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The event you’re referring to is just the SCEJA Press Conference from September 1 rehashed for Asian audiences. And then we won’t hear from it again for at least 2 years until we get another please be excited or that it will be released exclusively for the playstation 5. Cid: Oh, shut up and help me remodel the Thunder Plains page!Please expand this article into a full one. The Thunder Plains (???, Kaminari-heigen?), also known as the Gandof Thunder Plains, is an open, barren landscape connecting Guadosalam to Macalania Woods in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Long ago, crossing the plains was dangerous due to the never-ending storm, until an Al Bhed named Bilghen set up several towering lightning rods. The plains are named after High Summoner Gandof who removed the threat of Qactuars from the Djose continent by driving them to the Thunder Plains and sealing them into the Qactuar Stones on the plains. Following the start of the Eternal Calm, the Al Bhed have repaired the lightning towers to make the area safe for travelers, although the repairs have not completely stabilized them.
After Spira falls into turmoil and the leaders of the three leading factions of the world go missing causing further conflict, the Gullwings want to do something to pacify the citizens of Spira and organize the "1000 Words" concert where Yuna is to sing on the deck of the Celsius on the Thunder Plains. The only recorded moment of the endless storm across the Thunder Plains ceasing is when Yuna performs her song.
All enemies aside from the Melusine and Buer in the South area use Thunder-elemental attacks almost exclusively, which hit hard.
The north plains have a similar landscape to the south; barren, dark and no particular landmarks aside from the lightning rod towers.
Available only if the player speaks to Rikku, then Rin three times inside the travel agency before meeting Yuna in her room. Outside the agency, if Tidus enters before Auron concedes to Rikku, Rikku's affection value increases by eight. Speaking to Rikku inside the travel agency before meeting Yuna in her room increases Rikku's affection value by eight. As in every other location, when the party is spread out, the one Tidus talks to first gains affection points. While on the Thunder Plains lightning can strike Tidus at any time, although the threat is increased when no towers are nearby. If Tidus dodges a certain number of lightning strikes in a row, a treasure chest will appear outside the travel agency.
The player can keep track of their record by examining a book in the travel agency titled "All About Lightning". Dodging 200 lightning strikes in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster version earns the trophy Lightning Dancer. If the player fled or defeated Dark Ixion in the first fight, then there will be no lightning flashes in the Northern Plains until they have defeated Dark Ixion in the second fight. There are numerous stones dotted around the south and north areas of the Thunder Plains, that when prayed at, summon Qactuars to roam about the plains.
In the International, PAL, and HD Remaster versions, Dark Ixion can be fought on the plains. The White Mage's equipment includes staves and maces (as well as hammers in the original Final Fantasy), but in later installments they more commonly use magical rods instead. The most prominent ability of a White Mage is to cast White Magic, which usually includes healing and support magic, but may also include status effect spells.
Although lacking in offensive power, White Mages are valuable due to their healing abilities. Minwu is the royal White Wizard of Fynn, and one of the few male White Mages in the series. The White Mage job is bestowed by the Wind Crystal, and is the only dedicated White Magic-user for the majority of the game. Rosa Joanna Farrell and Porom are both White Mages, and NPC White Mages make an appearance in Baron Castle.
White Mage is a character who, along with Black Mage, accompanies Ceodore and the Hooded Man as they pass through the Devil's Road.
Banon is officially classified as an Oracle, but has Pray as his ability and equips rods, both attributes of White Mages. Though there is no job system, Aeris Gainsborough is often considered a White Mage, as she has high magic stats, equips rods and staves, and her Limit Breaks heal and buff the party. Princess Garnet and Eiko Carol are able to cast White Magic along with Summon Magic, although Eiko has a far greater dominance over it, while Garnet favors summoning.
Yuna is a Summoner, but not unlike the Final Fantasy IX summoners, her section of the Sphere Grid contains White Magic and other White Mage abilities like Pray.

