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If you've ever bought a house, you probably know the odd feeling of walking into a place that is legally your home, but clearly once belonged to someone else. The cool thing about going in by ladder is how your back is turned to the darkness as you enter.
Finally, Tallest_Waldo looked at the back wall and found a satanic prayer, along with crude depictions of flames and creatures of the dark.
Cops raid houses on a daily basis when they are tipped off on any form of illegal activity.
Seems like a normal police raid with the police parked outside looking for illegal activity.
The office space came first, followed by a living area furnished with three or four colorful bunk beds for camping out in the cave, and a restroom with a shower and plenty of toiletries.
They would grow 100 pounds of pot every 8 weeks.  The job of harvesting the marijuana was so big that they actually brought in outside labor.
As you can see, the ceiling escape hatch was painted the same color as the ceiling to create a disguised escape route. Just beneath the ground, there is another trap door.  Here a hydraulic jack lifts the second trap door, which is hidden underneath a boulder.
Erica is all about the following: Hubby, Chai Lattes, DIY Projects, Cooking, My Puppy, Taking Naps, Being an Auntie, Decorating, Shopping, and Vacations.
Most famously, the M42 basement (also known as Substation 1T and 1L) played an important, clandestine role in World War II. Historically, M42 was part of the shift from steam powered locomotives to electrified rail, spurred on by a horrific accident in the Park Avenue tunnel in 1902.
William Wilgus, the chief engineer of the New York Central, worked with General Electric to design the new rail system, which used 600 volt direct current. As Thomas J. Third rail power was produced by two different steam substations – one on Park Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets and one in Yonkers.
In 1929, the power for the New York Central was moved underground into a new space, which was formerly the steam plant beneath Grand Central. Equipment from the Park Avenue substation was lowered via a hatch in the floor of the former substation onto flatbed trains, and then down another hatch. As Blalock explains, a “total of 850 tons of electrical equipment was eventually moved in this manner.
Here, in the M42 Basement, high voltage alternating current was transformed into direct current. The M42 basement is accessed by keycard through a nondescript door somewhere in Grand Central Terminal. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. A rich man living in town acts as an informant to the Gestahlian Empire and advises on the best way to invade the town. South Figaro continues to be held under Imperial rule until the fall of the Imperial capital Vector, when Emperor Gestahl calls a ceasefire and has the Imperial forces withdraw from the city (this requires the player to perform well in the banquet scene). Sometime after the end of the world, Kefka attacks South Figaro with the Light of Judgment decimating the town. To escape the city from Locke's starting position, the player must enter the item shop and battle the Merchant to steal his clothes. One of the soldiers guarding the western passage near the Chocobo Stable will move when Locke speaks to him as a Cadet, allowing the player to reach the pub. At the mansion a hidden passage behind the bookcase in an upstairs room leads to a new series of secret passages. In addition to the mentioned Cadet and Merchant locations, the player can find a Cadet south of the inn and a Merchant on the second floor of the pub.
There are two valuable Relics in a location that can be accessed as soon as the player first arrives.
Anytime after Vargas' defeat, if the player returns to Duncan's wife but before the end of the world. After acquiring the Falcon in the Advance or smartphone version of the game, the player can return to South Figaro and speak to a man near the Chocobo Stable who mentions seeing a shadow in the water while fishing.

