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We all use Facebook, and we all get annoyed by the miscellaneous new "features" Facebook often imposes upon us.
We put together a list of our favorite Facebook features to help you take advantage of everything Facebook has to offer. Kill Facebook's new photo viewer, create lists of people who can't see your photos, add desktop notifications, and much more. I received an email today that has me concerned about Facebook, how Facebook shares our information, and what our expectations of privacy are. My friend received a screenshot from another friend that showed her in the Facebook widget on an ABC news page. Closed groups allow people to see the group (find via search) and who’s in the group.
So, if my friend posted the video link to a secret group, why is it showing up in a widget on an ABC news site? Last week it came out that Facebook may be publishing private messages that you sent before 2010.
Be sure to read part 2 of this issue (I explain why ABC and Facebook may not be sharing your information!)A I’ve been discussing this with people on Facebook and a trusted friend brought up some excellent points. If her public Liking of the video is what triggered the widget info (rather than her video share in a private group), then why is the widget saying she shared something she didn’t share? Previous Article 3 Critical Tips to Pick the Right Target for Your Conference Sponsorship PitchNext Article Is Facebook Sharing Your Secret Group Updates? To me this is a reminder that FB owns all that goes on there and we’re at the mercy of their whims or the mercy of people who manage to hack into it. So what do I need to go in and change to keep the private room showing thing from happening to me or is it a lost cause? I think you are correct, we do need to keep our private and sensitive information out of these forums.
I think you are missing an important aspect here: The video your friend shared and the one pointed out in the ABC ticker are two completely different videos.
Secret Facebook Groups are one of the hidden gems of the platform that most businesses don't know about. Remember your Group MUST be Closed if you are going to add members you are not friends with.
Remember to switch your Group Setting from 'Closed" to "Secret" if you have invited members that you are not friends with in the previous step. I logged onto Facebook on my birthday and had the standard notes from friends, real friends, but I noticed that the folks in my groups were wishing Lady Gaga a happy birthday. I took a look at what those groups offered me as far as traffic, comments, social capital or inbound links and I realized there was a void. Secret groups of friends or family might work well on Facebook but I haven’t experienced one yet.
Although there are great exchanges of knowledge and tips people probably wouldn’t share with the world there is also a lot of “support”.
What happened for me is that I felt compelled to read and share blogs that didn’t resonate with me.
Great article on many levels – I think the every day world would be surprised to know how many groups there are out there for sharing each others content.

I have two private groups that work so well that I wonder how groups like us functioned before Facebook. I agree (as I look on my facebook tab with countless notiications that I have not looked at in ages)..
I am in a bunch for empire avenue and some for fitness.  I do not like when someone randomly adds me to some group without asking or any form of notification. If you’ve already created the group, go to the group’s home page and click the Edit Group button.
For people who love to chat with their friends on Facebook but who would like to have a facebook group that could chat without interruption of other contacts, well let me tell you that this if it is possible to imagine to have a secret facebook group where only people that your choice to be in this group to chat intimately and without external disruption of others. Well I hope that you like the idea and that once you read this you create your own secret facebook group so you can have all the privacy you want and nobody stop you. Anyone can find the group via search, they can see who’s in the group, and they can see what members post. Only members of the group can find and see the group, the members list, or posts made by members. Why is her status update to a private Facebook group showing to her friends on another site? I use it every day, I wrote a book about it, I speak at conferences about it, I consult about it.
In a nutshell he points out that the video link shared on ABC isn’t the same as the one on the original post and so may be unrelated to the post in the private group and somehow triggered by another action or event.
I understand that Facebook would have a record, and if the widget is populated by the Facebook Ticker or News Feed then it would show up that she Liked the video, not that she shared the video (because that info isn’t supposed to be available outside the private group, right?). A Secret group is an easy for businesses to create and manage small group interactions in a completely private setting.
Some of the groups revolved around mom blogging, others were for Stumbleupon, others were regional and others weren’t particularly homogenous, we just happened to “know” each other.
Support typically comes in the form of leaving comments on someone’s blog, submitting their site to StumbleUpon or thumbing up one of their posts.
I love images and write ups of cars almost as much as I love discovering open source software or silk shirts. I have a few groups that I pay attention to, and others that out of respect for those that are heavily involved, I should leave. However sometimes you want to create a private group just for your friends or family members and you don’t want it accessible by other people. Moreover, Facebook does not allow members share status updates from a secret group to their own personal feeds. Of course first thing you have to do is enter your Facebook page, then you will have to go to the main page in option groups press the plus key then you will be shown a list of actions you must click on the option (create groups) well here you have to pay attention here is where to choose the list of friend you want to be in your secret chat group. The widget is pulling in updates from the Ticker and is showing me people connected with me. Some people haven’t seen those private messages on their Timelines, but I know several people who have. BUT if ABC coded the widget and is populating it based on info it takes from Facebook, how would ABC know that she shared the video? While I think it’s smart to not post private or sensitive information online in general, when Facebook says a group is private and then clearly states what that means, the user should have a reasonable expectation that those guidelines are respected.

This appears to be an issue with the FB widget and how it’s parsing info and how ABC is displaying the info. On the ABC ticker, it’s actually an ABC article (well, more a video) ABOUT Gangnam Style (more precisely, a video about the dance at the GMAs) that has been shared.
I wasn’t valuable to the group because it would take a very special writer to get me to share their brand sponsored post with you. One is a running group where we post where we’re running throughout the week, get details propose schedules etc. We have frequent meaningful interaction and I find the groups extremely helpful in understanding that current climate of the customer base. With the Facebook’s privacy setting for groups, you can hide not only the group’s activity, but also its existence. I know Amy, Lisa, and Deb (and obviously my friend whose name is blurred for privacy — all of whom are referenced in the image above).
I couldn’t even be offended because the folks in these groups aren’t my friends, they’re not even Facebook friends. I imagine that planning a wedding or a family reunion might be made much easier with a secret Facebook group but I found that by being a part of of them being a blogger was limiting. Support is awesome when the content is good and compelling and I love to share great posts with people but support has little value if you’re in the same tiny circles. When I did share posts from within these groups they didn’t resonate with you, my real community.
Facebook will provide diversity as well as twitter and google plus, but by sequestering myself in small groups I was wasting my most valuable non renewable resource, my time… and yours. However, I also have some profession based groups that have I haven’t checked since I joined. When I talked to my friend again she looked back and saw that she had Liked the video link on a friend’s Wall, but did not share it from there. I would never trust it with sensitive information!) I may rant a bit in a private group, but even there I try to be semi-careful.
For the most part we don’t share common interests other than a career of relentless self promotion. Great writing discoveries happen when you cull the internet and read outside your own niche. The other is along the same lines, its an extension of my boot camp so we can figure out where to meet on off weeks.
It didn’t happen on my Timeline, but people I trust to know the difference between a PM and a Wall post are saying they do see it.
I was content to let it go because I don’t usually share things of high intimacy on Facebook. I checked my Timeline and none of my friends had anything incriminating either, so I let it stand.
And then I saw this issue of the wrong kind of status update showing up in the wrong place.

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