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When I graduated from college, I think I believed *any* kind of writing would scrape the creative longing in my heart. The inspiration behind A Snicker of Magic came from one spectacular evening of seeing the Avett Brothers perform in concert. It wasn’t until later that I realized I’d also written Snicker because I missed my grandparents. What books did you read as a child that have stayed with you and influenced who you are today? When you close your eyes and imagine the most fantastical, spindiddly library, what does that dream library look like? If you had Felicity Pickle’s sight of words hanging in the air, what words are hovering over you this very moment? How can the lovely people reading this interview keep follow all things Natalie Lloyd in internetland? Adam Lawton: Can you give us some background info on the album and what was about Elliot Smith’s work that initially appealed to you? Seth Avett: Elliot Smith is one of those artists that I feel if you are meant to hear his work you will.
SA: Any sort of conflict I might have had I think certainly came more from trying to do the material justice. AL: Do you find your creative process to be the same working on a project like as compared to your work with The Avett Brothers?
She specializes in studio photography in Los Angeles, having 2 portrait studios in Pasadena and Long Beach. It’s currently voted #1 on this Goodreads 2015 Newbery prediction list and received this stellar review in the New York Times.
But actually being a novelist definitely seemed like the kind of dream that was too good to ever come true. What about that experience gave you what you needed to weld together the wonderful world of Felicity Pickle and Midnight Gulch? In the story, Felicity gets to experience what it’s like to hear the word “home” and think of people, not just a place.
In A Snicker of Magic, The Beedle is an anonymous do-gooder who has been doing nice things all over town for 50+ years. I’m also so lucky to have read an early copy of Mike Curato’s picture book Little Elliot in the Big City. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but my sister and I always pick a word to embrace for the year. We sort of gravitated to songs from later in Elliot’s career with a big focus on songs off of “From a Basement on the Hill”. The band is already chomping at the bit to get out there as the winter is generally our down time. She is well known for her finer lighting techniques, the authentic feeling of her poses and for exceptional maternity, baby, child, coup lease and family portrait photography.
A girl told me that she asked her teacher to draw Oliver’s bird tattoo on her wrist during a spelling bee, and it gave her courage.
It’s a dreamy, beautiful book about friendship (and how just one true friendship can make you feel at home in an intimidating place).

You’ll find quirky, delightful treats at places like Milk & Honey, Clumpies, and Rembrandts (I also think the Banana Bread French Toast at Food Works is magical). I have a tower of books on my nightstand, paint under my fingernails, and the wild earth between my toes. Media Mikes had the chance to speak with Seth recently about the creation of the album, the duo’s tour plans and other projects Seth has in the works for 2015. It’s sort of a cascade of beautiful melodies that we have attempted to follow in a very real way. Jessica and I gravitated towards that album as it was a personal favorite of both of ours however we also wanted to make sure that we represented Elliot’s other works as well. That process is much more laborious as there are more than just myself giving input or direction.
We are fully into making a new record at this point though as couple months back we were in California working on new material. I’m grateful anyone would take the time to read Snicker and overwhelmed (in a good way) by the creative ways readers have taken the book into their hearts. As soon as the lights dimmed and the first lick of a banjo singed the air, I felt chill bumps ripple up and down my arms.
I’m amazed they’d take the time to read Snicker, and that teachers are bringing it into their classrooms. A class I met at a library presentation in Ohio told me they had a Beedle in their classroom who leaves sweet notes around the room and new books in the classroom library. Dogs can’t have dairy, of course, so it would have to be some sort of funky concoction that looked like ice cream but was super healthy for K-9’s.
Basically we each brought in 7 or 8 songs and then started to see how they would go together with us singing them. The shows will be very intimate and I hope will provide a nice back and forth with the audience. We have already played a few of the new songs which will be on the record live but there should be more new tings starting to surface here shortly. And I believe in the kind of magic that enables you to crawl inside a book and live there for a few hundred pages. I just wanted to say thank you because the story gave me confidence.” That’s the sweetest thing to hear.
When their teacher took a group photo, someone whispered in my ear, “I’m the Beedle.” Another reader emailed to tell me she was The Beedle in her hometown one weekend, and sent me pictures of some of the sweet things she did. And I still have the entire Anne of Green Gables series in a special place on my bookshelf. And a few dogs who live in the library, of course, and cuddle beside patrons while they read. I have always been drawn to music that does this and I think Elliot is one of the strongest examples of that over the last few decades. I really enjoyed being able to produce this record and was extremely honored in the fact that Jessica trusted me enough to make those production related calls and to push her performances. We will be playing a lot of songs of the album as well as some of both mine and Jessica’s solo material. And I remember how happy I felt whenever I was around them; what it felt like to be totally, unconditionally loved.

Felicity (my main character) and I both have this in common: we’re quite shy, and fearful about many situations. I heard from a teacher in California that the Beedle came to her classroom this week, leaving notes and a quarter on each student’s desk so they could buy suckers. I love that series so much that my parents saved up and took my family on a road trip to Prince Edward Island when I was in college.
How this all sort of came together was that Jessica opened for the Avett Brothers at a show we were doing in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2011.
Our trust for each other certainly was taken to another level with this project.  From a performer stand point I sort of look at the two roles as one in the same.
We won’t be doing as many shows this year however the shows that we are doing are going to be very special.
This sounds cheesy, but I finally realized life was too short not to at least try to share my fiction. I know what it’s like to find courage in a story, and then press that courage against my heart, permanently, once the story is finished. I shouldn’t be surprised young readers connect to that character; kids are kind and creative and have a way of looking for the best in a person.
We hung out with Jessica for a few days and on the last day that we were hanging out at the venue it was her and I in a small practice room with just a piano. I love being very hands on and rolling up all of the roles into one and just running with it worked well for me.
But I enjoyed that part of it too; I liked the thought that something I’d written could give someone a little burst of joy. Middle-grade novels have long been my favorite, so I’m not surprised I like writing from a young character’s perspective.
I like writing hopeful, geeky characters who are brave enough to wear their hearts on their sleeves. And it was a sweet thing to see; people who were so different, who believed different things, with so many different backgrounds, all coming together under this magical banner of music. Then we looked through old black and white pictures, ate oatmeal cakes, and watched Double Dare. I told my brother it felt more like a magic show than a concert, which is where an early seed for A Snicker of Magic was planted. I don’t think I thought of a record at that moment but I could sort of feel things aligning.
She left notes in the margins about why she liked some of them, and I remember thinking it was like she’d pressed memories in the book for me to find.
I ended up listening to that over and over again which got me thinking about what it would be like to do a whole album like that. I remember the awkwardness and anxiety, and I remember the way wonder seemed to flutter at the edge of every situation.

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