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I am honored to say that I was invited to participate in the Dove campaign for Real Beauty. Dove has a new campaign out called a€?Thank You For Making A Difference.a€? It is Dovea€™s mission to reach 5 million girls with programs on self esteem by 2010.
This fall Dove launched the a€?Thank You For Making A Differencea€? program to thank their supporters for building up girla€™s self esteem. You can now support the Dove self esteem fund by simply entering your Dove UPC codes and selecting a self esteem charity of your choice.
I incorporate positive self esteem in my children by reinforcing the importance of being the best in everything they do; encouraging them to be leaders and to setting good examples in everything they do and say. I promote self esteem in my daughter my letting her know the importance of not only loving herself but loving others. The bottom line for me is to be an EXAMPLE to my children of what is is to truly be beautiful… it starts from within and radiates out. October 18, 2014 by Pooky Knightsmith Leave a Comment My colleagues are looking for Year 7 and Year 8 students to take part in a body image research project which could involve workshops and completing a series of brief questionnaires.
You and your school staff have probably witnessed the negative impact that low body confidence can have on young people’s lives, from engaging in risky health behaviours to withdrawing from participating fully in important life activities like trying out for teams and clubs, putting their hand up in the classroom, dancing and swimming, going to parties and even giving an opinion. In 2014, the Centre for Appearance Research at the University of the West of England is conducting a research project to support the development of the Dove Self Esteem Project’s new world-leading healthy body image programme. We have already successfully worked with eleven schools in the UK and an opportunity has arisen for further schools to be involved. Your students and teachers may also be asked to participate in, and contribute to the further development of, the Dove Self Esteem Project’s new positive body image programme. A tailored report providing a snapshot of body image and self-esteem issues at your school and a detailed summary of the results of the research project. Ongoing free access to body image lesson plans and teacher training resources from the Dove Self Esteem Project. 2 hours of complimentary in-person staff development and training delivered by body image experts from the Centre for Appearance Research on how to deliver our body image lessons and resources to students.
A certificate of body image excellence from the University of the West of England and the Dove Self Esteem Project. Get the very latest from Pooky and the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust including blog posts, free resources and updates on child and adolescent mental health.
The campaign was created to raise awareness amongst adults of the effects verbal abuse can have on children.
An advert was placed in a Portugese parenting magazine with a box asking women to write down the worst things they were called as a child. This was done in reaction to a survey by Dove on schoolgirls in Lisbon, Portugal, where it was discovered 6 out of 10 children stopped doing something they loved because they felt uncomfortable with their appearance. It was an eye-opener to the thousands of women who read the magazine, and sparked a 16% rise in visitors to Dove’s website, with schools from all over Portugal suddenly requesting to be part of the program.

While you can’t deny the innovative and creativity gone into this campaign, Dove continues to receive critique for placing too much emphasis on beauty and appearances in their campaigns. PR Examples is an independent blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR and marketing stunts and campaigns. An hour of your life next week could make a world of difference in the life of a young girl!
Joining in the Dove Self-Esteem Weekend can be as simple as talking about self-esteem with a young girl, sending an encouraging message to someone you care about, organizing a group self-esteem building activity or attending a Dove Self-Esteem Fund Sponsored Public Workshop.
So easy to do and the rewards and results so worth it!  We'd love to know your thoughts and if you plan on participating! Then join us on Google + - We're still not sure what it does but all the kids are doing it so it must be good!
Your Purchase Counts at Caryl Baker Visage in support of the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada! Fund has touched the lives of more than one million girls in Canada almost nine million girls globally. The purpose of this toolkit is to encourage girls to embrace their own unique beauty through various workshops, guides, activities and videos. It’s truly quite amazing that Dove has used its’ past successes and the media to promote such a positive movement. The Self Esteem Toolkit fits the Diffusion of Innovation Theory because girls and women of various ages must go through the five stages when using the toolkit. While this specific toolkit campaign may seem like a disguised form of advertising, it is actually a form of public relations. In this specific toolkit example, I would argue that while Dove’s creation of the toolkit is a fantastic idea, the overall promotion of it is lacking. I dona€™t have a daughter of my own but I am the oldest of four girls with my youngest sister being only 15. For every UPC code entered Dove will donate $1 to the self esteem charity that you choose for a maximum donation of $500,000. Dove is sponsoring the entire giveaway to one of my readers by providing the entire prize package.
It’s in partnership with the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE and Dove Self Esteem Project.
By participating in this important and exciting research project your school will be contributing to research that will help to maximise the ability of this programme to positively impact the lives of young people in more than 20 countries across the world. This would involve fun and interactive lessons for students and body image training resources for your teachers. No matter the type of mentor you are - mother, aunt, sister, teacher, whatever - there are easy to use tools designed just for you.

This campaign was launched in response to Dove’s global research, which revealed that most women are unable to recognize their beauty and only 4% of women around the world actually consider themselves to be beautiful. What Dove essentially does through this toolkit is generate handpicked activity suggestions to perfectly match girls’ personalities, ages and specific self esteem issues. Dove’s mission for the toolkit reads, “We’re building a movement in which women everywhere have the tools to take action and inspire each other and the girls in their lives.
For the first stage, women and girls become aware of the Dove toolkit campaign and are exposed to the general idea. The toolkit does not promote any type(s) of Dove products, nor does the toolkit cost money. Not too many women and girls know about the Self-Esteem Toolkit, but rather only know of the general self-esteem boosting campaign Dove has been promoting for a few years now. Every time one of their consumers purchase a Dove beauty care product a portion of that purchase goes to the Dove Self Esteem Fund.
The lessons have been designed for girls and boys aged 11-14 years and have been created by world leading experts in body confidence from the Centre for Appearance Research and La Trobe University, in collaboration between teachers and students in the UK. On her days off you'll normally find her jogging down Bournemouth beach, playing Claire De Lune on the piano, visiting a National Trust site, or taking her hamster Pippin for a walk. Some of the recommended activities include book clubs, classroom and group activities (for younger girls), and group spa outings. Dove is not generating any profit from the toolkit, but is instead building a movement to help women around the globe boost their personal self-esteem levels. The overall goal of the toolkit campaign was to reach at least 15 million girls and Dove has never recognized that they achieved this goal.
And while some may condemn Dove for this, I think it’s a step in the right direction and something many other global giants could learn from.
I also try to reinforce to her that beauty comes in all different colors, shapes and sizes, because there is no such thing as one standard for beauty, no matter what anyone says. Fourth, the women and children try out the toolkit, whether it is individually or with friends.
I want her to get to the point where she feels good about her, because once you get there and have that confidence, it’s unshakable.

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