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Listening to one free guided meditation track a day could be the thing that takes your health to the next level. It’s an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle, and there are plenty of reasons to give it a go.
But why is forming the habit of sitting still for 10-20 minutes a day way easier said than done? Like many of you out there, I’ve been wrestling with meditation for quite a few years. Recently, in an attempt get myself back on track and make the pesky meditation habit stick again, I started playing around with guided meditation. For each resource I’ve listed the number of free guided meditation tracks, the different types of mediation available, the average length of each mediation, and whether the tracks are downloadable. Meditation styles: Loving kindness, mindfulness, forgiveness, sleep, mantra, healing, children. Fragrant Heart is one of my favourite free guided meditation sites, partly because of it’s cool name, but mainly because of the quality of the guided meditations. Some tracks are as short as a minute, which is great for beginners, and they also provide a free guided meditation course too.
Tara has a massive library of at least a hundred guided meditation tracks to keep you going, various styles, with a new one added each week. I’ve used it for quite a few years now, mainly for their collection of free yoga class videos (hip flexor heaven is a personal favourite). The Chopra centre is the brainchild of Deepak Chopra and David Simon, two MDs with the goal of improving the health and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit. Amongst other things, the site hosts a wide range of meditation styles with high quality audio. Most tracks are pretty short, but might be great for someone who’s just getting into forming the meditation habit.
It’s really cool to see universities recognising the benefits of meditation and mindfulness!
Headphones are recommended when listening, because the tracks are layered over binaural beats, which apparently affect your brainwaves and make you extra mindful. Audio Dharma is a massive resource, with around forty free guided meditations available from a variety of teachers, as well as a shed load of interesting talks and videos on mindfulness.

You can either choose the simple guided meditations (which range from 2 to 20 mins) or go solo and use the meditation timer. Meditation styles: Mindfulness, relaxation, loving kindness, body scan, stress, anxiety, productivity, healing. Developed by former buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, and his business partner Rich Pierson, Headspace is the meditation app and website taking the mindfulness world by storm. It’s an incredible resource, with literally thousands free guided meditation tracks and talks from teachers from all around the world. The Meditation Society of Australia exists to help people learn to meditate without any other religious or other agendas. Sadhguru:The moment we utter the word “meditation,” there are all kinds of misconceptions about it. Flowers and fruits will come out of a plant not because you want it, but simply because you created the necessary, conducive atmosphere.
The mind does not like meditation because if you keep the body still, the mind will also naturally become still. If you keep the body still, the mind will slowly start collapsing and the mind knows that it will become enslaved if it allows this. If the hustle and bustle of life has you stressed, meditation can be an effective way to tamp down anxiety. Mindfulness: This app comes outfitted with numerous silent and guided meditations, plus you can set up reminders to meditate at specific times, locations and days of the week. Headspace: A subscription service that you can test for free, Headspace allows you to learn the basics of meditation for 10 minutes a day over 10 days.
Simply Being: Aptly named, this simple app offers guided meditations from five to 30 minutes, including a choice of music or nature sounds. I’m inconsistent, and whenever I do make the time to sit quietly, my mind is racing and I just wanna be somewhere else. It is a course for those wonderful souls that have recognised that there is no greater skill, no greater human endeavour, than that of our own self-discovery. The reason why most people who have tried meditation have come to the conclusion that it’s very difficult or impossible is because they are trying to do it. First of all the English word “meditation” doesn’t mean anything in the sense, if you close your eyes and sit, in English we call it “meditation.” You can sit with your eyes closed and do many things.

Similarly, if you create the necessary atmosphere within yourself, on all the four dimensions of who you are, then meditation will naturally flower within you.
I was recommended one of her books a while back “True Refuge” and really loved it! If you primarily want money or prestige from meditation than this is not the course for you. If you just learn how to keep your body absolutely still, then your mind will also become still.
As you meditate and become more meditative, you will become the boss and your mind will become the slave and that is how it should always be. Subscribe for countless meditations, and even a special series that allow you to focus on health, performance or relationships. If you cultivate your body, your mind, your energies and your emotions to a certain level of maturity, meditation will naturally happen. I want you to just observe yourself and see how many unnecessary movements your body makes when you stand, sit or speak. If you don’t know how to keep the mind as a slave, it will put you through all kinds of endless suffering. These three smartphone apps make it quick and easy, even if you only have five minutes to spare. Will have to check out some of the others on this list too ?? thanks for the reccomendations!
It is just like if you keep the soil fertile, if you give it the necessary manure and water and if the right kind of seed is there, it will grow and bloom into flowers and fruits.
If you look at your life, you will see that more than half the time is taken up in these things that you yourself don’t care for.

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