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Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Do you have any idea what's going on down there?! MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. Anytime I would try to let a little of my deeper side out, I was often met with mockery or people looking at my strange as if I said aliens had landed. What I didn’t realize is that what I was seeing was my own judgment of self-help reflected back to me in the world. The reality is that so-called “normal” people are afraid to be caught doing personal development are living a powerless existence.
The reason the average Joe judges and fears self-helpers is because they secretly know there is something more to life but are afraid to look inside.
Everything shifted when I stopped trying to fix myself and started to see personal development as a way to master my mind and express my creative potential. When I realized that understanding my true nature is the most interesting subject in the world and I should be proud of my knowledge and wisdom, I started sharing what I learned with co-workers, bosses, friends and dates. This change of self-expression led me to finally connecting with the love of my life who, from our very first conversation, would go to places no one else previously would talk about with me. The dating market is filled with tips on how to act correctly to catch an alpha man or get a makeover so you’ll get more dates.
Learning about yourself, your psychology and the mysteries of your mind is the most fascinating journey you can take. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow suggested that only a very small percentage of the population reach the level of self-actualization, so that makes you special and unique.
The stigma of doing personal development or spiritual work has to change so more people will be inspired to embrace it. You’re really hoping for an acceptance letter from a certain person when the rejection arrives in your inbox. A few members of your writing group have lots of “feedback” (aka criticism) for you regarding your latest work. From effectively targeting markets, writing dynamic query letters, building authors’ online platforms, and much more—find out how Writer’s Relief can boost your exposure and maximize your acceptance rate.
You may be judging yourself too harshly or comparing yourself too closely to other writers. You could be hiding behind a shield of cynicism and bitterness to protect deep feelings of fear or inadequacy.
Free Publishing Leads and TipsOur e-publication, Submit Write Now!, will be delivered weekly to your inbox. But day after day I realized that everyone who is doing something in the business world should have a Google+ account and now I will tell you why!
First of all, it’s not like Facebook, you won’t be seeing a lot of “duck face” images of girls and people who don’t know what to do with their time. Google has changed their online search options and if you want to be relevant for this search engine you will have to own a Google+ profile where you can participate in a lot of discussions concerning your field of interest.
You can share your work, ask if people like what you have written or published or what you are currently working on. Google+ might seem as a different version of Facebook, but it is much more sophisticated and business related, above all for authors and self-publishers, which is why I decided to create this post under the name “Google+ for Authors” and not Google+ in general.
The culture of communication and the approach to a topic is much more serious and professional as it is on other social media. I came across a great article about Google+ by Johnny Base and he said that he has spoken over an hour to some people who are acknowledged leaders in their field of interest and that it was like a seminar at a top-level university. This useful feature is a great way to discuss a certain topic with your colleagues, to agree on something that can’t be agreed on via email. But to be clear, this is no place to “spam” others with some business proposals and fake articles to gain fake publicity.
Social media are very important today in developing business connections, but Google+ for authors means to be connected to other authors and professionals in communities and to be able to hear the opinions of others in that field. You can join the Self-Publishing and Book Marketing Google Community that I’m moderating with two other great people who are willing to help whenever you need help in your self-publishing journey. There is also the great APE Community created by Guy Kawasaki where you can find really amazing guidance and help for your self-publishing and book marketing doubts. I would like to use this occasion to thank John Skeats (moderator of APE Community) for responding EVERY TIME when I needed help or advice. Take care of your future business and don’t expect results right away, but if you do everything that you can and are patient, results will come! Authors and self-publishers with a verified account and high quality content in their profiles will be looked at by Google as trusted members.
If you don’t already have a Google+ account, it’s time to create one! Create a Google+ account today, before your competitors take your place on the market! Bill, the importance of LinkedIn should not be diminished by this suggestion to use Google+, but as a Google+ user in the business world, it would be a shame not to recommend it and this is why.
