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It's structured in safe terms, plays for very low stakes, and appeals to no one so much as white, male teenagers with chips on their shoulders. As much as Eggsy is lazily written as the new face of the old guard, Jackson's Valentine comes on like a neo-con fever dream.
As the film launches into the ludicrous climax, it becomes clear that it's merely acting tough and clever.
This political thriller from director John Frankenheimer's spotty late period is a much richer film than its reputation implies.
It has all the charm of the best entries in the Star Wars series, and it arrives on a pristine Blu-ray primed to delight the next generation of fans.
The film doesn't do much to satirize the spy genre, instead using its flimsy plot mostly as a scaffolding for a barrage of jokes. I was equally offended when I saw this film, it was a waste of my time, and a waste of American minds. The plot was not coherent, Colin Firth was a good fit for the role, and Samuel l Jacksons character was interesting.
He didn't bash Star Wars the movie, it's was Reagan's space program which he named Star Wars. Hey, this reviewer did a nice job of pointing out the negative messages that this movie sends. While the acting was good, and the plot had a good premise, the story decayed throughout the movie and just made me feel sick about the way people interpret the world. This review is spot on, this movie delivered terrible messages to its viewers across the board.
This movie was a disgusting disgrace to American culture, the fact that we make crap like this and actually show it in public, and have people DEFEND it, is clear evidence that we need an immediate cultural revolution.
Why is it always this dumbass comic book BS that leads to such virulent responses in the comments section?
Review says more about the angry, sad, envious, decay-culture-conforming reviewer than it does about the movie.Manners Maketh Man. If you're going through life thinking that opinions can be wrong (especially for something as subjective as a film), you're going to have a rough go at it.But best of luck to you! I know I'll enjoy the hell out of a movie when critics hate it, and I enjoyed this one very much. What a terrible, terrible review.Discussing the pernicious and arguably lazy tropes used by a film is perfectly valid and an important thing to do. I think you're just manufacturing outrage when you read into the fact that they chose a black actor as the villain (instead of writing a "black villain") or that a British spy satire is composed of *gasp* white spies. I thought Samuel Jackson looked like he was enjoying his Bond villian role and played it with his usual panache.
I got to this review following a link from rotten tomatoes, and am a bit surprised at how narrow this review seems to be. If you read this site's Kick-Ass review you will also see that they didn't like that film either. As an African American who has seen and enjoyed Kingsman both times I've seen it so far all I can say in response to this review is: Seriously!? I'm really not sure why you're so hung up on the races and genders of everyone in this film. Enter to win DVDs of Backtrack, Hot in Cleveland: Season 6, The Driftless Sea, and Standoff. Our preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the films, big and small, coming your way soon.
Adattamento cinematografico della miniserie di fumetti The Secret Service, realizzata da Mark Millar, e stato presentato in anteprima il 13 dicembre 2014 al Butt-Numb-A-Thon Film Festival e il 27 gennaio 2015 al Sundance Film Festival, e distribuita nelle sale cinematografiche italiane dal 25 febbraio 2015. Le musiche originali della colonna sonora sono state affidate a Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson ma nel film sono inserite delle canzoni di artisti vari, come Money For Nothing dei Dire Straits, Free Bird dei Lynyrd Skynyrd, Slave To Love (12? Remix) di Bryan Ferry e altri e Get Ready for It, scritta appositamente dai Take That e inserita nel loro album III, pubblicato il primo dicembre 2014.
Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito. Left-wing elites, snobs, nanny staters, tech billionaires, sanctimonious sellout rap moguls, environmentalists, and those Westboro bastards are all brutally satirized and eventually eliminated in ways so vicariously satisfying you can hardly believe a moment of it got past Hollywood’s present-day gatekeepers.
