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There is one guy out there that I regard as my soulmate. Years ago I met him and when I saw him I knew he was the one. Unlike those beautiful love stories of 80-year-old couples, however, the timing was off for us. One day I felt his ghost tugging on me and I decided to reach out after not speaking to him for a long time. And sometimes he takes his key and jams it into someone else’s keyhole until he makes it fit.
One example of this situation occurred when I gave a clairvoyant reading to a woman, Sarah, (not her real name). Will you be ready to meet your soulmate once you have changed your current schedule, path and actions?
My name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame.
About MeMy name is Liz and I am not any spiritual teacher on the topic of soulmate but just an ordinary soul who got a nudge to pursue researching on soulmate signs and twin flame. Oh, the romantic idea of a Soulmate – the perfect person that changes everything and our life turns into heaven on Earth. So why are so many people today still having such a hard time with finding “the one”? Two of my favourite women – Lilou Mace and Sonia Choquette talking about Soulmates versus Life Partners, may have some answers for you.
This interview may be hard to digest for some people but I think it offers very grounded ideas about finding the true love. Soulmates are Divine appointment with people who remind you of your Soul Plan and who activate your most authentic self, and who challenge you to grow your soul the most. Soulmates are not usually interested in traditional commitments.  They are here to activate the growth of our soul. Once I got honest with myself and connected with my heart, I understood the purpose of that relationship. So, the way you are in each others lives (with your Soulmate) may not be ideal but incredibly important to your growth as a person. Make a distinction between your soulmates and life partners – more grounded, calm relationships. What are your goals for the next relationship, or for the relationship that you are in right now? Be honest with yourself, stay grounded and open your heart when you start searching for these answers. Power thoughtsIt’s time to make a new vision of your future and let go of any beliefs and thoughts that do not support it.
Master Cleanse – 10 Power Days of Detoxing, De-cluttering and Re-connecting with the Power Whit-in.

Every once in awhile our paths came together again in a small twist or turn, but they soon drifted apart, his ghost staying with me each time. I had no plan of action, I could do nothing in this horrible scenario except for order another drink. Sarah asked me the question, “When will I meet my tall, dark, handsome man?” Clairvoyantly I moved her energy slowly along a timeline for her future life. Sarah decided to adjust her schedule to include going to places that she did not normally frequent.
Not only do you need to physically change your path, but you need to spiritually change as well.
Begin now to learn psychic tools to change energy and thought patterns in your electromagnetic field. I was miss-treating myself and I had to find out so I could correct that behaviour, and most importantly so one day I could have the loving relationship I was dreaming of.
This attractions assures that we learn the lessons and stick around till it becomes obvious to us.
They may brake our heart, only to make sure that our hearts will open so we can live life fully and love fully. It was like all those classic love stories you hear when couples are in their 80’s and they are describing how they met their soulmate.
I ran into his best friend at a bar and we casually said hello as we have done in the past.
And so it went on like this the rest of the night, me getting smashed while his best friend followed me around the rest of the night and slyly groped me the drunker I got. Then I slide his or her energy along an imaginary timeline and I see if there is a change of color over a particular month or year, as I silently ask myself this question.
This means that if meeting your mate is not on your direct path, you need to change your path and actions. After seven years, there still was not a change in the vibration or color of her future, meaning that she would not meet her man within that time. I almost always see that people have more than one soulmate or spiritual lifetime partner to choose from who will help them complete their growth here on earth. Finding a clairvoyant teacher to help you facilitate your growth can help you to start to resonate at your highest vibration. I am waiting and searching for my soulmate.I have strong feeling that I fill find him with the help of God.
Sonia has very practical and down to earth approach to the idea of manifesting your most desired life. That’s when it gets confusing and hard to navigate in a way that we could get the most out of these relationships. And he did a good job teaching me to expect better and ask for what I know I deserve in a relationship.

It involves some hard choices you may need to make and even some heartache, but it’s all worth it in the end.
If you would like some additional, structured support to reach your goals and realize your dreams, please go to my Life Coaching page to see my services I offer as a Life Coach. I was excited because I was showing him I was ready, but then he did something unexpected- he pulled away. I fantasized that one day I would run into him again and he would tell me he was now single, and I would be ready for him. I spilled my secrets to his best friend that night, something I still cringe about when I think back on that night. Perhaps your soulmate lives on the other side of town and does not work at the same location as you, nor does he or she shop at the same stores.
This will make fewer obstacles on your path towards love and will help you to attract your true companion. I am planing to change my job because I just feel that I need to do that… so this article was like light for me.
She always offers tons of simple, practical and fun tools that actually work and work fast (from my experience). In our own world of meeting eachother, there was no one else that existed and time stopped while we were talking.
After hanging out with me for awhile, he finally shattered my dream: he was seeing someone. Or even if he was about to get married, I would run into him and he would look at me, remember that we were soulmates, and reconsider his entire decision. This time, he marched right up to me and began a conversation that lasted the rest of the entire night. If there is not a change, and his or her energy goes along a timeline far into the future and off the timeline, then bad news–given his or her current activity schedule and energy, he or she is not on a path to meet a mate.
You must increase your chances of meeting your soulmate by altering your current spiritual path by joining a singles book club, church group, the Sierra Club singles, or post your personal ad online. We are one, yet striving to find our own separate identity and unique vibration to become “pure of heart”. A soulmate will help you complete your growth here on earth by providing an energetic agreement. Many people who help us grow will not be romantic partners, but instead, will be your siblings, parents or teachers.

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