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If your company is in pursuit of the upcoming GSA VETS2 GWAC, or one of the two GSA ALLIANT 2 GWACs, winning a spot on these 10 year vehicles hinges on just one thing. If so, you will be among those companies earning the right to compete for as much as $65 billion in federal agency information technology requirements over the next decade. Click here to listen to our latest GovConChat™ featuring Brian Friel of One Nation Analytics. Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™ is a high-energy immersion into the facts, benefits, misunderstandings and mysteries of developing knowledge and relationships to identify and win federal contracts and subcontracts. When it comes to finding, qualifying and pursuing opportunities in support of civilian, defense and intelligence agency requirements, having, understanding and using data, information and relationships is a must-have capability. For many, part of the challenge is the overabundance of useful and not-so-useful, free and fee-based sources of data and information.
Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp for Government Contractors™ is the evolution of decades of experience and knowledge founded in failures and successes from industry veterans currently and formerly on the front lines of federal sector marketing, business development, capture and proposal management. This program is delivered as a blended learning workshop combining self-paced, instructor-led, online and in-person activities to accommodate different learning styles and experience levels. The estimated time commitment for participants is not more than six (6) hours per week for required and recommended activities. Welcome and Orientation Webinar (IL, SP) - General welcome to all class participants that includes a tour of the class portal and agenda. Recommended Reading, Viewing and Listening (SP) - Each classroom portal includes a library of reference materials to include articles, blogs, podcasts and videos that will assist participants with developing additional context related to the tactics, tools and resources discussed during this workshop. CI Bootcamp Project Selection and Launch (SP, IA) - Participants are required to submit their project descriptions and goals by the end of Week 2. PROGRESS CHECK-IN - CI Bootcamp staff will call participants (based on appointment selections) to discuss their progress. CI Bootcamp Project Completion (SP, IA) - Participants submit a summary describing the specific tactics, tools and resources they acquired to overcome a previous knowledge gap.
CI Bootcamp Lab Sessions (IL) - Participants will engage in discussions and hands-on activities to address outstanding questions and, as a team, accomplish specific CI objectives based on their cumulative project goals. CI Bootcamp Help Desk™ - Although CI Bootcamp has formally concluded, support for participants continues for a while longer! Each registration for this workshop provides access to content and resources for one (1) individual named during the registration process.
Contractors will provide services, equipment, material, and minor construction services to improve the capability of U.S. Each year, our Uncle Sam shells out big dollars for a range of goods and services to fulfill a variety of requirements across the civilian, defense and intelligence domains, respectively. The information that follows is a summary look at obligations made by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies when those transactions were reported to the Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation.
Since FY2011, the number of dollars resulting from a modification contract action is roughly 56% of reported obligations. As for the modifications and why they happen, there are twenty reason descriptions listed in FPDS-NG of which eighteen had tangible dollars (negative and positive) against them. Gross obligations to these modification reasons accounted for nearly$300 billion during the most recently completed fiscal year (emphasis on gross since there were nearly $100 billion in de-obligations the same year). This graphic provides a summary breakdown of total spending versus modification spending by the different awards and contract vehicles leveraged by agencies. Continuing our descent, here's a look at spending activity based on the type of contract vehicle established by agencies.On average, forty percent of FY15 obligations to Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDV) resulted from modifications. The first thing to note is fewer dollars being obligated to multiple award IDVs versus single award IDVs.
This can be very useful information to consider when seeking insight in areas related to contracting culture, relationships and scope, to name a few. Ultimately, it comes down to understanding the relevance and timeliness of these 'dots' and being able to exploit them in support of devising and executing a federal sector strategy. Some of the best opportunities and relationships result from conversations started at a POCx breakfast. Principals, Owners and Chief Executives (POCx) is information and experience exchange where business leaders help business leaders through sharing relevant and timely lessons learned from their own successes and failures. Hosted every other month, the POCx Network Breakfast is an unmatched opportunity for government contracting owners and executives to participate in impromptu conversations on top of mind topics and seek ideas and resolutions from others who have lived or are living through similar challenges with their organizations.
As the name might imply, these events are more structured than their counterpart, the POCx Network Breakfast.
