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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. After being blasted into the sky, hit the P-switch and run across the path of bricks to find a Star Coin at the end.
Eventually, you’ll see bricks and 2 red POW blocks, ground pound the blocks on the left side, grab the red Koopa shell, and throw it at the block to retrieve your Star coin. Near the beginning of the level, you’ll see a long stretch of land with enemies on it. Just after the Red Ring, a stack of bricks should be covering the way to the last Star Coin. Just after exiting the room with the second Star Coin, head upwards and maneuver your way around the Dry Piranha Plants to collect the last Star Coin.
Close the end of the stage, a small opening can be swam through to a room with the last Star Coin.
Right before the four pipes with Piranha Plants at the end of the level, hit the hidden block that is placed right under the entrance of the horizontal pipe. Obviously I did something very likeable last month, because I received loads of PMs on the MarioWiki Forum! You should totally do the one I suggest before anyone else's suggestions, because if you don't, I w0n't be 0kay with it.
And, in this game, you have to complete up to and including Episode 7 of each level to be able to unlock the final level, which can be hard. A different species of Koopa – Electro-Koopas and Snooze-A-Koopas were the two species of Koopa that appeared in this game, but I think there should have been another.
Normal Wigglers – I feel these guys should appear more, and, since there was a Giant Wiggler, why not?
Badly-drawn versions of classic enemies, like Goombas – Since Goombas wouldn't be over on Isle Dullfino, why not liven things up a bit. Delfino Plaza, starting off, originally was either not the hub area, or looked drastically different. Uh, so, now we're out of crazytown, there was a test level, which can be found via Action Replay codes. Boos had different, more classic designs, Swoopin' Stus looked different too, there were originally Brown Pokeys, and Gooper Blooper was originally blue (and fought in a different place in Ricco Harbor. For early Bianco Hills, there was one with drawings of a Kug, a Piranha Plant and a creepy face.

For the underwater portion of Noki Bay, there was what can only be described as the spray tool from Microsoft Paint. Hit it, and run to the right, jump up, and run to the left before the coins turn back into blocks. In the image at the left, notice the coin formation and keep an eye out for it when playing. The now opened gate is blocking the second Star Coin, so you will want to move onto the second yellow gate until the first gate closes. In this section, I cover what I think should have been in a game, and the beta elements of the game. Thanks for your suggestion (and, in case I forget to mention, all people who made a suggestion)!
I actually have games in those series, so I can cover them, but I feel it's a bit soon to do another spin-off just yet. I really hated the mission (or episode, in this game) The Beach Cannon's Secret from Pinna Park. It worked well with Adeleine in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, and could be nostalgic to both fans of Mario and Kirby games. I can imagine you'd fight him in Delfino Plaza, and that would unlock the path to Noki Bay. It's got some green Graffiti, quite a few different floor textures with random numbers on them, NPCs who say a pre-loaded error message, and Rock Blocks, which were most likely replaced by Watermelons. There's also some unused, untranslated from Japanese, text for the menu, and an unused audio track. Also, if you want to see me talk about a certain thing that Should Have Been in a Mario game (it doesn't have to be the one I did in the most recent issue), starting this month, you can send me a PM for that, too. Once at the top, hop onto the new platform and grab the Star Coin before the timer runs out.
I'd quite like to cover Super Mario Sunshine at some point, as I do have a Gamecube and quite a lot of the Mario games on the console, and I did enjoy the game, even if there was a lot to improve. I don't doubt for a second that it's a great game, or that there are tons of beta elements and possible improvements.
You had to take out a Monty Mole, by throwing the Time Bob-ombs it shoots at you at it, or directing the Bullet Bills it shoots at you back to it, which is harder than it sounds. At least one of those statements is definitely a lie.Oh, and why does Yoshi die when he touches water?!

According to the Cutting Room Floor, this creepy enemy is called Hinokuri, and spawns Strollin' Stus and Swoopin' Stus, which actually come out of eggs.
In the files for Pinna Park, there was an unused, paper-thin drawing of a Goomba, called a Kug. If you want me to cover a certain thing or two that could have been improved with the game, you can send me a personal message for that, too! Moving on, I felt that many of the Missions in the game were basically most of the same concepts.
While it may be pretty bad, it's only in certain cutscenes, and they certainly didn't ruin Mario or Princess Peach's voice. In the test level, there is a Soccer Ball, and a Cardboard Box which serves as a goal, which probably was a test for the rolling Fruit. Up until then (which is just the third mission of the game), everything was relatively easy, and then the difficulty almost doubled. There were lots of missions with Red Coins, lots of missions with Secret Levels, at least one mission in every level where you chase around Shadow Mario, and many bosses got used too much (e.g.
Mario's Health Meter originally was a Sun with a number in, signifying Mario's remaining health.
Sure, it's good that Mario has to use his natural skills somewhere, but I don't remember anything from Super Mario 64's third mission being this hard. As well as the main hub, Bianco Hills, The Shell and the Hillside Cave Secret had different designs, originally.
Palm trees had thinner trunks (Nintendo hates diets, this is canon), and the Piranha Plant-heads, which were covered in Graffiti and rolled down the path to the Windmill in Bianco Hills, were fashioned to look like Petey Piranha's head.
I liked it (well, it was a disaster, but it's nice to see the occasional one) when Delfino Plaza was flooded: I think things like this happening to hub areas is something that many video games lack, because it's something new, and something different. Nintendo should have fixed some of these, or even just prevented them from happening in the first place. Finally, I think there should have been more levels in this game, and the final level should have been unlocked by an amount of Shine Sprites, instead of amount of missions completed.

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