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The Veronicas have been rocking the charts with their single "4ever" from the album The Secret Life of The Veronicas, released in October 2005. This is your one-stop web page that gives you all the latest news stories and gossip on The Veronicas.
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Cyrus zostaA‚a zaproszona do wykonania utworu "That's How You Know" z filmu Zaczarowana na 80.

Po pojawieniu siA™ w programie The Oprah Winfrey Show stwierdziA‚a, A?e jest podobna do Hilary Duff[16]. Ich muzyka porA?wnywana jest do takich wykonawcA?w jak: Kelly Clarkson, Ashlee Simpson i Avril Lavigne.
The deal, believed to be in the neighborhood of $2 million, positions the gorgeous twins at the forefront of Australia's music scene, along with bands like Jet.
Far from an overnight sensation, the dynamic duo has been performing in shopping centers and local theaters since age five. More recently, the twins made regular appearances on the popular Australian show Cybergirl.
It was that exposure, along with an impressive demo, that helped Jess and Lisa land a production deal with Engine Room, the brains behind The Vines.

With Engine Room guiding their career, the girls traveled the globe, compiling a massive catalog of over 50 songs and eventually catching the attention of Warner.
The Veronicas' lifelong commitment to their craft translates to their debut album, The Secret Life of The Veronicas.

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