Need insights on business operations, business development and capture, hiring your first or fiftieth employee, self-leadership or any of a host of topics tied to running and leading a successful organization? When it comes to small federal contractors and biggest bang for the proverbial B&P bucks, things aren't always what they seem.
With all of the attention given to contract vehicles like GSA's STARS II, ALLIANT Small Business and the Federal Supply Schedules, one might expect those and other Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Vehicles to do well in a competitive analysis. The archenemy to many small businesses pursuing federal contracting opportunities is very often time and money.
Sometimes, the biggest buckets of dollars don’t always equate to the biggest bang for the bucks. This article looks at what happens when the underdog kicks a little butt and small federal contractors benefit.. Before the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) was adopted by government contracting, two other classification systems were in play.
This article continues my ongoing ‘reveal’ of the relationship between PSC and NAICS Codes. Why are federal and defense agencies required to contract with prisoners above contracting with Americans who are not incarcerated? Just a reminder for the government contracting community ‘how agencies buy‘ can directly impact your ability to compete or be competitive. I’ve penned three articles recently on the importance of understanding and utilizing the classification systems federal agencies use to describe the industries in which they do business and the goods and services they procure from those industries, and how vendors often have a very limited view of business opportunities due to not leveraging both classifications.
Organizational culture, bureaucracy, complacency, arrogance and quite simply money are some of the obstacles preventing America’s Small Businesses from getting a ‘fair proportion’ of government contracts. Agencies communicate contracting opportunities to potential vendors using a variety of methods which for starters, can determine if availability of the opportunity is broad or limited. Click here to see how fiscal spending has changed for solicitation procedures used by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. Knowing how to access relevant information is key to the development of an achievable company strategy. Competitive Intelligence (CI) is the process and result of intentionally collecting and evaluating data and information from targeted sources based on strategic goals. A key objective is helping companies map the relationships between information gathered through their competitive intelligence activities and the knowledge voids that exist in their organizations' marketing, business development and capture intelligence. These workshops continue in the tradition of Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™ and The Complete FPDS-NG Workshop, both which focused on guiding companies to the tactics, tools and resources for finding and winning government contracts and subcontracts.
This workshop provides government contracting executives and professionals an introduction to and practical understanding of the ezSearch query and reporting functions of the Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG).
This workshop provides government contracting executives and professionals an introduction to and practical understanding of theadvanced custom query and reporting functions of the Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation (FPDS-NG). Registrants of both workshops will participate in pre and post workshop activities designed to increase learning and the opportunity to take away key points specific to individual companies. Participation in these workshops requires pre-registration due to the pre-workshop activities essential to ensuring each attendee gains maximum benefit. For more information or to participate in a scheduled 'FPDS-NG for BD, Capture and Marketing' workshop, click here to visit our events calendar. The 2016 NDAA contains several approaches to help agencies cut costs and improve performance, but one in particular is focused on increased utilization of a streamlined purchasing method used by civilian, defense and intelligence agencies. There’s change afoot in government contracting that if adopted, could actually achieve the always elusive win-win scenario.
The GovConCI™ program is dedicated to increasing the ability of industry organizations to effectively manage decision-making. There is much hype surrounding the GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) commonly referred to as the 'GSA Schedule.' There are those who would have you believe most of the dollars spent by federal civilian, defense and intelligence agencies are somehow connected to the GSA Schedule, but that's not the case. There's another purchasing method used by agencies that accounts for half as many dollars as the GSA Schedule each year and represents more significant opportunity for thousands of small business concerns. Consistently reacting to opportunities instead of investing the time and energy to develop the knowledge, competitive intelligence and relationships needed is not a path to good decision-making. If Congress passes legislation that adds billions of 'reserved' dollars to benefit small federal contractors, but no one shows up to take advantage of it, does it matter?
The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.
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Share Prospect Identification: Five Simple Steps to Finding Your Next Million Dollar Donor! Jeri Pat Gabbert deftly navigates challenging people and difficult conversations with diplomacy and strength. As an accomplished advancement leader and engagement strategist, Jeri Pat has mastered the art of building and stewarding powerful relationships through effective communication.

With more than 15 years of experience in fundraising, communications, marketing, special events, and alumni relations, Jeri Pat currently serves as the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and External Affairs at Indiana University Northwest. Have questions about Prospect Identification: Five Simple Steps to Finding Your Next Million Dollar Donor! No matter the culture or time in history, marriage is a huge deal and ought to be treated as such. The demand is tremendous, as each and every day more and more youth are abused and either run away or forced out on the streets because of neglect.