If the player doesn't take some of the treasure in the World of Balance, they transform into other items when salvaged in the World of Ruin. Note: If Edgar is the lead member of the party, the player gets a 50% discount (World of Ruin only). You might even find remnants of the lives the former tenants lived.Redditor Tallest_Waldo was remodeling his home a few years ago when he came across a previously undiscovered door to a secret basement. Behind the restroom was a kitchen with a fully stocked pantry, air conditioning, and microwave. Nonetheless, unpublicized special tours have allowed the curious to head down there in the last five years or so. The original converters, which are no longer in operation, powered much of the New York Central Railroad and were a target for German spies who wanted to sabotage rail movement on the East Coast. Steam blocked sight lines in the tunnel out of Grand Central Station (the previous incarnation of the current terminal) and an express train from White Plains and a commuter train collided under 56th Street, becoming the worst train accident in New York City up to that point.
Blalock, a development engineer at the General Electric High-Voltage Engineering Laboratory so thoroughly details in IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, the voltage was “distributed via third rails with one track rail serving as the return. The latter, the Glenwood Power Station, still stands today but following years of abandonment and much urban exploration is staged to be redeveloped. One of the tracks used on the upper level train yard is the famous Track 61, used by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to move in and out of the Waldorf-Astoria. You head down levels and levels of staircases, until you can reach out and touch the original Manhattan Schist rock. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
It, along with Kohlingen, is governed by Figaro Castle to the north, and it is a port town with regular ferries to and from Nikeah.
The bypass event glitch is triggered by sneaking out of South Figaro without recruiting Celes Chere. The Empire occupies South Figaro as a staging ground to push further north to Narshe during the Third Gestahlian Campaign and during the embargo Celes Chere is imprisoned as an Imperial traitor. The player can steal the clothes from Merchants or Cadets to change Locke's sprite to theirs and cause townspeople or soldiers to react different depending on the outfit worn. In the nearby house the boy guarding the stairs in the basement will move if the player is disguised as a Merchant, allowing the player to access the middle of town. In the pub's basement another Merchant can be battled, and after stealing his uniform Locke will take the Merchant's Cider from the table. The player is given the option to remove their disguise, and will shortly after rescue Celes and enter a maze of hidden walkways leading to the outskirts of town and the world map. This allows the player to change their disguise at any time, though there is no need to break from the sequence listed above. In the mansion at the north end of town the hidden passage to the basement will let the player find the area where Celes is held captive, but they cannot enter the larger basement area out of town without the key.
Sabin must be present in the party, Sabin thanks her for taking him in and treating him like if he was their own son. Boarding the ferry to Nikeah after speaking to him will result in an encounter with Leviathan on the journey.
They might only find a small amount of drugs or money, but sometimes these raids REALLY pay off!
We can’t share all the details of how we landed on the coveted visit, but we were given the opportunity to explore this and other off-limits places in Grand Central Terminal recently – and took photographs.
The M42 basement was so secret that you risked being shot on site if you went down there – something our intrepid guide, Daniel Brucker, the official historian for Grand Central Terminal confirmed. Steam trains were banned in Manhattan starting in 1908 and the New York Central set out to find an alternative. All of this was done without disrupting train traffic and was actually completed ahead of schedule.
Its residents include Duncan's wife, an affluent man, various merchants, and an old man who loves to drink cider. When they visit the nearby dojo they find it empty, but Edgar finds hints that his brother, Sabin, has lived there.

When the Returners find out about the invasion, they send Locke to South Figaro to investigate. Celes and Sabin pass through the city while chasing Edgar, who is using the alias "Gerad" while leading a gang of thieves. If at any time Locke falls in battle while escaping, the player will not receive a Game Over—instead Locke will respawn in his normal outfit at the location the player begins the scenario. The player must then ascend the stairs at the north end of town and find a Cadet to steal a uniform from at the west end of the walkway. The player must return to the house with the secret passage and give the Cider to the old man upstairs who explains his son will reveal a hidden passage if they tell him a certain password. Due to the bypass event glitch the player can leave South Figaro immediately from Locke's starting point, skipping recruiting Celes.
The wall at the bottom of the walkway when the player descends the stairs contains a hidden path straight down to the right to a small area with two prison cells.
Find out with this guide, and raise your travel Visa enough to buy a vacation home in France!
Locke affirms the Empire's plan for a Narshe invasion, and sneaks out of town to rendezvous with the Returners in Narshe to warn them. A single suit of Magitek Armor, abandoned during the empire's withdrawal, remains in the streets.
The password to tell the boy is "Courage", which reveals a hidden passage to the northern mansion.
This leaves Locke in the Cadet or Merchant uniform if he was wearing one of them while performing the glitch. Police were called to this home for suspicious activity, and that is exactly how this all started. Now, which way to the Nectary?Welcome to Champs Les Sims, home to the Nectary, La Gallerie d’Art, and the mysterious Chateau du Landgraab. During his escape Locke finds Celes imprisoned and rescues her, and the two make their way out of town through a series of underground passages. When the cops raid this house they weren’t expecting much, but it took a turn for the worse as soon as they went into the garage.
If not, you’ll still be able to get to Visa Level 3 with this guide, as well as getting filthy rich off the treasure you’ll find! Check the adventure board in front of your home base to get started.A Trivial AffairJeannine Lambert wants a brave adventurer to help her out, so report in to get started.
Jeannine lost an object in the Celtic Ruins at the Forgotten Burial Mound, and she wants you to travel there and find it. You can clear the rubble for some loot, and grab the Ancient Coins in this room before standing on the foot panel. A hole will appear in the wall in front of you, so inspect it to unlock the door to your left. Grab the treasure from the room behind it and then use the keystone and go through the unlocked door. Grab the Ancient Coins and inspect the hole in the wall to open up a shortcut back out; that will make it easier to backtrack later. Another panel will reveal itself across the room; pull the other statue onto it, and then stand on the foot panel. Pull the statue near where you came downstairs onto the panel to unlock another door, and go through it.
There’s a ton of treasure in here as well, so loot the room and inspect the glowing hole in the floor to find the missing item Jeannine wanted.

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