Moreover, young Eggsy is not presented as a victim of capitalism or income inequality or a lack of government largesse. Take That looked sharp on set for their new music video Get Ready For It, which features in spy action film Kingsman: The Secret Service. The trio a€“ Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald a€“ sported the slickest of suits for filming in London and we got a behind the scenes look. If seeing the lads in action has got you intrigued about the big screen flick, herea€™s all you need to know ahead of its theatrical release. Ita€™s actually based on a comic book and tells the story of a tearaway teen who is unexpectedly recruited to join a spy organisation by a veteran secret agent. Matt Spaiser analyses the suits of George Lazenby’s James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and draws an interesting comparison with Daniel Craig in Skyfall. James Bond fans know George Lazenby as the man who played Bond in one of the best films of the series, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service marks the first time Bond wears a classic dark button-one, peak lapel dinner suit with double vents. Contrary to popular opinion, Bond really isn’t a formal person, especially Fleming’s Bond. I do notice that Craig’s suite seem overly fitted, making them seem improperly tailored. Le film est une adaptation de la bande dessinee du meme titre de Mark Millar et Dave Gibbons. It's not just the alarming fact that the film features the titular, strictly white society of English spies fighting against a twisted African-American tech billionaire, Valentine (Samuel L. As the film opens in 1997, Kingsman agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is just barely saved by a fellow agent while on a mission in the Middle East. With an Omkar symbol dangling around his neck, the character is the epitome of faux-eccentrics, speaking with a heavy lisp and sporting a wardrobe that's half skater kid, half Larry Page. And per usual, its effectiveness is subverted by Vaughn's haphazard usage of dark comedy, an element in all of his films that never fits with his otherwise grim depictions of pain and death.
Underneath the cursing and digitized blood, Kingsman is structured in familiar, safe terms, plays for very low stakes, and appeals to no one so much as white, male teenagers with chips on their shoulders. How many butthurt defensive comments can one person make over someone they don't even know?

The dialogue was mostly awful, the overly long fight scenes contributed nothing to the plot, and they threw their whole "Gentleman spy" vibe out the window. This person is one of the few people on this board who cares enough about the world to feel offended by this trash film, as any moral person should. And he's pointing out one of the many clear links this movie has to overly conservative attitudes that continue to ruin America today. That was spot on, it clearly does target a niche market of rich white males who think it's cool to save the world and do a princess in the butt. The dialogue was terrible, the scenes jumped around without sewing together any story elements, pretty much nothing happened for the first half of the film, then everyones heads exploded. It felt like it was hijacked by Republicans to make Americans feel like anal sex is more important than fighting climate change.
I don't know why you all focused on this reviewer's mention of the villain being black and the hero being white, that's one small thing that might not even have been a conscious choice by the writers, but did contribute to the overall disgraceful nature of this film. I just wanted to say, I am a 49 year old male (race shouldn't be an issue) currently working hard on my Master's in Social Work, and I LOVED this movie.
I didn't even consider that the villain was black (although the lisp was annoying), and the hero white. It sounds like you decided you hated it before even seeing the movie, then went to the movie strictly so you can gather evidence to support that. Analyzing a film's subtext is equally important.What the reviewer seems to fail to understand is that it is possible to still enjoy media while being cognizant of its subtext. The movie from start to finish was not about fear of the new, it was about celebrating the past while also sending it up. Personally, I adore both of them, but they are very much in the same vein of R-rated cinema. It literally screams "look how sophisticated and progressive I am for bashing this movie!" You pretty much lost all credibility to somehow bash Star Wars and somehow link it to Ronald Reagan.
Clearly this type of film isn't their "thing", which doesn't mean they are wrong, they just hold a different opinion.As someone who has seen the film, I can confidently say that if you liked Kick-Ass youll love Kingsman. You gave it a poor review because it features a black character who's a "bad guy" and might appeal to white male teens? The scene sets the rest of the plot in motion — a plot that more than lives up to the promise of a politically incorrect introduction. After the grisly death of a fellow Kingsman, a group of young hopefuls are recruited into this secretive world where they will be tested until one is left standing.
Rather, he is a self-inflicted screw-up, and one who is told that if he stops crybabying for a moment he’ll see that a free society evenly distributes bootstraps. His arrival couldna€™t be more timely either as a global threat emerges from a tech genius. Major made six suits, a dinner jacket, a semi-formal wedding ensemble, a hacking jacket and a navy blazer for the film. The shirts have a point collar with a generous amount of tie space, a placket front, a darted back and single-button rounded cuffs.
These include a button-two cream linen suit with dark contrasting thread and pink shirt, a button-three light blue suit worn with a white shirt, and a button-two black and white with blue overcheck Prince of Wales suit worn with a sky blue shirt. The outfit came off more of a joke than anything, though Sir Hilary Bray probably would have worn the outfit himself. Lazenby’s hacking jacket is made in a black and cream houndstooth check with a red overcheck.
Actually it is midnight blue, but not until GoldenEye does Bond wear a dark dinner suit in this style again.