Can your company achieve a score that keeps you ahead of the 'bears' coming in at positions 61, 71 and 81, respectively? Compounding this is the fact not one of these sources on its own will facilitate the requisite knowledge and confidence needed to submit a truly competitive offer in response to an agency solicitation or teaming partner data call. Each workshop is structured so each participant can select a purely virtual learning experience, or one that blends online and in-person lab sessions. Projects are required, launch during Week 2 and are completed by the conclusion of CI Bootcamp. Registrations are non-transferable and no refunds are available on or after the workshop start date.
Without fail, quite a few of those dollars hit the street as a full, limited or non-competitive action that results in the issuance of a new contract, contract vehicle, or an order being placed against an existing vehicle.
If not, it would make it challenging (at best) to 'follow the money' without understanding the influence and impact of dollar-based modifications to existing contract and contract vehicles.
The point is to shine a light on how contract dollars move at a high level to highlight the need for enhanced focus at the ground-level, in support of company decision-making related to opportunities. So more than half of fiscal contract dollars reported to FPDS-NG were off the table so to speak, unless you were the company (or a good friend of the company) getting the modification.
Take note of obligations to Basic Ordering Agreements (BOA) and Indefinite Delivery Contracts (IDC) which represent changes made at the contract vehicle-level versus at a delivery or task order level. The second item to note is that the percentage of modifications is higher for multiple award vehicles which come in a little over 51%, whereas single award vehicles come in under 30% of total obligations. The ultimate goal is helping POCx members achieve growth in government contracting for the individuals and their companies. Many of the discussions that occur at these two-hour meetings become topics for the POCx Briefings hosted in alternate months.
In fact, discussions from those networking events often end up as discussions facilitated by Subject Matter Experts who themselves are very often business leaders with ties (if not direct skin in the game!) to government contracting.
We have a host of members and partners with decades of successful experience as practitioners ready to share with you. Specifically, too much time waiting for larger opportunities to come in, and not enough money coming in to survive until the next win. One, the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) was replaced by NAICS and the other was all but forgotten, if it was known in the first place.
The GSA Schedule took a hit last fiscal year when DoD and NASA issued class deviations in response to what they saw as ‘other than fair and reasonable pricing’ on the GSA Schedules.
Knowing which solicitation procedures are used for the goods and services you offer by the organizations your company is pursuing is important as is understanding how the use of relevant solicitation procedures has changed.
Knowing how to use gathered information is key to daily decision-making and accomplishing established organizational objectives.
Participants are provided access to expertise, insights and resources they can use to attain the confidence, skills and knowledge to exploit FPDS-NG and Microsoft Excel in the execution of GovCon marketing, business development, and capture activities. Participants are provided access to expertise, insights and resources they can use to attain the confidence, skills and knowledge to exploit FPDS-NG and Microsoft Excel in the execution of GovCon marketing, business development, and capture activities. If it’s still there when the latest DoD spending bill becomes law, it will result in transformative change to agency procurement and significant economic impact to the small business community everywhere. GSA Schedules account for less than ten percent of the overall fiscal spend in recent years.
In a head-to-head competition, this other purchase type represents a lower cost of entry, lower cost of doing business and more total dollars to more small businesses when each company netted at least $500,000 in sales via this procurement method in a single fiscal year. Click here to review our analysis based on information reported by federal agencies themselves. It's risky, expensive and a clear indication the 'opportunities' and not you are setting the direction of your company. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase. Join this interactive workshop to explore the many opportunities to uncover new major gifts prospects. Her expansive role includes serving as the chief development, communications and marketing officer. Many turn to crime in order to support their addictions which have come about because of abuse and neglect simply to kill their pain. Segments available in a traditional classroom setting are hosted in the District of Columbia, Central Maryland and Northern Virginia. Particularly in recent years this accounts for less than half of fiscal obligations reported to the Federal Procurement Data System.
This doesn't account for sole source buys, purchases against single award contract vehicles and buys against multiple award contracts where the field of contenders is limited. Funny thing is, the Product and Service Codes (PSC) didn’t go away and remain an integral part of federal contracting for agencies and vendors.
