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WASHINGTON DC, USA—Sikhs have to explain to American people what the turban means because that is the immediate source of their identification, according to the author of a new report on Sikhs in America presented to US lawmakers.
Mr Garin, whose current clients include the World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Harvard University, heads the Hart Research Associates, one of the leading survey firms in the US. The firm conducted a six-month long nationwide polling and focus group study to understand how Sikhs are perceived in America and what strategies would be helpful to change perceptions. The report lists specific messaging techniques which Sikhs could use in their media strategies resonating with American public.

Dr Rajwant Singh, senior advisor to NSC, said the NSC plans to start a media ad campaign based specifically on this study and the various intricate details input collected from common Americans. David Lynch once described the experience of consciousness through transcendental meditation most brilliantly by not trying to describe it at all. The clip below was taken from the documentary The American Folk Blues Festival: The British Tours.
It’s not the intellectual understanding of the field but the experiencing of it that does everything.

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