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Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. We have followed the discussion in the guestbook and we would like to answer your questions here. Secrets are something kids shouldn’t keep to themselves, especially secrets that involve touches to private body parts.
When talking with kids, share with them that a surprise is supposed to be about something fun, like a birthday gift or special party for a sibling.
If we choose to NOT have this conversation with our children, how can we possibly expect them to know what to do if someone tells them to keep abuse a secret?
Raising awareness of the world-wide epidemic of child abuse has become Ginger’s life mission. Join the conversation and receive my blogs and other updates about youth safety and protection.
In some dysfunctional families a child is never respected, never heard and therefore never speaks of abuse.

In order to arrest or overcome the pervasive harm of CSA, it is prudent and eventually will be necessary to consider alternatives to slow, hackneyed or, even, useless forms of treatment currently available. Read previous post:What Do YOU Want To Know?By Ginger Kadlec -- get free updates of new posts here. Ginger Kadlec is a child adovcate, blogger and child forensic interviewer working to raise awareness about child protection and stop child abuse. On the other hand, secrets are something kids shouldn’t keep to themselves, especially secrets that involve touches to private body parts or any activity that makes them uncomfortable. Instead, listen to some of the ancient forms of insight to human experience and motivation.
Threats come in all shapes and sizes, and abusers have a way of knowing what motivates their victims and will use those motivators as weapons of submission and secrecy. Understanding the difference between a surprise and secret can be the difference between stopping abuse and suffering in silence.
There is great promise in the near future that research along the avenues of genetic coding will reveal markers that identify those inclined to problematic lifestyle (alcoholism, obesity, suicide) as will as those with high potential to experience (domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse).

The good news is that as we raise our collective consciousness and talk about CSA and other forms of child abuse, the more aware of and tuned into children at risk than we are now. For example, mom knows her boyfriend is sexually molesting her daughter, but tells the daughter to keep it a secret, as the boyfriend is paying the bills and providing food and housing for them.
A little over two years ago, I began blogging about child abuse prevention and protection issues.
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