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You may have missed it, New World Notes, where Wagner James Au reports on the Metaverse had displayed, for a very short period of time, some ads from the ChnLove Date web site, a premier Chinese dating site that enables single gentlemen to browse real Chinese women for potential brides. These Chinese ads did not stay up for long and were quickly replaced with IMVU ads inviting us to come into the virtual world of IMVU to find a soul mate; to, Discover Romance & Meet New People!  127501 people were online when I took the click, in 91 different countries! I am sure this happens all the, time, that unwanted ads get placed on prominent popular web sites.

London CityStary DreamscapeThis year I have been sifting through my inventory, searching for something a little special. Second Life and Virtual Currency Entreprenuer Found DeadMetacam OhPromising American entrepreneur Autumn Radtke was found dead nearby her Singapore residence on February 26.
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