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Drive from San Diego to the Cuyamaca Mountains and then to the small mountain mining town of Julian.
For a leisurely walk in a riparian area, follow the Sweetwater River and enjoy the cascades and pools. From this campground you can hike either to Stonewall Peak (2 miles) or to Cuyamaca Peak (3.5 miles).

ReviewJulian Lennon's Grammy-winning debut is a respectable collection of strong songs; it garnered no less than four hit singles. Hike in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and reward yourself in Julian with a slice of fresh apple pie! Stop at the Chamber of Commerce in the old Town Hall and pick up a map for the walking tour or information on various local historic sites.
Lennon tried his best to minimize the obvious comparisons to his father but his uncannily similar voice didn't help matters.

A visit to Julian would not be complete without eating a slice of Julian?s famous apple pie. For example: if Joe Public is linked to Jane Public as a spouse, a reciprocal link will automatically be added to Jane Public's memorial.

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