This had and still has the potential to change how both agencies leverage the Federal Supply Schedule, or how they may choose not to. Quite literally the last place on Earth anyone would expect something like this to have roots. They can't find it, can't understand it, which means they can't use it to make decisions and grow their business. Among the category of Indefinite Delivery Vehicles (IDVs) that includes BOA, BPA, FSS, GWAC and IDC contracts, Indefinite Delivery Contracts (IDC) rule the roost.For the record, IDVs are any established contract vehicle (or hunting license) that allows agencies to place orders against these contracts using either a Delivery Order, Task Order or BPA Call. We will discuss how to leverage your database and how you can identify new prospects for your organization.
What if you could find the perfect mate, someone you could live with the rest of your life, who would meet all your longings and expectations? They always try to size you within their range of sizes, even if it’s not the correct size for you! At present we are seeking land to build a new retreat to enable us the opportunity to house at least 200 +A youths. These videos explore the questions companies should ask and answer in order to develop a strategy, identify prospects and leads, and make decisions about team focus on building knowledge of terms specific to federal sector acquisition and procurement activities and frequently found in the data and information captured and leveraged in the course of related market research efforts. Participants can leverage reachback support by communicating with CI Bootcamp staff through a discussion forum checked on a regular basis. Fiscal 2016 operation and maintenance funds in the amount of $50,000 for each offeror are being obligated at the time of award to satisfy the minimum guarantee. My real issue is why are Veterans and Service Disabled Veterans so far down in the federal contracting pecking order? You will leave this session with strategies on how you can reignite prospect identification and be on your way to fundraising success! She serves as a board member for Valparaiso Events, the Council for Advancement and Support of Education–District V (CASE V), and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education–Indiana (CASE Indiana).
This can lead to all sorts of problems, like shoulder dents, sore shoulders, a sore back, poor posture, and more.
This facility will be a research facility to prove our thesis which is; Through nouthetic Biblical counseling individual youths with mental illness can find complete healing. Air Combat Command Acquisition Management and Integration Center, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia, is the contracting activity. Now you can start to get an idea of what's left for those who don't fall into one of these categories. She earned her Master of Arts from Ball State University in Communication Liberal Arts and Sciences, a Bachelor of Arts from Hanover College in Communication Studies, and a certification as a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) in 2009.
In this new book, Randy Pope presents the six key principles for finding your "million dollar mate." Readers will find their perceptions challenged, their standards heightened, and their hopes lifted. We are certain that we can completely heal at the very least 50% of 70% of those diagnosed with a mental illness.
These should be done with a flexible measuring tape, and should be done WITHOUT a bra, shirt, or tank top. Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions. For you to get the most accurate measurements, you need to be topless, or as close to it as you’re comfortable getting!1. Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts. Thus, this is a wonderful time to have him take a look at your script.i»?A This page is set aside to give us an opportunity to keep our visitor abreast of what is going on with Maxima Vision Films and our film school. You can refer to the diagram below for the placement of all of these measurements if you’re not sure where to measure!2. However, they have convinced the American public that this is the best America has to offer and even salute themselves as having done a great job. At the same time we encourage our visitor to write us anything they feel may be of interest in film and television to our community.
Many of these articles are written by our own CEO who is serious about keeping our whole community up to date with any breaking news and events we may be involved with. Exhale all the way for this one, and pull the tape measure as tight as you possibly can (without hurting yourself!)note: for all bust measurements, do not distort the breast tissue. In the event you write to us a story we find the community may want to know about we will post here on this page.
These stories may be of any kind pertaining to the film and television industry, from casting calls our community may want to know about, to events in the area, to a new story ideas you come up with you think might make for a good film or television production. Your bust, while bending over 90 degrees (or as far as you can bend, so that your breasts are pulled down by gravity)5.
Randall Maxwell of Maxima Vision Films takes some of the backdrop of that particular White House, fictionalizes the story, orchestrates some look-a-likes and dramatizes a womana€™s lust for power who is willing to do whatever it takes to become the first lady president of the United States, including assassination, sex, love or war. If you would like a US measurement, there are plenty of online converters to be found!Believe Your Size!Many women are shocked to learn what their true size is.