Collaboration Proposal I am always open to exploring new partnerships and business relationships. Thanks to his strong graphic design principles he is a multiple winner and finalist of international graphic design contests in the category of book cover design.
Comparing, gossiping about others, putting others first, even excessive Facebook or Instagram stalking are all signs of low-self esteem. Christine Arylo is a best-selling author & founder of the international self-love movement. No woman would tell her daughters or any other woman or girl, "Hey you, don't love yourself, that's selfish." Chances are that if asked, "Do you love yourself?" most women would say, "Yes, of course I do," when in fact the majority don't really have a clue what self-love actually means, or requires.
1.Self-love isn't something you have, self-love is something you choose in every moment of every day. 2.The challenge is not in knowing what you should do to love yourself, but in giving yourself permission to take the loving act. Our power - and your happiness - comes in knowing where you are weak in self-love and where you are strong, and then making conscious choices and taking simple but mighty actions to grow that area of self-love that most needs your attention. Every person has some area where they need to strengthen their ability to make loving choices for themselves.
For you maybe it's self-compassion, being compassionate with yourself when you fail, so instead of berating yourself you console yourself. Or for you perhaps you are a rockstar at work, lots of self-esteem, but a disaster in romantic relationships, lacking self-respect and self-honor.
Or maybe you play small, live life repressed instead of fully expressed, or look to other people for answers, not trusting your own Inner Wisdom, lacking self-empowerment, self-expression and self-trust.
Or maybe you over give, over work, over do, exhausting yourself, suffering from weak self-care, self-pleasure and self-worth. The question to ask yourself is "What branch of self-love most needs my attention, love and focus this year, so that I can grow stronger in my ability to take the self-loving acts that supports me to create the life my heart and soul desire?
As a starting point, you can take this short self-love pulse check and see which branches of self-love feel the weakest or like it needs the most attention? Self-awareness & honesty: You know who you truly are and who you are not, and you have an unwavering commitment to truth about how your actions, thoughts and choices affect your reality and the people around you. Self-acceptance: You like who you are, and you don't compare yourself to others, or wish you could be someone else, including a younger version of yourself. Self-care: You make sure you get what you need everyday on all levels - emotional, physical, spiritual - every day, without guilt, sacrifice or needing to be a martyr.

Self-compassion & self-forgiveness: You open your heart to be a loving witness to yourself, without judgment, by sending yourself waves of kindess, understanding and forgiveness that touch, heal and transform your imperfections and humanness through the presence of your unconditional love. Self-trust: You listen to and follow the guidance of your inner voice, believing that you know what is right for you even when other people think or say otherwise. Self-esteem: You have a strong belief in and regard for yourself, a strong confidence in your ability to do and be anything and you believe your gifts are valuable. Self-expression : You let the world see you, fully, truthfully and without apology or holding back. Self-empowerment: You take charge of and responsibility for your life by acting to create the life you really desire, without apology or requiring approval from others. Self-respect & self-honor: You only make choices that respect and honor the sacred soul that you are, especially in relationships.
Self-pleasure: You consistently create, receive and experience joy, no matter how much work there is to do, ensuring always that your soul is fully fed and nourished. Self-worth: You value yourself immensely based on who you are inside, not on what you achieve, amass or what other people say. My recommendation is to find one area of self love you are strong in, and keep cultivating that part of your relationship with yourself. Self love is one of the foundations of everything in our lives - our relationships with others, our health, our career, our finances, everything.
Will you admit that you are lacking in many things and making a lot of mistakes – that you need to focus on the right things to move forward in personal and business life? I would spend hours in the bookstore in the relationships and self-help sections looking for new books on making my life better.
When I was down the Jersey shore with my friends, I would wake up early on Sundays to go to church before everyone got up.
I was afraid people would think something was wrong with me; that I was screwed up psychologically and unfit for a relationship. Friends and dates would challenge my beliefs and point out condescendingly that if all this self-help stuff worked I would have a relationship by now. I was using personal development and spirituality as a way to fix myself with the assumption that only broken people do this type of thing. The idea of healing is so pervasive in our culture that people assume that any inner reflection is about fixing something dysfunctional.
