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Nobita is daydreaming about catching and solving behind the mystery of Kaitou Lupin as Sherlock Nobita. Fascinate by the creation of the Gadget, Gian and Suneo unknowly passed through shrinking tunnel, resulting to shrink in small size while Nobita, Doraemon and Shizuka get lost into the tunnel leading them to " Natural Man Made Solar sun" from which the whole museum works. Doraemon start acting more and more like the feral cat which make the groups to stay a night at Kurt's home greed by his pet "Poppon".
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In order to stop this, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Gian have to go and search for his bell, so they go to a factory where all of Doraemon’s gadgets are made. Pepura Hasake (which is been shown the reason why he secretly live inside the secret room along with his granddaughter Ginger)Negligence, causing a freak accident which result to Solar sun gone mad and endangering the world leading him to get dismissed from his post and leaved the museum. Even though the security and police were tighten, Kaitou managed to defeat Doraemon and groups and successfully stole the listed items.
To understand why Kaitou DX stole the listed item, Nobita with the help of Sherlock detective gadget, they came to know that the listed security context were repaired on the same day where Dr. Back at Nobita's house, Doraemon starts to sleep in his closet for a rest while waiting for Nobita.

However the process failed as the metal when converted into Pepurametal were started to detoriate.This result to releasing the Monstrous protector who escape from the prison and attack the group who were trying to control the Manmade solar sun after the machine fail to stabilize the sun. However they encountered Head of Gorgon, attacking the group with laser that turn into stone. While Fighting both the situation, Doraemon accidentally wore the Kaitou's Bow which make him into "Kaitou Dora DX". Nobita try different various of item that resembles the cat-bell such as the Christmas bell, Gondola's bell, banana, chirps, egg yolk, and a cough neck. Shizuka and Nobita managed to beat it by turning the head himself into stone by using the mirror. Then Nobita saw Doraemon act as a cat, and he realize that "if something is lost, you use that gadget". Doraemon manage to defeat the monster but accidentally destroy the mainframe that control the system of the sun.
When Kaitou intercept the group, Nobita managed to discover the real identity of Kaitou which in turn known to be Kurt himself.
Poppon Suck the sun and manage to disappear it.Nobita recovers the security context ( as Dr.
After the both of them left the room, Doraemon is in his closet sleeping while a robotic hand try to reach up for his bell.

They first use the Finder Pipe to find the culprit easily with the bubble it produce,But it wont work.However Using the Magnifying Glass and Sherlock Inference hat, Nobita get the name of culprit called Kaitou DX who is well known classic Gadget thief in 22nd Centuray.
Pepura manage to reverse the process to convert it back to full metal) while Doraemon and Kurt repair the museum ( using the recovering torch and magnificent lamp) as well Doraemon's Bell where he understand the reason why Doraemon cherish the bell as it contain the memory of Nobita and Doraemon's friendship. Consulting the incident with Doraemi, Doraemon and Nobita, along with others travel to 22nd Century to visit the Gadget Museum where they meet Director Fiks and Kuruto Harutoman aka Kurt, a young guide of the museum. Kurt give the groups the tour of the Museum where Doraemon and Groups were amazed to see the invention made by the people of 22nd Century.They were fascinated by all the tools and most of all, they saw the very first "Anywhere Door" ever made! In order to Convert all the metal into Pepura-metal, He need to recovered the chips which Dr.
However While the Group were having fun, Doraemon and Nobita tries to search their lost bell which let them to the pond where they were asked to catch "Baba Robot" however one of the robot accidentally get into Doraemon's pocket which render him unable to use.
However to recover it, they created Kaitou Dx and spread the rumors ito carry out the purpose.

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