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I can’t tell you how much you heal me a little more each time you reach out and let me know that you resonate with what I wrote, that you see me and honor me in my truth. In deep gratitude and because I love you, I felt it right to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day can be just as stressful as finding the perfect dress.
As a bride you want to feel special and beautiful, so how about having custom designed shoes created just for you? They do bridal shoes, bridesmaid shoes, and Figgy footsies that are for your flower girls, junior bridesmaids, or ring bearers. They can even purchase your shoes for you; however they do prefer that you buy your own so you know that they fit comfortably.

Pricing on these custom works of art for your feet start at $250-for classic black and white, for two additional colors it’s an extra $50, and for a little sparkle like crystals pricing starts at $20. Ultimately I help women heal childhood wounds and awaken to their lives in the here and now.
For the comments, for the emails, for the messages on Facebook and the re-tweets on Twitter and your gorgeous presence and attention to my blog, and the work I do in the world.
Bridal shoes do get photographed on the day of your wedding, so you might want to go for something that stands out, and showcases who you are! Some fabrics are harder to paint colors on them other than black and white like patent leather and suede. They don’t sell shoes from their company but they will help you search for the perfect pair to help you out if you’re having trouble finding some shoes.

Matte, and synthetic leather is the best for painting, but cloth finishes, such as satin, are also okay to use.
I believe in the power of healing, community, and saying yes to life and awakening to our own aliveness.

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