However, sticker shock is only perpetuated by society, which tells you that small boobs are A cups, and giant boobs are D cups.
No cup size looks the same at every band measurement! Your breast tissue may not be currently fitting in your bras, it may be pushed back and to the side (or out the front giving you quadboob).

You should lean forward and scoop all tissue from your armpits and sides into your bra before trying it on! Determining Your ShapePart of finding a well-fitting bra is determining the shape of your breasts. When three unlikely but well-intentioned groups of mighty people join forces to battle the demon, they face challenges within and without.
Their variegated backgrounds, including slavery, military, and commoners, must be overlooked if they are to stop Man Burnera€™s evil quest. Projected breasts have a narrower root (where the breast join the torso) and often protrude more than shallow breasts.
The powerful and precious Atma stones must be kept secret if the world is to be saved.Will Man Burner be able to succeed on his quest to find the Atma stones? The easiest way to do this is to lean over, and, in the mirror, look at the placement of breast tissue in relation to your nipple. This delay is expected to last a couple of months, postponing production of every film by a couple of months.The reason for this suspension is due largely to the fact of us not yet having our film school, which is attached to our production company at the point where our investment group had wanted it by summer of 2013.
Another large factor is not finding a large enough pool of talent here locally who have enough professional film experience or training to allow us to completely cast four feature films per year, let alone finding enough professionally experienced crew.Thus, one of the things we are now awaiting is hiring a casting director in Hollywood to cast any remaining major speaking roles for each film we have been unable to cast thus far. This is an all out effort to raise the bar in this region of professionally trained actors as well as crew.
At this summer feature filmA  consortium; Whether you are an aspiring producer, director, script writer, editor, animator, actor, cinematographer, or just want to learn the ins and outs of the film making industry, you may begin as early as the summer of 2013 building your working resume by participation in our Summer Feature Film Consortium! Well, we have serious investors who share our same passions who are willing to put their money where their mouths are. Let us commit ourselves then together to perfecting our craft of film making and television production by committing to professional training and stop spending money with so-called agencies who are simply in business to sell schools and photos, but have no real connections to even consider making even a feature film. It is a very sad thing that so many have been lured into such scams and have been taken advantage of, but now it is time for change and a part of this change is a must, raising the bar of excellence.
It is now time for us to show our investors that we are willing to invest in our future so that very soon they will allow us the opportunity that all of us can make a very good living doing what each of us love doing and that we are extremely passionate about.A This film school has always been and will continue to be always a very specialA  part of our production company and our plans for the future as a means of keeping well trained professionals continuing to come on board with our production offices, from professionally trained actors to crew. This keeps fresh ideas coming through the doors, but more importantly it allows us to always know we have the most highly skilled actors and crew that money can buy. Our investment group has always made the film school a stipulation on their investing in our feature films and will continue to do so. A One of the biggest concerns of our investment group is to keep from happening here what happened in Louisiana, where their film makers were at least diligent in getting their law makers to raise the incentives to entice major film production companies like Maxima to come into their state to produce films in their state. They were able to do this by quoting statistics which prove, when major film production companies come into your state and begin producing motion pictures, they bring with them literally millions of dollars into the local economy. In Louisiana, they experienced tremendous success in enticing these companies into their state.A Unfortunately, these companies came by the droves, however, once there they found there was not enough professionally trained talent already there to produce the number of films they wanted to produce, causing them to have to hire the bulk of their needed talent out of state. Because these incentives are based on hiring local talent, these companies when they were forced to hire outside of state talent, they lost their incentives.
Louisiana has since worked diligently trying to get professional instructors in their public schools and universities to train up a workforce of professionally trained film and television professionals to salvage what they can of the professional production companies who have remained and tried working with them.A At Maxima Vision Films, we have experienced the same thing in this region as far as finding sufficient professionally trained talent to do here what we had planned to do in this region.
When I speak of this region, I am speaking of the region of Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. We have two investment groups, one of which has already committed to funding four feature films or television productions per year over the next five years here in this region with Maxima.
We want to shoot films that matter, films which can help to shape our culture positively as opposed to negatively.
