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What does exist -- at least for many people -- is a person who you know instinctively, who you connect with on the deepest level and who allows you to grow as a person within the relationship.
Soulmates connect with ease right off the bat and let their true colors show without fear of judgment. It's obvious when you're with the wrong person; you are insecure about the relationship and worry that one false move will turn your partner off. Single women often feel left alone to find answers to their deep questions about love and intimacy. Jason and Crystalina Evert are the leading advocates and speakers on the topic of chastity and the vital role it plays in the lives of young people.Jason is the author of ten books, including Pure Love and Pure Manhood, and after giving chastity presentations for three years on his own, he teamed up with his wife Crystalina. The idea that there's one magical person for you who you'll fall in love with instantly and never disagree with is just not realistic.
Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and author of Love Sense, said that a soulmate also knows how to respond to your emotional signals. You may not see eye-to-eye on every little thing, but you're on the same page where it really matters.

You may have known each other for years, but you suddenly find yourselves ready for love at the same time. The Everts share their inspirational testimonies with teens and parents in their popular chastity seminar, a€?Romance without Regret,a€? which calls young adults to a higher purpose when it comes to the meaning and application of abstinence. I struggled with self worth and love, i struggled not only to give love but to love myself. It has given me a whole new perspective on what to look for when looking for a great man and even if you are single this is still a great book because it lets you know that single life is hard, but sometimes it is better off being single than being with someone who is not worth it. Jason and Crystalina now speak to over 100,000 young adults every year, travelling to junior and senior high schools as well as universities.The Everts are also on the Board of Advisors for the National Abstinence Clearinghouse and were given the NACa€™s 2003 Impact Award in recognition of their success with teens in America.
In attempt to fell something i gave parts of myself away and would settle for being mistreated. At some point, every woman needs reassurance that shea€”and her standardsa€”are not the problem. Jason and Crystalina can also be found as regular guests on both radio and television programs, including Fox News, the BBC, Donahue, and WGN-TV News.

I'm not going to lie when i first received this book it sat in the trash for one week before i opened it. In How to Find Your Soulmate without Losing Your Soul, youa€™ll discover twenty-one strategies to help you raise the bar, instead of sitting at it, waiting around for Mr. Now i am a young woman that demands respect, i expect a man to chase after me and open car doors for me. With that being said i act like a woman towards guys- i allow him to open the car door for me, and i allow him to disagree with me without me yelling, i have also become a lady through this book.
I went from being a hopeless broken girl looking for love in the wrong ways to being a respectable young woman.

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