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TEST: It's not about how much stuff you have—Elbies can be materialistic stuff lovers, too—it's about how you organize and present it.
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And it is true that people tend to be more "left-brain" or "right-brain." Put very simplistically, if you're a left-brainer, you tend to be more organized, conservative, even a tad rigid.

The book "Organizing for the Creative Person" (Three Rivers Press, 1993, $14.95) says "Elbies" (lefties) and "Arbies" (righties) tend to have the following characteristics. If you're a right-brainer, you might consider yourself creative because you like arty stuff, you reject systems and schedules, and you also might come across a bit harebrained and never actually get around to creating the masterpieces you so desperately want to produce.
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For sure you will have a fun time solving this different word game brain twister, so print it now and rack your brains. Play at any level against the program or a friend or use the tutorial to improve your game.The innovative tutorial and hint features helps beginners to learn and improve their game.

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