These films will be marketed directly to the Christian community, which when one considers 70% of the USA population are professed Christian, this is an enormous market. We are certain if we can keep our production cost down under a million dollars the odds are in our favor of at least breaking even if not making a few dollars, especially considering telling stories that matter. If we can keep our films under $500,000 the odds go up even further, and we know one film in 6-7 will make a substantial return. Our main goal though is telling stories that matter, that might help shape our culture positively, and we can all make a decent living while doing what we are all passionate about doing. A To accomplish all of this though, we are going to have to raise the bar here in this Texas region as far as talent goes. We are diligently seeking those individuals who have a real passion for film making and television productions, who are driven by this passion to do whatever it takes to one day be able to make a living in a industry that chances are very bleak in anyone getting to a point of making a living. However, one thing is for certain, to have any chance at all, the more one is willing to do in the industry, whether it be sweeping the floors, taking coffee to the director, or being the lead role, or simply investment of time, energy, and money to keep perfecting their craft, all tends to lead to work, which gives us more exposure, that in turn leads to more work, etc, etc, etca€¦ A The point is this; we have investors, which is something, if not the one and only thing which keeps most from doing what they truly want to do in this industry!
These investors are seeking individuals like yourself who are like minded, those who have a real passion for film making and television productions, but who are also just as passionate about telling stores that matter. However, the real key is finding these like minded individuals who take this business very serious, as serious as our investors take it, those who are willing to invest into their own future, so as to help them to perfect their individual craft so that they are the very best they can become, so that as a collaborative art form we are able as a group of individuals creating a quality product. After he began his own recovery, he helped set up centers to help other addicts."I abandoned my old life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ," he said.
One twin struggles with an addition to prescription drugs, while the other battles doctors whose prescription anti-psychotics are driving her sister to madness and death.a€?One is what I call a€?preachya€™ and more for the church community and affirming faith,a€? Maxwell said.
With the first type of film we will focus on films which are considered preachy and on the nose which will be marketed directly to the Christian community. The second types of films we will focus on are those designed to reach the un-churched with a message of hope for a hurting world, a film with at least a redemptive message. This investment group is especially interested in getting involved with projects where the project owner has some sort of invested interest in the project themselves or have some avenue to put together a split funded project somehow, thus splitting the risk as well.A A Thus, this investment group funded many trips around the country for Dr. Maxwell to travel and meet with other investment individuals, companies and groups who had expressed interest in partnerships with the films we were already in pre-production stage which were our films a€?Rachela€™s Gracea€? and a€?Sister Surrendereda€?, both of which had an estimated production budget of around $300,000.
We had felt with partnering with others who could double the production budget we could add at least some actors with much experience as well as other talents. Unfortunately, at this point, though we met many such investment groups who had expressed interest in split funding our film projects, most simply had projects themselves who they wanted our investment group to invest in their film projects and did not show us even any interest what so ever in split funding our film projects after our investment group paid travel and lodging expenses for Dr Maxwell to meet with these people. A With this being said, this has been a very expensive summer for our investment group in trying to put together split funded film projects. They will also pay for the building out of their facilities & furnish all the equipment such as cameras, audio and video equipment and editing equipment. At present, until contracts can be negotiated with management, doctors and nurses, etca€¦ All will be estimated cost for our annual budget. At present we do know our basic cost of operation for general expenses such as hourly employees, cost for utilities, etca€¦ Our basic cost is $12,740 per month per 10 clients.
Our de-tox units are separate from our regular monthly operations in respect to cost to our clients as well as our regular monthly expenses. Our regular monthly cost per resident is around $1,700, however, our 28 day de-tox program we charge $10,000 for a 28 day program, most of which is paid by insurance.
