment or with biodiversity. This kind of a program can satisfy a growing awareness of the world around you and the desire to learn more about culture. The development sessions will cover a range of topics, from SPSS, NVivo, personal effectiveness, research management and publishing in journals and books.

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