They are driven by the herd mentality of grasping for external validation and security and are constantly unsatisfied. They want to brush their discomfort aside and pretend everything is okay, terrified of being labeled as having any problems. Personal and spiritual growth wasn’t intended to be about healing with a diagnosis and cure. When I saw myself more as a master of life rather than a broken person, people responded differently to me.
I am glad I didn’t change who I was for the other guy because I really wanted a deeper connection.
They wouldn’t want to admit they hired a life coach or took a workshop as if that was a mark of madness. The business coaching market measures dollars earned rather than someone’s fulfillment and inner mastery. We need more creative-minded people who want to stop being run by their conditioning like the rest of the masses. Teachers and students both must stop making it about healing and dysfunction and stick to its original purpose of human potential. People who are willing to share what they learn will inspire others to find their path to become their potential and change the world. Most of the people who have what you want are not happy and are not free but bound by attachment to those things. I see that in people and in my ex husband who re married and puts on such a show to look the part of normal but it’s a great facade and my children see it too now!
If you have a poor self-image and think everything you write is below par, you’ll never take risks or send out submissions.
Without an attitude adjustment, you may find it hard to connect with publishing industry professionals or other writers. As I read it, I found myself smiling…lots of good memories there through the years as I honed my craft.
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. This is a professional business tool and if you are a writer or self-publisher you sure want to be here. Here you won’t be dealing with amateurs, you will be able to meet people who you have always admired and you will even be able to talk to them via this very useful and exciting media. This isn’t just an interesting tool for writers, but for everyone who is engaged in publishing online content. From my point of view, Google+ is a place where you can feel much more relaxed than on other business related social media like LinkedIn.
Hangouts are something very similar to Skype, but this feature is much stronger, and a lot more than just something that you might use to catch up with some people you haven’t spoken to for a while.
You can speak to more than one person at the time and this unique socializing functionality is something way more than just plane socializing. It is like a big room filled with people who are willing to help with their guidance and experience. I asked some friends in a Google+ community what they thought about some book cover design I have made and a few days afterwards I was asked if I could design a book cover for someone who had gotten a recommendation from a friend who was a member of this community.
He is a multiple winner and finalist on international graphic design contests in the category of book cover design. Only Google (Google Authorship) allows you to link your contents you publish on a certain domain to your Google+ profile. If you are interested in working with me and my team or if you have interesting offer - Contact Me. If you can identify the characteristics of low self-esteem, the next step is to change the way you think about yourself and how you handle things in your life. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Most of us know what the self-loving things are we should do - like take good care of ourselves, only have respectful relationships, believe in ourselves and go for our dreams to name a few- but we let guilt, fear and shame deter us from making the self-loving choices. But self-love can be broken down into 11 distinct parts, that give you clues and specifics as to where to focus your attention and growth (I call these the branches of self-love, which I wrote lots about in Madly in Love with ME, a self-love guidebook.
You know what motivates and drives you, and you are not motivated for a need for outside validation, recognition, approval, affection, etc. Then find one area of self-love in which you are weak, and choose to focus on that area all year long, day by day making choices that reflect you giving yourself love in that way. Agreed?If you say “Absolutely!” please sign up to receive weekly updates from the extraordinary world of business, hand-picked from the web just for you. When I walked back to the house after church everyone was convinced that I was doing the “walk of shame,” not believing I was coming from church.

It is almost a curse when they get what they want because then they never do the inner searching to take their life from good to great.
They change the subject or run from any intimate conversation and keep themselves in a prison of ignorance. Positive psychology assumes everyone is already at the normal functioning level and wants to take you to your higher levels of consciousness. We went on about 4 dates and on our last date he told me solemnly, “I am attracted to you, BUT all that spiritual stuff is not for me. Some never reach out for help because they feel ashamed of investing in their personal life. The ordinary person is caught up with chasing the external carrot and more dissatisfied with life than ever. It is the people like you who expand the limits of the human imagination that inspire everyone to become what is possible. You believe in yourself, but you also understand that there’s always something new to learn. And a know-it-all attitude will keep you from learning anything new and advancing to the next level. Taking time to put it down for a while and then come back to it is very helpful because it gives me an opportunity to gain new objectivity. But on the other hand the other B’s build up my belief in myself , which is what I really want !
