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The budding taxidermist believes it was Paloma's flourishing career which prompted her to leave him behindYet on the other side of the world, one of her biggest fans, Rian Haynes, couldn't bear to watch the show, even though he has more reason than most to take an interest in Paloma a€“ for she was once his wife.Paloma, 34, has never spoken in detail about her marriage to New Zealander Rian, 40, with whom she is pictured here a€“ the epitome of youthful cool a€“ on their wedding day at Hackney Town Hall in East London in 2005. Two years ago, when news of their union emerged, she dismissed it as a silliness, saying: 'It's quite insignificant to me because I was really young. Despite the star's disparaging comments about the marriage, the glamorous wedding snap shows that it wasn't a 'joke''I knew that if fame came it would be too big a ride for me, for us as a couple,' he says today.
Rian said: 'I was looking for something to wear until the last moment, wanting something a bit eye-opening, and at the last moment someone gave me this suit, which I still have''She had thought it through and I knew it was beyond repair.
Paloma and her first band The Penetrators were mixing with other future stars such as Adele and Amy Winehouse. The marriage lasted less than a year before Paloma's pursuit of stardom saw her ask for a divorce while Rian was in the bath'Maybe subconsciously I thought that this girl's career was going to get big and the chances of the marriage going on for ever were slim. The news has come to surface that Janet Jackson got married to her fiancee Wissam Al Mana..last year! The couple confirmed the news of their marriage, which is thought to have taken place in December 2012, exclusively to ET News stating ”The rumours regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true. Janet has been seeing Wissam since 2010 after she split from long-tern boyfriend Jermaine Dupri in 2009. Levi is a Journalism graduate from Limerick who carries out the role of Online Editor here at WeddingDates. It was very clear when I met her that she was shooting for a big career and I was more than OK to be part of that.'Looking back I wonder if she found it hard, trying to work out where, as her career flourished, I'd be left.

The superstar decided to issue a statement when rumours circulated that she was planning to marry the billionaire business man. She has a love for fashion and beauty, anything floral and is also known not to be able to resist a cupcake!
I can't speak for her, but I wanted that feeling to carry on for ever.'It wasn't that I wanted to hang on to her.
I can remember getting the last things out of our flat and sitting there by myself, then leaving and locking the door.
Then I lost my phone and her number, so I ended up writing her a letter, leaving it at her band rooms.'I told her the truth, how I felt. Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favourite children’s charities. I must say I respect Janet and her want for privacy, we hope her and her groom are very happy throughout their future together! It was heartbreaking, the end of us.'For Paloma, though, it was just the beginning of the career she so clearly enjoys. We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy. The vignette more or less sums up the power balance in their marriage.After a brief honeymoon in a themed hotel in Brighton where they spent their days eating fish and chips on the beach and their nights in a loveheart-shaped bed, they came home to their flat in Dalston, East London. I was not in a good place in my life a€“ nothing to do with her but I probably had to let go of some things to do with her.

I punched the water and caused a tsunami which completely drenched her and she was sitting there laughing, fully clothed and soaking. I can remember her cutting her stomach open with a bladder inside filled with dead fish which spilled all over the stage. The career was pulling her away.'She probably started feeling worried that I wouldn't be able to handle it, or that I would be unhappy she wasn't there for the relationship. She was worried about me and she contacted another friend of mine to ask if I was OK.'But his ex-wife can afford to be compassionate. So it seems it is possible for celebrities to keep some details of their personal life and lavish weddings under wraps! As her life got busier and busier it came to the point where the decision to end it was made.
The couple were inseparable a€“ even sharing a bed at night a€“ long before she invited Rian to become her lover.They had been together a year when they went to Thailand on holiday. She'd been distant a€“ it was clear her focus was elsewhere rather than on me and our marriage.

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