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Twitch, the popular video game streaming platform, is no stranger to the emoji craze — only its pictographic language is significantly different to the one on your iPhone keyboard.
As more and more people head to the site to watch their favorite streamers play their favorite video game, the interactive chat feature and its list of emoticons have grown as well — having been part of the Twitch experience since its launch in 2011 (the streaming site Justin.tv created the platform specifically for gaming content). Instead of selecting their emoticon from a keyboard-based list of options, Twitch viewers type a one-word phrase into chat.
Image: TwitchWhile Twitch had a role in the creation of its earliest emoticons, a large portion of the now 10,000 emoticons have been created by streamers who either make the pictures themselves or enlist the help of artists in the community. What started out as being an inside joke between the early founders of Justin.tv has effectively turned into a community-building tool — and the language of Twitch.
But PJSalt, BibleThump and Kappa really only crack the surface of the Twitch emoticon madness. ResidentSleeper: The face of streamer Oddler, who fell asleep during a 72-hour Resident Evil marathon. KreyGasm: KreyGasm is the face of streamer Kreyg in a moment of what looks to be intense pleasure.
But if you ask why this is happening — why millions understand "Kappa" as something more than a Greek letter — you'd be hard-pressed for an answer other than that the fact that it's fun to be expressive in ways only a certain group of people would understand. Trivial as they may sound, the Twitch emoticon has become important for a full-time streamer due to the community-building potential the emoticons possess. In addition to the other exclusive perks and privileges a viewer can receive from a $4.99 subscription to a streamer's channel, the streamer has the ability to add subscriber-only emoticons — special emoticons personal to the streamer (usually inside jokes or catch phrases they've said during a stream). But it wasn't fans and viewers who were clamoring for the subscription emoticons at the beginning; it was the streamers who wanted to start building a community around their Twitch stream.

Now, as popular streamers have started to cultivate larger followings, the emoticons associated with a particular broadcaster have become a badge of honor. Image: Twitch"It’s a way to show you are part of a community that you’re engaging with," said Woodsey. Casanova told Mashable that two of her most popular emoticons are "zombiHype" (a blue ghost that the viewers post when something exciting happens) and "zombiKindly" (an image of her "flicking someone off"). It's these "familial" moments in a Twitch chat with thousands of viewers that Ericson believes make the Twitch emoticons important: being able to build a community where strangers can relate and create meaningful connections, online or offline.
Meditation offers, in addition to its many other benefits, a method for achieving previously inconceivable levels of concentration.
Enter your email address to subscribe to my blog and receive notifications of my new posts by email. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. Here's a sample of what the Twitch chat of EDM superstar Steve Aoki's first concert broadcast on the platform looked like — not the crying faces ("BibleThump") and the gray faces ("Kappa").
In the world of the Twitch chat room, these emoticons — and many others — have come to express different emotions. Kappa connotes sarcasm or trolling, although nothing about the image — a face of a former Justin.tv employee — would clue an outsider into its meaning. During the heyday of the doge meme, FrankerZ's face was used in chat to represent the famous Shiba Inu doge. I can deal with punts, draw-steps, or good opponents, but it really hurts to lose a 64 man draft to a bug.

For example, here's what popular League of Legends pro player and streamer Michael "imaqtpie" Santana's Twitch chat looks like on a daily basis. Over the course of streaming a variety of games on Twitch for around two years, Casanova has seen her community of viewers grow — not only as an audience, but as a support group — and her subscriber emoticons mark that growth. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.
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For instance, if a viewer types the word "FrankerZ," a picture of a dog will appear in the chat. Alan Wallace has nearly thirty years’ practice in attention-enhancing meditation, including a retreat he performed under the guidance of the Dalai Lama. An active participant in the much-publicized dialogues between Buddhists and scientists, Alan is uniquely qualified to speak intelligently to both camps, and The Attention Revolution is the definitive presentation of his knowledge.Beginning by pointing out the ill effects that follow from our inability to focus, Wallace moves on to explore a systematic path of meditation to deepen our capacity for deep concentration.
Along the way, the author also provides interludes and complementary practices for cultivating love, compassion, and clarity in our waking and dreaming lives.Attention is the key that makes personal change possible, and the good news is that it can be trained.

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