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My two best friends and I love to get together, buy a bunch of junk food, rent lots of chick flicks and talk at each other’s houses.
My best friend, Alexia, the pretty, hazel eyed, outgoing girl, always has a new boy to talk about! The topic of high school love has been a big debate between the three of us, but they are always interesting and fun!
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Thanks for viewing "Finding true love quotes tumblr".You can also find us on popular social media sites including Facbook, Pinterest, Google+ & Tumblr. When asked about high school love she said, “When love is in the air, nobody can stop us from inhaling it!
She agrees with the idea that high school students are “Not too young or too naive, but they have so much more to learn. I feel it’s good that the three of us have such different opinions because whenever we have a problem with a guy, we can easily tell each other and hear all the different options and opinions.
Girls like my best friend Alexia believe that true love can be found anywhere, anytime, and at any age.

Like many teenage girls, we believe and hope to someday have our handsome, muscular, smart prince charming swoop in and declare his love for us. They love being in love: the butterflies, the flirting, the giggling, the phone calls, and the seriousness of a relationship.

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