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There is a great deal of information here about considerations when putting together an international matrix team that apply to everyone. If your organization is trying to implement a matrix inside India it will require these steps and identification of the what is success in this type of environment for employees. This book talks about the 5 business values shared by the BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China that are the opposite of the US expectations. OilCo wanted to shift from a geocentric model to a global model to improve performance, but doing so presented significant cultural and logistical challenges.

Drive a rigorous change management that takes an holistic approach toward organizational restructure. The new organization was implemented in all units ahead of deadline with minimal disruption to existing business. Expectations trickle down to failed business relationships in delays, poor product, communication errors and the list goes on. Bain helped OilCo map roles, update critical systems, standardize key processes and communicate clearly to business units.

The result: The new, centralized organization was implemented ahead of schedule and with minimal disruption to the business.

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