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This is not a new type of marketing concept but its just more proof that you need to offer something for free to establish the link between your business and the prospect.
This blog also offers free ebooks and each time we release a new one our own mailing lists grow significantly. Mobilize Mail’s strategy to help their clients utilizes some smart software as well as the concept of having a business blog to attract prospects to the site. Having a power meter is a great investment in yourself and How To Start Training with Power is the perfect quick start guide for any rider using a power meter.
The Ebook starts by covering the basics like determining your threshold and setting your zones. You’ve invested good money in your power meter, now take the time to understand the data it is giving you.
Submit your articles to us and we will not only publish your content to our blog hub but we will also broadcast the post to our social networks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the other 40+ social networks we have a presence on. However, to get those results you need to know what those numbers mean and how to use the data to dial in your training. As TrainingPeaks Co-Founder Dirk Friel says, "The true value of a power meter is in the objective feedback you will receive.
It also explains the metrics behind power, how to analyze your data, see long term trends and how to use the numbers to get faster.

How To Start Training with Power gives you everything you need to start training effectively, all in one place. So make sure your content has some relationship to what your business is offering so you can keep the communication going by offering more FREE related content.
The smart part is that by having a business blog you are building up content for your free ebook. While there is a lot of information across various books, blogs and articles, trying to put it all together can be difficult.
When the prospect is ready she will initiate the next step which is direct communication with your business. With the release of the How To Start Training with Power Ebook, TrainingPeaks has taken all the best tips, ideas and thoughts from power training pioneers Hunter Allen, Dr.
Joe Friel gives his top three key power workouts and tips on pacing for an Ironman bike using your power meter.
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