Both the literary Bond and Lazenby’s Bond wear casual pieces with their dark city suits, like slip-on shoes, barrel-cuff shirts and knitted ties. Tagged 3 piece suit, blazer, British Warm, Casino Royale, chalkstripe, cravat, Daniel Craig, Dimitrio Major, dinner suit, double cuff, Frank Foster, George Lazenby, hacking jacket, James Bond, knitted tie, linen suit, Matt Spaiser, morning suit, OHMSS, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, overcheck, peak lapel, Pierce Brosnan, Premium Content, Roger Moore, Savile Row, Sean Connery, slip-on shoes, tuxedo, Ulster, waistcoat. For the most part, Kingsman comes off as simply crass, but not humorously or in any way that transgresses the limp material, which is little more than 007: First Class. Honestly both sides of that dialogue are equally stupid and their writers should feel ashamed for making fools of themselves.Here's my review. This movie is just a symptom of what's wrong with American culture right now: People glorifying things that are selfish and morally abhorrent instead of focusing on working together as a community to be progressive. It's like this film was hijacked by republicans to make Americans think that anal sex is more important than mitigating climate change. Are they really trying to say that people who want to help the world will eventually resort to forced population-reduction just to mitigate humanities negative effects on our living space? The big problems were them condoning the dog-shooting test, and having their "gentleman spy" accept anal from a princess, not to mention the ultraviolence which was unnecessary for the plot. The modern SJW in all it's self important, humorless, pretentious, asinine glory.I especially enjoy the irony of a racist, sexist, snob telling us all how racist and sexist this movie is.
He fixates so much on the subtext that he fail to provide any meaningful review the film as a whole.
It was *completely* aware of how utterly ridiculous it was, but it was proudly being ridiculous because all the movies that came before it (the earlier Bonds, especially Roger Moore) were so ridiculous themselves. So in order for a movie to get a good review, every African American character must be a "good guy" and white male teens have to universally hate it? Jackson, Sophie Cookson, Jack Davenport, Corey Johnson, Jorge Leon Martinez, Neve Gachev, Lee Nicholas Harris, Velibor Topic, Samantha Womack, Morgan Watkins, Edward Holcroft, Matthew William Jones, Jaymes Butler, James Michael Rankin, Christian Brassington, Joe Kennard, Allistair McNab, Paulina Boneva.
Bristling against the snobbish nature of a service he has faithfully served for decades (the fact that the table is not round in an organization that claims to be based on King Arthur is a major tell), Harry Hart (a spectacular Colin Firth), chooses Eggsy as his recruit, a mouthy, working class delinquent who’s all promise and no direction. If that’s not enough, the Kingsman Secret Service was formed primarily to avoid governmental red tape. Foster uses darts to shape the back, which is not something English shirtmakers typically do.
These suits all have hacking pockets, and the Prince of Wales suit has a ticket pocket as well. And it’s the perfect example of a hacking jacket, with its button-three front, slanted pockets and deep single vent. Whilst some people insist that a peak lapel dinner suit needs to be worn with a waistcoat (like Pierce Brosnan wears in GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies), Lazenby neither wears a waistcoat nor a cummerbund, continuing a Bond fashion trend that had been established by Sean Connery in Dr. Instead of a black lounge coat, Lazenby wears a button-two lounge coat in midnight blue with peak lapels and double vents. It’s somewhat expected when an American dresses like that, but Englishmen typically dress up their suits with lace-up shoes (usually oxfords), double cuff shirts and standard woven ties.

And yet, Vaughn seems unwilling to choose whether Valentine is a real villain or a walking, talking joke. Even that's preferable, however, to the closing gag, wherein the Swedish princess offers up her asshole to Eggsy in return for saving the world.
This movie was a fun spy genre movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and neither should you. I'm a relatively centrally-aligned young man who wants to live in a good world where people have morals, crap movie making like this just continues the degradation of American culture that is the root of all our problems.
This is the equivalent of a misogynist KKK member attempting to give an honest review of a movie starring a gay black woman. It was written to be a light, fun, over the top crowd pleaser and that's exactly what it was.The main character wasn't white people white people were supreme, nor was Samuel Jackson black because black guys are bad. I wasn't really planning on seeing this movie but now I might just to spite the guy who wrote this review. So you're encouraging people to make movies bashing white males, essentially.You're playing at something here, but it's not reviewing movies in any kind of fair, competent or professional manner.
