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Originally published in 2005 as 365 Energy Boosters, Everyday Energy Boosters is now available in a fresh new repackaged edition. Introduction As a psychologist with forty years of experience, I have spent a great deal of time helping patients delve into some very basic existential questions: Is life just a random series of events, and when you die you cease to exist? Put down that cup of caffeine and pick up Everyday Energy Boosters with 365 quick and easy tips to feel more energized all day every day! This daily guide helps readers boost their energy and create a calmer, more positive and energized life.
She is the author of A Better Brain at Any Age, Restful Insomnia, and Brain Fitness for Women, published by Conari Press. It presents a perspective that combines spirituality, psychology, humor and music as pieces of the puzzle leading to a happy, peaceful, meaningful life. Or is life some sort of well- orchestrated, meaningful lesson, designed for each person’s learning and edification? Samuel Menahem is trained in transcendental meditation, mindfulness meditation and clinical hypnotherapy.

The book presents practical techniques for letting go of anger, fear, guilt, and negative beliefs. He is the founder and Director of the Center for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Growth in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Part One explores changes which need to be made to find happiness and the means to accomplish those changes.
Ultimately to reach this goal, there needs be a connection to the source of all being, often called God. As you will see in the pages ahead, I have learned from so many sources, including the great religions of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism. All religions try to grapple with existential issues: meaning, death, responsibility, and isolation. I have long loved psychology and philosophy, and have also learned a lot from great philosophers and psychologists like Drs.
Victor Frankl (my professor in graduate school), Sigmund Feud, Carl Jung, Karen Horney and Thomas Hora.

I have also learned a lot from modern psycho-spiritual philosophies including The Seth Material by Jane Roberts and A Course in Miracles. This is why Part Two is a novelette, a comic exploration of life through the eyes of a fictional character, Dr. Hans Off, a chiropractor who has to give up his profession after being bitten on the hand by an aardvark. Strangely, he notices that all of his patients are very unusual, almost like fictional characters from TV. He starts with a psychoanalyst, then goes to an existentialist and finally finds his answers by developing his spirituality.

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