So, for illustration purposes and the purpose of this article we handle our regular program of recovery, which is at least a six month program, but many end up in either our 1 or 2 year program differently and separate from our de-tox. Do we continue to throw trillions of $$$ into a industry where no healing ever takes place? Or, do we re-route our hard earned $$$ & put it into a program where people actually find complete healing and are set free from their bondage of medication?I would like to now thank my reader from the bottom of my heart for the time you took out of your busy schedule to read this whole article. It is my prayer and desire that you learned much about the mental health industry you didna€™t know before. As said before, there is a wealth of information out there that supports my thesis if one were to want to take the time and effort to research this topic. I hope and pray that you may see very clearly that by uniting with Hope Retreat of the South with your money, timeA  and any other resources that we together may totally heal at least 70% of those who have been diagnosed with a mental illness. However, it is important to show our government and these corporations there is public support in order for them to give us such grants there must be foundational donors who support us. After watching the whole video, ask yourself how sharing the love Christ our Lord has for these youthA may make a tremendous difference in their lives.Though since we opened our first retreat in 2000-2001 in Lewiston Maine, a resident program working with both men and women with addictions, we have also worked with battered and abused women, at risk and troubled youth, a program for the elderly and orphanages around the world, our goal has always been to help shape our culture positively in the most productive way. When we chose to re-open Nashville we had board meeting where we decided to have the greatest impact on shaping our whole culture positively we should concentrate our whole effort in working with at risk and troubled youth, as the youth of today are our tomorrowa€™s leaders.
It was decided we would build a facility which we could house 200+ youth in cottage setting with house parents who will give these youth a family type setting. I will break down these phases and discuss further what is available and programs at this facility for these youth, however, first allow me to explain why at the beginning of this article I stated you are already paying for such a facility.For the purpose of this article we are just going to address a percentage of the youth we serve, those with mental illness. We can build out our whole facility with a fraction of the cost that Americans are already spending on youth with mental illness.i»?CALLING ALL CHRISTIANS!!OUR PHILOSOPHYA  IS SIMPLEWe believe that every answer for a broken life can be found in Jesus Christ through His Word. 70% of the many who are diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, thus the cause of their mental illness, it is not a chemical imbalance at all until meds are applied, but more a sin problem verses mental illness, and when I say this I do not mean to imply it is a sin of our youth, but could be a sin of someone else. We have found and proven by adding a spiritual component to a clinical approach to mental illness the results can be astonishing.
We have found through Nouthetic Biblical counseling 70% of those diagnosed with mental illness can be completely healed and never having to return to their meds or doctors that the doctors and the pharmacy industry have convinced our society these clients would have to remain on for their lifetime, and have to continue going to their doctor to have them to continue to prescribe these meds. A This is a completely created need & multi- billion dollar industry by the pharmacy industry and doctors.
Though, through extensive research you will find sufficient evidence to support our thesis, you would be hard pressed to find a handful of people from the medical field who would support it. Whereas Kirsch concludes that antidepressants are probably no more effective than placebos, Whitaker concludes that they and most of the other psychoactive drugs are not only ineffective but harmful.
He begins by observing that even as drug treatment for mental illness has skyrocketed, so has the prevalence of the conditions treated:The number of disabled mentally ill has risen dramatically since 1955, and during the past two decades, a period when the prescribing of psychiatric medications has exploded, the number of adults and children disabled by mental illness has risen at a mind-boggling rate. Thus we arrive at an obvious question, even though it is heretical in kind: Could our drug-based paradigm of care, in some unforeseen way, be fueling this modern-day plague?a€?The mental health industry has turned mental illness into an epidemic, practically a plague and the cost to America society is astonishing. Whereas conditions such as schizophrenia and depression were once mainly self-limited or episodic, with each episode usually lasting no more than six months and interspersed with long periods of normalcy, the conditions are now chronic and lifelong. Whitaker believes that this might be because drugs, even those that relieve symptoms in the short term, cause long-term mental harms that continue after the underlying illness would have naturally resolved. Antipsychotics cause side effects that resemble Parkinsona€™s disease, because of the depletion of dopamine (which is also depleted in Parkinsona€™s disease). As side effects emerge, they are often treated by other drugs, and many patients end up on a cocktail of psychoactive drugs prescribed for a cocktail of diagnoses. The episodes of mania caused by antidepressants may lead to a new diagnosis of a€?bipolar disordera€? and treatment with a a€?mood stabilizer,a€? such as Depokote (an anticonvulsant) plus one of the newer antipsychotic drugs.
One well- respected researcher, Nancy Andreasen, and her colleagues published evidence that the use of antipsychotic drugs is associated with shrinkage of the brain, and that the effect is directly related to the dose and duration of treatment.Andreasen explained to The New York Times, a€?The prefrontal cortex doesna€™t get the input it needs and is being shut down by drugs. In the case of the mentally ill this is the wasting away of the brain.i»?A look at Mental Illness Policy.

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