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Once again Bandai Namco's official Digimon World: Next Order website has treated us to four new screenshots.
Davis has a meeting with his soccer team and finds out that their next match is against last year’s champions, the team who’s star player is the all-famed, boy genius soccer star Ken Ichijouji.
When the bus with the opposing team arrives to the game, everyone is disappointed to find out Ken is not with them. Ken-the-Rocket-Ichijouji starts the second half and proves to be as good as everyone says, scoring almost immediately. In the computer lab the following day, Cody spots a new Control Spire on the Digital World map. Veemon: "Deltamon is a dragon-type Digimon with a metal head for one hand and a skull for the other.
Veemon: "Despite their obvious dental hygiene problems, Bakemon are able to accurately impersonate any other creature. BanchoLeomon is a master that serves only his own "justice" and if anything becomes an obstacle to that "justice," even if it's someone like the Royal Knights, or the Celestial Digimon, he will see them as enemies.
BantyoLeomon digivolves from Monzaemon at level 67, but he must have a total of 60,000 Beast experience. IceLeomon is an Ultimate Level Animal Digimon that looks like Leomon but has white fur and ice attacks.
IceLeomon known as Panjyamon, digivolves from Leomon, and can further digivolve into SaberLeomon or Magnadramon depending on its DP. Panjyamon also makes an appearance in the Central Park Gym in the Amaterasu Server as the alternate version of Leomon.
Panjyamon belongs to the Ice card group and has HP 1800, circle attack 620, triangle attack 390 and counter-triangle cross attack.
Leomon is courageous, noble and a firm believer that every living being has their own destiny to live out, Leomon is a master of the secret styles of martial arts. Leomon was a Digimon who fought Dorumon in the 'old' Digital World, but relented, explaining that the X-Antibody wouldn't save him even if he gained it. Leomon is one of the first Digimon the player encounters, as he is present in the first mission of the game. Chief Leomon is kidnapped before the start of the game, and the players are assigned to rescue him as their first mission. A real Leomon resides on Desert Island, and judging by his white eyes and initially evil personality, is under someone's control, possibly the Devimon that also resides on Desert Island.

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Though, he'll soon discover that Ken "The Rocket" Ichijouji has an all too familiar alter ego. Davis and his friends look him up online to find out that last season he scored a record setting 45 goals. Though Davis and his team continue to play hard the rest of the game, Ken overpowers them and scores 9 goals. They act quick and enter the Digital World but almost immediately everyone except Davis sinks into the sand. He is one out of five Beast Man Digimon that earned the title of "Banchou" in the history of the digital world. Takuya, in the form of Agunimon, tried to convince him that he was being controlled but he did not believe him. From his fist, he can summon a powerful flaming projectile known as the Fist of the Beast King. Leomon requested Dorumon to live in his place, in the 'new' Digital World Yggdrasill had created for the Digimon's future. Suspended 192 metres high is the 1.2 metre wide ledge that circles the widest part of Aucklanda€™s Sky Tower. Davis is optimistic about his chances of winning, but the others are astonished by Ken’s talent, and somewhat doubtful.
Davis asks about Ken’s whereabouts and finds out that lately he is very busy doing all sorts of ‘fame-related’ things.
Right before Ken is about to shoot for another goal, Davis slides in, tripping Ken up and scraping him on the leg. The Digimon Emperor calls to Davis and gestures towards his kidnapped friends hanging from a bridge.

That is an African word for white colour, as well as the name of a white lion featured in Kimba the White Lion.
With determination and a strong body, he participates in the Virus Busters, fighting for justice. Everyone is excited for Davis’ first game ever against Ken’s team so they (and even their Digimon) accompany him to the game. Tai warns Davis that even though Ken is not present, that doesn’t mean that the other team won’t be hard to beat.
Davis goes to apologize after the game, doing his best to try to talk himself up, mentioning how he ‘dominated’ before Ken got there. A huge three-headed digimon, Deltamon appears and Davis begs to the Digimon Emperor to free his friends. Although Panjyamon is the proper term for this Digimon, IceLeomon is the often given in the American series because it is easier to remember for younger fans. Davis is pumped up and manages to score the only goal in the first half making the score 1-0.
They shake hands and part, and Ken calls him a ‘worthy adversary.’ As Davis fantasizes about his future as a soccer star on the walk home, Ken is spying from a distance and claims that no one is his equal.
He takes pity on Davis and tells him that because Deltamon has three-heads, only three friends will be devoured. The "GAKU-RAN" that he wears from his shoulders is endowed with a defense function that renders the enemy's physical attacks 89.9% ineffective.
During the half time break Ken shows up and notices the DigiDestined standing on the field.
Davis pleads to take the place of his friends instead and when Deltamon approaches him and Veemon, he is tripped by Digmon. The rest of the DigiDestined appear behind Davis and the ones hanging from the bridge are revealed to be Bakemon in disguise. Furious about being fooled, Davis climbs up to the cliff the Digimon Emperor is standing on.

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