Valentine is a Davos nightmare come to life, a Global Warming True Believer who sees everyone other than superior people like himself as a virus that must be sacrificed on the altar of Gaia. Despite his limited acting experience, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was still an excellent film due to its great story, capable director and talented cast. Bond wears a white shirt with a point collar and barrel cuffs, and his tie is a navy blue silk knit. Foster pays very close attention to the fit of his shirts and fits them closer through the body than most English shirtmakers, who for the most part prefer a fuller cut in their shirts. The pockets on the Prince of Wales suit are rakish and very distinct; the pocket corners are rounded more than most and the pocket is on a steep 28-degree slant from the horizontal. He wears with a beige shirt, beige cravat, beige jodhpurs and brown leather boots, fitting for the occasion but quite a bit out of character.
So his choice to dress down for his wedding as much as possible whilst still wearing something more than a lounge suit is very much in character for Bond.
This is all tied to a morally confused, slapdash script that feels as if it were penned by a market-testing cyborg, rather than written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, their second collaboration on a Millar adaptation following the execrable Kick-Ass.
Most of these sequences go the long way to reiterate ad nauseum how an unprivileged life has given Eggsy more character, skill, and usable intellect than the blue bloods and old money that surround him. In fact, one of the final shots is her bare ass being positioned in front of Eggsy, and if you listen very carefully in that moment, you can hear 100 fraternities bro-ing out in unison.
It pays homage to the old great spy movies like Goldfinger with its own fun twist.See how level-headed and fair that was guys?
He should have said, "No, I'm a gentelman, a kiss is enough my dear." I see how these things could be outlandish and entertaining, but they don't come through with that, they come off as offensive and disgusting.
This is a disgrace to American culture, and if you people are actually going to defend this movie, I hope you sit in a hole and never spread your damaging ideas to the rest of our beautiful country. Colin Firth represented the old guard where whites used to have all the power, and it was a plot point in the movie that they were all upper-crust privileged white men.
A few slick, ultra-violent action scenes are really out of place in a film that is struggling to be a spy thriller, comedy, and action movie simultaneously. From his modelling days, Lazenby knew how to wear clothes and director Peter Hunt (with costume designer Marjory Cornelius) brought his own fresh new fashion sense to James Bond. For his second visit to the office he wears a navy flannel chalkstripe suit, cut the same as the earlier suit, except the waistcoat has seven buttons with six to button. Where Lazenby breaks from Connery is the introduction of point collar, ruffled-front dress shirts, a fashionable choice at the time that looks tasteless to many today. The white shirt has a spread collar and double cuffs, and the tie is light blue satin silk tied in a windsor knot. Yet dressing down or dressing fashionably never has to mean poorly-tailored, and no matter what Lazenby wears everything fits well and gives off the elegant, polished image that Bond is famous for.
Eggsy came along and realised it was time for a change, and maybe it was time for a kid from the lower class to take charge.
Lazenby’s suits had an increased English flair and were at the height of fashion in 1969. Though the cut is the same, the old-world charm of tweed contrasts with the sleek, worsted city suits and it purposely looks un-Bond-like.
It has six buttons on the front with three to button—as opposed to the usual two—with slanted pockets and double vents. No one seriously reviewed the movie badly for being "misogynist" because everyone knew the movie was strictly cathartic. Connery had occasionally worn knitted ties, and Ian Fleming’s character always wore black knitted ties, so they are a welcome return. He wears the blazer on two occasions, with a pink shirt and navy knitted tie, and with a sky blue shirt and red knitted tie. The other traditional pattern for wedding trousers would be cashmere stripes, but the check is slightly less formal. The sub plot of a young person growing up with a hard life, and finding the courage and strength to overcome all of that because someone took the time to care.
Are you so determined to see racial balance in movies these days that you will literally not award a good score in an action movie if the main character is white? The gingham shirt and crested tie further contribute to the anti-Bond look for the obvious reasons, and the caped ulster overcoat and tweed trilby aren’t anything like Bond had worn before or has worn since.
In the same naval vein as the blazer, Lazenby also wears a double-breasted navy three-quarter length overcoat, in a style that can best be described as a British Warm without the shoulder straps.
I have taken several of my clients to this movie, and all of them (homeless vets, behaviorally troubled teens, and mentally disabled adults - Black, white, Hispanic) LOVED the movie.
The cut is undeniably English (but not exactly Savile Row), with a natural shoulder, clean chest, suppressed waist and a flared skirt. I'm not sure we even saw the same movie.Reviews like this make me think the reviewer doesn't really care about the topic he's ranting on about, he simply is trying to get clicks and ad impressions from all the people he knows will come in to try to defend the film. I wouldn't have seen it if it weren't the best item (my best guess) on a short list on the in-flight video.

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