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The Buddha was sitting under a tree talking to his disciples when a man came and spit on his face.
Siddhartha wondered if there was a more enduring foundation for happiness than the people and things around him.
For eons saints and seekers had known practices that create deeper and longer-lasting comfort than the world provides.
The natural laws were reliable enough to be a foundation for enduring happiness and wellbeing.
One of the natural laws governing the mind-heart is that pure awareness has an almost magical calming effect.
If the mind-heart is restless, depressed, irritated, or worried and we observe it without preference, it calms down.
The essence of the Buddhaa€™s meditation is: remember to observe the mind-heart and how it moves. When we do that, we quickly see that the mind has a mind of its own: attention wanders from one place to another despite our intentions.
To see how the mind-heart works, we nurture detached curiosity and relaxed attentiveness that welcomes pleasantness and unpleasantness equally. The Buddhaa€™s meditation is a precise, on the ground, paint-by-the-numbers method of cultivating love, kindness, and wisdom. So at its core, remembering to observe the movements of the mind and remembering to be aware of awareness is a detailed and precise way of cultivating self-sustaining love, kindness, wisdom, and wellbeing.

If you use an object in the beginning, eventually youa€™ll want to shift to awareness itself.
Yaakov Reed, August 5, 2015Awareness of awareness: I was under the impression that this type of meditation was more associated with Mahmudra or Dzogchen meditation. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. His father was wise, his mother was generous, his wife was kind, his friends were cultivated, his palaces were beautiful: he had the best his world could offer. But as the author Stephen Levine noted, a€?Most people scratch without realizing they itch.a€? Most people live relatively unaware of whata€™s going on in their minds. But if we have the slightest aversion or desire for it to be different, our thoughts run amuck. It is curious about people, sights, sounds, thoughts, irritations, longings, memories, re-runs of conversations, and just about everything but itself. Ita€™s essential to realize how this works, how attention moves, and how various attitudes cause various qualities to arise.
What do you want to say next?” The man was a little puzzled because he himself never expected that when you spit on somebody’s face, he will ask, “What next?” He had no such experience in his past.
When you see a Buddha, it is difficult, impossible to sleep again the way you used to sleep before.
When they were far enough away, he exchanged his clothes for monka€™s robes, shaved his head, and sent Channa back to the palace with his horse.

But the wise person sees clearly to the heart of a situation and sees the broader context at the same time. In Autumn 2004, I was invited to teach for two months at the Forest Refuge in Massachussetts, USA. He must have heard from people something about me, that this man is an atheist, a dangerous man who is throwing people off their track, a revolutionary, a corrupter.
A mind-heart that is clear of thoughts, desires, aversions, or cloudiness sees more clearly and wisely. And as it progresses, the objects fade and awareness itself becomes more and more prominent. But Buddha was like neither, he was not angry nor in any way offended, nor in any way cowardly. These "encouragements" will hopefully be of use to people on retreat, especially a long retreat. He has spit on his idea of me because he does not know me at all, so how can he spit on me? He had never come across such a man; he shattered his whole mind and his whole pattern, his whole past.

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