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In six profound and energising sessions, listeners are introduced to Tibet's most esoteric tradition, learning how to relax, authentic sky-gazing meditations, practice of natural awareness, and prayers and chants to open the heart. This weekly session explores different aspects of meditation practice from those covered in the regular Tuesday evening meetings.
This session is a wonderful opportunity to develop our understanding and meditation practice in a group setting, and to connect with this timeless contemplative tradition in a deeper way through study and practice. Closest Parking Lot #2 is accessed from Ocean Avenue just past Zinc Cafe, or from Forest Avenue opposite the Presbyterian Church. With the understanding that both mind and universe are inconceivably boundless entities, allow their space to begin to merge. Sky gazing is consider an important meditation practice in the recognition of Dzogchen, the primordial state of pure awareness that is present in every sentient being.
If you would like to dive deeper into the theory and practice of Dzogchen sky gazing, then I also recommend you read Lama Surya Das (an American-born lama in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition) describing Dzogchen sky-gazing and the essential point of it in his talk on “Sustaining Present Awareness”. Other than that, it is simply recommended that you spend your time practicing this meditation. Studies done by psychology researchers have also shown that when we spend more time with nature we improve our mood, cognition, and memory. The Emotion Machine is a self improvement website that shares practical tools and advice that anyone can apply to their everyday lives.
Lama Surya Das is one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and scholars, one of the main interpreters of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, and a leading spokesperson for the emerging American Buddhism.

Boorstein leads retreats internationally and has been a panelist and workshop leader at conferences of the American Psychiatric Association.
Tara is nationally known for her skill in weaving western psychological wisdom with a range of meditative practices. Jonathan leads three weekly meditation classes as well as retreats in the DC area and around the country. Ruth is an annual teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Insight Meditation Community Washington, New York Insight, and East Bay Meditation Center. The basic Buddhist observation, that no fixed, identifiable self can be found, is often misunderstood.
The sky itself can be quite mesmerizing, especially on a clear lit night with the stars, moon, satellites and all. Spending time with nature is a great way to tune ourselves into our natural state of present awareness and see the bigger picture in life.
He is the founder of the Dzogchen Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and its branch centers in New York City, New Jersey, California, Portland, Seattle, retreat center Dzogchen osel Ling outside Austin, Texas, where he conducts long training retreats and Advanced Dzogchen retreats. Founder of the Western Buddhist Teachers Network with the Dalai Lama, he is also active in interfaith dialogue and social activism and regularly organizes its international Buddhist Teachers Conferences. A psychotherapist since 1967, she is a cofounding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California, and a senior teacher at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. The author of five books on Buddhism and meditation practice, she is also a regular columnist for Shambhala Sun and has published articles in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

She has practiced and taught meditation for over 35 years, with an emphasis on Vipassana, also called mindfulness or insight meditation. Her approach emphasizes compassion for oneself and others, mindful presence and the direct realization and embodiment of natural awareness. A senior teacher and former president of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, he has been teaching yoga and meditation for over twenty years in both residential and corporate settings. He is the creator of the "Year of Living Mindfully" program and offers private sessions in Focusing, a body-oriented therapy that is powerfully synergistic with mindfulness meditation. For 16 years Ruth offered Celebration of Rage, Diversity Awareness, and Generational Healing retreats worldwide.
Allow yourself to become bewildered and awed by this marvelous spectacle that we so often take for granted.
He has recently turned his efforts towards youth and contemplative education inititaives, what he calls "True higher education and wisdom for life training". In many ways, star gazing can become a process of psychological healing and can improve one’s mental health by alleviating stress and making us more aware of our interconnectedness with everything in the universe.
He is a senior teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and has served on its board since 2003.

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