The White Mage dressphere is the same as the classic White Mages of the series, with minimal attack power, but large healing power. The White Mage is one of the six base jobs and is the most adept at healing and the only job with the ability to heal almost all debuffs. In the International Zodiac Job System version, the Aries License Board holds licenses for the White Mage job. Penelo is a mix between a Dancer and a White Mage, and has several White Magic spells in her skillset. Medic reappears in the sequel with new abilities which are exclusive to Paradigm Pack allies: Cheer, and Esunada.
Serah also has a costume as part of the game's downloadable content which is based on the concept of a white mage. Lightning can obtain a garb modeled after the White Mage job at the start of Day 4 from a treasure cube in the Ark. The Angel of Valhalla can use Cure and Curaja depending on its bond level while teamed up with Lightning in the Wildlands, but it can also use elemental magics so it is more like a Red Mage. Conjurers who meet certain requirements can obtain a Soul of the White Mage, allowing them to switch between both Class and Job at will. The Artifact Equipment includes the traditional red-trimmed white robe with the hood down, much like White Wizard in the original Final Fantasy. Also, a miniature white mage in the style of the original Final Fantasy is one of three possible outcomes of summoning the "Minion of Light" (the others being a warrior and a black mage).
White Mages have access to all White Magicks, and have the reaction ability of Auto-Regen and support ability of extra magick defense. Class Seventh is attributed to teaching white magic, and its class moogle represents the class. White Mages can be recruited as adventurers and have access to the most traditional White Magic and wield hammers.
White Mages appear as enemies and are classified in the aid class, where they don't attack, just cure themselves after taking damage. The White Mage crown appears in this game, and enhances the use of traditional White Magic.
The file number for Dragon Quest: Heroes, which is already confirmed to appear at the show (thus its absence from the list above) is 56.
Its showcase will likely be the same trailers we’ve already seen, but for the Japanese audience.
Well if release date would be for example 2018 then right it’s coming soon considering 8 years of waiting. Ironically, he was in the process of setting up the final tower when he was struck by lightning and killed.
Rikku is reluctant to pass the plains due to a severe case of astraphobia, eventually becoming so terrified she collapses on the ground and seizes Tidus by the leg. Cid comes to the Thunder Plains after being admonished by the girls at the Zanarkand Ruins, and spends his time in a silent reverie.
Shortly after the song starts the rain stops, and by the end, the clouds have parted and the sun shines down on the barren plains.
The area is a barren wasteland with many water-filled craters made from the relentless thunder that strikes the plains.
Lightning Ward is useful, but comes at a high price; eight Lightning Marbles can be obtained near the Farplane and can be used to create a Lightningproof armor to make a character virtually invincible in this area. The agency has rooms to stay and recover, as well as a shop that sells both items and weapons. If Tidus speaks with him, Rin will ask "Would that be Sir Auron by any chance?" Replying "Nope, wrong guy" will increase Auron's affection value by eight. When the screen flashes white, if the player quickly presses , Tidus will jump out of the way of the impending lightning strike. The player may only receive each prize once, but if they dodge a high number of lightning strikes, they will receive all the prizes up to and including the prize for the number of strikes they dodge. The book tracks how many lightning bolts struck towards Tidus, how many he successfully dodged, and the most bolts he has dodged in a row.
The world in Final Fantasy 4 is divided into three parts, the overworld, the underworld, and the moon.
In later installments, the White Mages have been given the ability Pray, in which the party's HP would be minimally restored for no cost. They tend to lean towards lighter armor, generally robes, and their robes are trimmed with red triangles that usually flare out from cuffs, around hems, or on the lining of the hood if they wear one.

The upgraded White Wizard is even more powerful, having the ability to cast Full-Life and Holy.
Also, she is the owner of the White Materia, the sole source of the ultimate White Magic spell, Holy. This particular iteration of the class is notable because it cannot directly use physical attacks unless berserked or using Mug. White Mages are also capable of the traditional supportive magic as well as a limited number of status-inflicting spells. White Mages use rods and some sword-type weapons, and can cast all White Magick and some Green Magick.
Even though their abilities are never defined as 'White Magic', they can perform nothing but healing spells. Noel Kreiss can learn all the abilities available to party, but is a rather poor Medic due to his fairly low Magic, and Serah Farron is favored by most players as a Medic despite her lack of Cura and Curaja abilities due to her Magic being higher than Noel's.
As a White Mage one is able to use advanced healing spells and abilities like Regen and Benediction while losing access to abilities from Disciplines of War.
Rem Tokimiya was formerly a student of Class Seventh, until she was transferred to Class Zero to assist in fighting Milites Empire. In Final Fantasy X, the plains are still treacherous, but the towers draw most of the lightning away.
He wanders into one of the newly discovered caves on the Thunder Plains and is injured, but the Gullwings save him and bring him on board their airship.
Yuna's Songstress dressphere interacts with the sphere display Shinra had made for the concert, displaying Lenne's final memories with Shuyin for everyone to see.
Yuna has NulShock and Ixion can also be summoned to afford the party easy travel through this first area.
If the player presses when there is no flash, Tidus will get struck by the next lightning strike. The counter will reset if the player gets struck by lightning, visits the screen in front or the travel agency, exits the Thunder Plains from either end, loads a save game (if the player saved the game each time dodged certain amount of bolts in row), or selects the options "Play blitzball" or "Board airship" when examining a save sphere. This crater is just south of the agency next to a lightning tower between the two crevices on either side of the map.
White Magic Adherent), also called White Wizard, is a job class in the Final Fantasy series, and is featured in several installments.
Their physical stats are usually higher than those of a Black Mage, but are not as high as some other classes. Their ability to heal, protect, and resurrect fallen members of the party make White Mages invaluable, as they are usually the only efficient way of healing.
Given that this group of titles seems to be lined up in number by publisher, it’s possible this is a Square Enix game.
Hearing voices emanating her room Tidus becomes curious, but when he tries to eavesdrop he falls into Yuna's room as the door was not closed. For some reason, every time Tidus steps into this crater after the first time, a bolt is guaranteed to come down. If one prays at three different stones, a Qactuar Ghost will appear near the center of the southern Thunder Plains area. Their magic stats, of course, are high, though they tend to be a bit lower than a Black Mage or a Summoner. 2, and the passive ability, Soul of the White Mage, which increases maximum HP by 5% and magic damage by 10%. Yuna was watching the sphere given to her by Jyscal Guado's unsent form, and makes up her mind to marry Seymour.
Yuna is emotionally drained after the experience and retreats to the Celsius cabin, and by the time she awakes, the storm has resumed.
Knowing when the bolts will strike and how the game allows it to slightly preempt the flash by half a second or so, makes this minigame a lot easier. Now knowing of Lenne's true feelings, Yuna decides to descend to the Farplane and find Shuyin to tell him how much Lenne had loved him, in hopes of bringing a peaceful end to the Vegnagun conflict. The player needs to move a short distance away for it to trigger again, but it's still only a few seconds between each dodge.

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