My writer’s group can be brutal in their critique, but that is the best way for me improve.
You will be able to make great connections, see such beautiful and inspiring work and share your experience with everyone who is a part of your circle. Hangouts enable you to make multi-user video conferences and up to ten people can participate at once while everyone else can watch and comment. If you want your activity to be good and if you want to prosper, become a member of a community that shares your interests. Google Authorship is a way to link content you create with a Google+ profile, which provides benefits such as your headshot image appearing next to your content in Google’s search results. I am looking for a book publishing professionals who are interested in a collaboration and long-term business relationship with me. You may find that being alone with yourself is uncomfortable, that you feel anxious or uneasy with other people, or that your mind is filled with negative self-talk. The truth is when one is content with themselves, they have healthy self-esteem; external validation is simply an additive, not a necessity to their lives.
A Debby Downer is someone who always looks at life pessimistically; nothing is ever good enough. This will lead to more positive self-talk and experiences that can radically boost your self-esteem into a positive and beautiful place. Ways in which you totally show up for yourself, areas in your life when you easily choose the loving act or thought over fear, blame, shame, guilt, pressure, stress and criticism. I hid the titles as I went to the check-out counter so no one would know what I was buying. Everyone else got married at 23, had a solid career and stable life in a real house not a bachelorette apartment. I just can’t relate.” For the first time in my life I didn’t feel rejected at all because he was rejecting the part about me I loved the most. They look at hiring a coach as a flaw rather than a demonstration of commitment to a bigger life. We are given this life to become something more, to know our true nature and to experience life in all its greatness in love, abundance and health.
The way you perceive your writing (and yourself) can play a huge role in whether or not you succeed in your career.
Your good attitude means that you’re able to make career-advancing connections through networking with others. The same video footage can later easily be uploaded to Youtube so that everyone else, who missed the hangout, could see what the ‘meeting’ was about. A book cover designer can give you advice on your book cover, constructive critiques about what is good and what is bad about it. There might be someone who needs your help or someone who can help you with some new job opportunities.
Like that, I hope this article will help someone to get that opportunity while taking care of her or his business future from an armchair.
A person with healthy self-esteem spends the bulk of their time doing things that promote positive vibes for themselves and others. If you try to do everything perfectly and fail (which is bound to happen), frustration and negative self-talk occur. Going out of your way to constantly be there for someone else, builds up resentment and is a constant reminder to yourself that you are not number one.
And, there are other ways in which you sell yourself short, put your needs last or don't honor them at all, and don't accept yourself. This allows potential people to find high quality content on the web and allows them a content interaction through Google+.
One must put their health and mental health first in order to be the best they can be for everyone else in their lives.
A Debby Downer has a general negative outlook and this pessimism creates low-self esteem and feelings of unhappiness. These are the places where it is hard for you to give yourself permission to do what a best friend would tell you to do.
Focus on what you love—the work of writing, the creativity that comes with self-expression, the actual act that gets you to put your butt in the chair every day—and you’ll take the first step toward a healthier self-image.
To make this story short, this is a place where your work and you as a business person can only profit and gain. Your profile will pop out together with your image in the search bar and that isn’t a feature that any other platform provides. They have enough self-regard to keep these thoughts to themselves or to change them into positive, loving comments. Authors should of course continue using LinkedIn, but Google+ is something every author should use if he wants to be recognizable on the Internet. Self-esDo you have any idea what's going on Profile Facebook CoversDo You Have Any Idea What's Going On Down There?! If you have any problems or require specific needs for your project CLICK HERE and leave the message.

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