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Here you will find a group of committed Volunteers who run the Center in order to keep tuition ridiculously low.
Join our next meditation and mindfulness class, and discover how you can live a happy, high life today. Click here to Join our Mailing List for our monthly newsletter, book news, out of town classes, and more. When we embrace Light, we feel happy, peaceful, open, and we tend to focus on solutions rather than problems. Many people are caught up in the fear projected by the media, which they internalize and customize to their specific issues and then fight in their own private battleground. While private, individual practice is essential, the Path becomes easier and more joyful when we gather together to practice. In addition to attending classes at Dharma Center this month, you can join us via telephone. You are also invited to step out of the world and experience the relaxation, rejuvenation, and re-connection of a meditation Retreat. Please download this flyer and share it on your social media – Thank you for Sharing the Light!!!
In case you missed our December Newsletter, Calendar, and the monthly tip, you can find it on the link below. Explore an Intermediate Meditation technique designed to bring you into deeper silence and awareness of your Being and the connection with all that is. You are welcome to bring an offering in a white envelope for Isis; however this is not required. In Beginning meditation, we are becoming comfortable with the idea of stopping to sit still during our busy day.

In Intermediate meditation, we seek to improve the quality our time in the stillness so we can more deeply touch the infinite silence within our being. The recent lunar eclipse so close to the Fall Equinox drenched us with power and the potential to uncover our deepest Light. AgniKala is the artist behind the beautiful Rama Thangka and his projects include wonderful meditation videos published on The Network Tribe channel on YouTube.
Retreats, or as we like to called them by a more accurate name, Power Trips, are a wonderful way to bring your practice up to a new level.
The amplification of power to your practice begins the day you begin setting aside money to attend. Here at Dharma Center, we work hard to keep retreats affordable and we recognize that advance notice is necessary for most people, so we’ve put our heads together and developed a retreat schedule for the next 12 months.
Take a peek at our upcoming Power Trips and begin planning your next jump into deeper levels of Light! Le banc de meditation Dharma coloris Bleu, en hetre massif d'origine europeenne, a ete realise avec le plus grand soin. Dharma Center Members enjoy community, laughter, and learning, both at Dharma Center and on retreats. If we’ve been training in our practice, then we know to stop, take a breath and act from the heart.
If there’s nothing we can do in the moment, then this energy can be directed into creative expression while we wait for the time when direct action is appropriate. The best thing, really the only thing, we can do for those lost in lower mind states is to be steadfast in our own practice.
In the smiles of our brothers and sisters in the Sangha, we recognize the Light shining into this world.

Through partnership with the Rama Meditation Society, two Dharma Center teachers will be offering free teleconferences.
The deadline to register for the Arches National Park Retreat is approaching; see the newsletter for details about Membership and our upcoming Retreats.
This workshop is being held in celebration of Isis’s birthday, and is her gift to you. If you have never practiced any type of meditation or mindfulness technique before, please attend one of our other classes first. There are many days on the Path where the world seems dark, as if a heavy shadow has fallen over us.
This burst of energy that arises when faced with uncertainty can be used to elevate our consciousness, or it can drown us in doubt and fear. Then the Light burst through, peeling back from the edge until the bright white light reflected perfectly by the full moon illuminated the sky. Through the internal work of meditation and self inquiry, the attachments that keep us in the dark reveal themselves.
What we spend money on sends a clear signal to the ego that this is important, that going on a retreat with spiritual friends is worthy of our attention. Each time we let one of them go, Light peels back the covering, allowing Awareness to emerge and shine.

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