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Recently, I have developed an interest (obsession) towards the 60’s advertising drama Mad Men.
Any video of the clip seems to have embedding disabled, but I urge you to click through and watch it.
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Grafton was the setting of the movie “Ah, Wilderness!” which was filmed there when O’Hara was eight.
It was the exposure to this movie set which would later pull O’Hara into the world of pop culture. After Hollywood had come and gone from Grafton, O’Hara concentrated his efforts on his first love: the piano. But O’Hara was loyal to his country, too, and when World War II came, he was willing to serve. When he got back to the states after the war, he jumped right back into academia and became a student at Harvard University.
When he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1951, O’Hara wasted no time and by fall had settled himself into an apartment in New York City. He continued to publish, releasing Meditations in an Emergency in 1956 and Lunch Poems in 1964.
His vibrant life was cut short in 1966, at the age of 40, when he was hit by a jeep on the beach on Fire Island, and tragically died of internal injuries. Frank home in Grafton on leave from the Navy with his parents and brother Philip and sister Maureen. O’Hara was a poet of lightness, who generally eschewed the political role, even of his acquaintances, the Beats, and sought to apply music theory, surrealist models, and the techniques of Abstract Expressionist painters in his work.
Not only are each of the scarves impeccably designed, beautiful objects with a history, they are made to last with the highest standards of quality. With a whole new season and a movie to look forward to, Arrested Development fans finally have a brownish area to  grab by its points and not let go no matter what mom says.
Sign up for The Airdrop, our weekly newsletter full of book giveaways, interesting article round-ups and fun event notices! Frank O'Hara died after being struck by a vehicle in the dunes on Fire Island, New York, in 1966. Grace Hartigan's contribution for 'The Day Lady Died,' one of O'Hara's most famous poems, which dealt with the death of jazz singer Billie (Lady Day) Holiday.

Willem de Kooning created seventeen charcoal drawings on sheets of plastic to illustrate O'Hara's "Ode to Willem de Kooning" for an O'Hara memorial volume published in 1967 by the Museum of Modern Art.
Born and raised in Grafton, he would end up spending the majority of his adult life in New York City. His family then moved to Grafton and he grew up in this small suburban town, which even today remains a close-knit community.
Hollywood had decided that Grafton was the perfect New England town in which to film its movie: with one exception.
He had a passion for music of all types, though he loved contemporary best, and he studied piano from the time he was 15 through when he was 18 at the New England Conservatory in Boston.
He joined the Navy and served as a sonarsman on the “USS Nicholas” in the South Pacific and Japan.
Ashberry’s influence would eventually change O’Hara from a music major to an English major, and he began to publish his poetry in the Harvard Advocate. He found a job working at the front desk of the Museum of Modern Art and began to write seriously. I love the colorful accents against the walnut and white laminate, and the surface of the desk is perfect for a laptop. My desk is always littered with piles of recent acquisitions, and the collection is bursting from every nook and cranny, at work, at home, and in storage.
I wear mine all the time, so although they’re a luxury item, they’re not too precious to become wardrobe staples.
I’ve most recently spent time in Chicago, Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco (my home away from home), and New York (I love a chance to be a tourist in my hometown hitting up places like the Morgan Museum and Library).
She lives in Boston where she contributes regularly to local publications and writes her own interior design blog, StyleCarrot. The Museum of Modern Art published In Memory of My Feelings in 1967 to honor its late curator.
The New York School did not paint in a single style; they were associated more by their close personal relationships.
Her illustration calls to mind Pollock's famous 'drip' paintings, and testifies to Pollock's influence over the New York School.
His family had ties in nearby Worcester, with his father having attended the College of the Holy Cross and O’Hara himself attending St.
Grafton would need a bandstand on the town square to suit its needs, and since Grafton didn’t have one, Hollywood built one.

He received his degree in 1950, and sent himself off to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, where he received his MFA one year later. He published one of his first poems, “A City in Winter” in 1952 and started writing art reviews in ArtNews, where he received a reputation for being an excellent critic.
Whereas many poets write about death and other sober things, O’Hara loved to write about the little things in life that amused him, that he wished others would find funny as well. I know for sure that if I had this in my house I’d be less prone to lying on my couch and typing. See if you decide which line is a quote from hook-handed, juice-loving Buster Bluth or beloved observational poet, Frank O'Hara.
Poet Bill Berkson, who edited the book, invited thirty artists who had known O'Hara to 'illustrate' a selection of his poems. In 1988, the Limited Editions Club published the complete suite of drawings, with a selection of poems by O'Hara, in an edition of five hundred and fifty copies.
Slowly but surely, O’Hara was carving his niche in New York and earning his place in the New York School of Poets, along with Ashberry, James Schuyler, and Kenneth Koch. Her most well known venture is one of our favorite sites, 20×200, which offers limited-edition fine-art prints at affordable prices, curated by Jen herself. Another book of his, Meditations in an Emergency, was my inspiration for a group show at the gallery during the summer of 2006. The selection of artwork in this case shows the variety of' styles within the New York School of artists.
De Kooning's drawings were transferred directly by Benjamin Shiff from the Mylar sheets to lithographic plates. What are the current inspirations of someone who sees and works with so much good design and art day in and day out? O'Hara's poem "Autobiographia Literaria" was first published in Harper's Bazaar in October 1967.

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