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Ethan is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4.
Ethan is a foster child of Margaret Shakur and Sanjay Shakur (who are also Ricky's parents) who was removed from their home after stealing a set of scalpels and selling them on the street. He seeks Ricky's help in 4-1-1 when he is in trouble for sending a naked picture of his girlfriend out to everyone in his contacts. In Regrets, he tells Kathy that he's not afraid of falling in love with her (and he probably has fallen in love with her by this point).
His senior mentor is Ben, although Ben doesn't really want to give him any advice or talk to him at all.
Omar is a minor character in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, introduced in Season 4. At the end of And Circumstance, Ricky agrees to kiss Adrian (with Amy's permission), and Adrian is convinced that she's free of Ricky forever. Soon after, Dante unexpectedly returns, and tells Adrian that he can't stop thinking about her, in Smokin' Like a Virgin.
In Suddenly Last Summer, Omar tells Adrian that he loves having sex with her, but their relationship needs to be more than that.
Finally, in 4SnP Daniel tells Omar about the fact that he found out from Raven that Adrian kissed Grace. In Love is Love, Omar breaks up with Adrian for kissing Grace, and informs her that kissing a girl is no different from kissing a guy. Although, Ricky and Grace, I think, has one of the most sexual moments on the show (him licking the cookie dough off her fingers ) I don't think these two ever really stood a chance to actually become something. I hate that they forgot about them though because I've always thought they could be real friends.

Guess we'll have to wait a little longer.In Woodley's defense, the actress has quite a busy schedule in the coming months. In Half Over, Ethan attempted to get advice from Ben again, and Ben went into one of his "high school sucks" monologues once again. Adrian has since moved on (similar can be said about Ben, and his newfound interest of Dylan). Omar, however, is very upset, and walks out of the party, leaving Adrian sad and heartbroken behind. Grace tells Adrian to tell Dante the truth, and Adrian hurriedly tells him (Dante) that while he was gone, she went on a date with Omar, and, "'He hates me right now, but I still care about him'", much to Dante's shock. Adrian says that it doesn't, but Omar says that if they want their relationship to last more than a year or two, then she will listen to him. Even though Adrian is outraged and begs to differ that kissing a girl was like "kissing herself in the mirror", Omar still won't accept that.
It's really obvious with the little things they say, how Jack comes in just about every time there's a conversation in Grace's kitchen (Creeper! One-he was still sleeping with Adrian while with her, Two- he didn't really put in any effort with her, Three-he had all of this drama combined with Amy and with Adrian. I liked that he was the only one that could talk some sense into her to get out of the car at her dad's funeral because he knew if he didn't get her out, she would regret it. While there, he tries to seduce Madison (according to her, when in reality he was only moderately attracted to her and he wanted her advice).
Ethan is very upset by this, and quickly figures out the reason behind the break up, and broadcasting it in the school hallway.
Adrian met Omar when she wanted to speak to Dante about not calling her back after a date with him.She went to Omar's apartment, pretty much furious, and confronted Omar on the matter, who (after Adrian explained the whole situation) told Adrian that he was Dante's older brother.
Adrian and Omar get back in touch, and start another relationship, which means lots of sex at both their respective places.

Since he is best friends with Daniel, he is quick to tell Adrian that he (Daniel) has invited both of them and probably Raven to a date at the movies. As a result of her actions, Woodley discovers the true power of her sexuality.Fans can also look forward to Woodley's performance in the upcoming Allegiant movies. He is later approached by Kathy's supposed friends, who tell him that Kathy wants him back, and Ethan declines.
Adrian gets upset, as she doesn't like Raven, because she is loyal to Grace, but Omar is glad that Adrian doesn't call Raven a slut. After making a fool out of himself in front of her adoptive parents of choice, she breaks up with him. However, Omar politely explains that Dante left to go backpacking and by not calling Adrian, he was rude not to inform her of their plans. Plus, they keep on discreetly showing their jealousy towards eachother's new relationships. I think with Bob coming it gave him a reason to break up with her because he never was true to her anyway. Their last scene together is her (Adrian) telling Omar about wanting to be a lawyer, and how he kisses her, and also telling her that he loves to hear her talk.
He didn't even want her to know about Bob getting sent back to prison so in away, Bob coming, gave him an out to his and Grace's relationship without necessarily being the BAD guy about it, you know. Kathy, heartbroken, gives them permission to pursue Ethan, and they leave her behind in triumph, while Kathy is left to cry in the same hallway in which she broke up with Ethan. They begin a casual relationship, and things get really fun when he unexpectedly shows up at Adrian's condo.

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