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You know deep down that it is possible; youa€™ve seen hundreds of others do it, and youa€™ve envisioned it for yourself for years. I can hear the collective a€?ya buta€?, but I encourage you to override it for a moment because YOU CAN HAVE IT! Energy clearing and attunements make up the bulk of this program and are invaluable to successful money manifesting. The Eight Channels of Alignment for Manifesting are the foundation or frame work for your money manifesting.
These channels of alignment address the areas of Spirit, mindset, sense of identity, belief systems, divine decisions, vision and clarity, inspired action, and environment and support, and how you relate to each of them. Once you become familiar with, and master alignment with these channels you get to experience the sweet spot or alchemy where heaven meets earth, or the physical meets the invisible realm. This is the system Ia€™ve used to create massive breakthroughs in income while living my soula€™s divine mission and doing my lifea€™s work. Built into the entire program is an energetically calibrated a€?money consciousness upgradea€?. Your higher selves, spirit, the money manifesting devas and all the other divine beings of the non-physical realm have been gathered together and will conspire to create this for you. Energy clearing designed to help you release whata€™s not currently working for you so you can open to your soula€™s deepest desire coming into 2013. BONUS How To Live In a€?Energetic Integritya€™ So You Can Confidently Charge What Youa€™re Worth - And Get Ita„?! It's one thing to WANT to charge what youa€™re worth and attract more income and business, but another to be in energetic alignment with those desires.
How, what I reveal about my own journey, will help you to take a shortcut to living in energetic alignment with your income breakthroughs and how to charge what youa€™re worth and get it!
Join us for this exciting class as we explore how your Divine Guidance holds the missing magical key to manifestation, namely manifesting your Lifea€™s Work and Prosperity. Lynn will share why 2013 is the year of owning and developing your own psychic gifts, for the purpose of manifesting your Lifea€™s Work and Prosperity. Did you know that it is possible to create altars to bring forth almost anything that you desire?
Whether you are creating an altar for Healing, Love, Prosperity, Protection, Spiritual Growth, Finding a Job, Making a Decision, Giving Thanks, or Dedication to a Special Being, you will leave with a much better understanding of how to make it happen. You will receive the class recordings in 2 formats, a playback you can listen to on your computer, and an MP3 file which you can download, burn to CD, or transfer to your iPod. Imagine what the value of clearing just one blocked area in your manifesting ability would be worth to you.
I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the Money Manifesting Acceleration Program and if for some reason you arena€™t, then I want to make sure you end up happy. PS: Unblocking your channels to manifesting money starts with a decision and a commitment on your part. PPS: Remember, youa€™re protected by my guarantee, which means that your participation in the Money Manifesting Accelerationa„? Program is at absolutely NO RISK to you.
One topic that always comes up when we are working with people who are struggling with manifesting their mission is – MONEY! Bottom line – money loves to be appreciated, paid attention to, treated well, and respected.
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Since you probably want to manifest MORE money, make sure that you put the money you currently have in your life at the TOP of the list of the things you’re grateful for.
Think about this sentence: “DON’T think of a pink elephant.” What’s the very next thought that comes to mind? The sub-conscious mind simply doesn’t hear or filter the word ‘don’t.’ It just hears the command.
And if your gremlins (those negative, skeptical, doubting voices in your head) come for a visit, simply thank them for sharing and re-focus – on what you DO want. If you want to manifest a LOT MORE MONEY, add this amazing technique from “The Secret.” Write a check to yourself for $1,000,000, and post it somewhere prominent like your bathroom mirror or on the wall next to your desk.

After practicing these steps to manifest money, be sure to comment below and let us know how you’re doing.
When you are taking big leaps in expanding your business you will begin to bump up against other people’s money stuff. You see when you are breaking free of fear and scarcity around money and taking bold actions to grow your business you are really bucking the cultural norm around money right now—which is money victimhood.
A few hours later I checked my emails and found a seething email from a massage therapist who was accusing me of just caring about money and this sale was just a horrible thing, etc. Shelley Riutta, MSE, LPC, is a 6-figure holisitic psychotherapist, and Presiedent and Founder of GAHP–a respected, professional organization that gives YOU credibility, support, training and more. The fact that ita€™s in front of you now, in your current experience and consciousness, means that now is your time, and we both know that ita€™s already waiting for you. The only reason you havena€™t claimed it, up until now, is because you havena€™t been shown how to align your energy and do so. I use them regularly myself to create profound personal and money breakthroughs so I can assure you they work. I have found that the majority of issues blocking our prosperity are subconscious in nature.
This is a reference that you will return to over and over again to walk yourself through the process to success. Ita€™s allowed me to double my income, break 6-figures, and then increase my income again by over 50%. Given the recent and continuing universal consciousness up-leveling thata€™s going on, what better time than now! 21, 2012 means for you personally, and why ita€™s the perfect lead in to 2013, the year of raising consciousness and manifesting your soula€™s desire.
Energy blocks can manifest as imbalances in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing. If you assimilate the information delivered in this bonus class alone, and actively commit to using it, you will receive infinite value! You will learn about the a€?4 clairsa€?, and the telltale signs that determine your own top two a€?clairsa€?. There will be an exercise on a€?Opening Your Divine Channelsa€? included in this training. They are also very popular for memorializing animal companions (or humans) who have crossed over and can create a high level of peace and healing for the creator.
We will also discuss sacred and ritualistic objects that can be used as well as colors, elements, crystals, flowers, herbs, deities, archangels, and saints among other items you can include. If youa€™re not 100% thrilled with these energetic attunements a€“ just let my team know within 30 days of placing your order.
Youa€™ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain with the energetic shifts, wealth of information, and powerful practices Ia€™m including.
Often the reason that spiritual leaders are not having more success in manifesting their mission is that they lack the funds to spread the word.
So it’s really important to give up focusing on what you DON’T want – or you’ll just keep on manifesting more of that!  Start right now focusing on what you DO want, and watch what happens. Meaning many, many people feel disempowered in their life around creating abundance and feel like outside forces are determining this for them. The most important thing I learned was how to establish money boundaries—meaning how to not take personally someone else’s money issues. Make sure to honor the value of the Service at the true level of their Value rather than what you think other people would be comfortable with. View your clients as powerful Spiritual Beings capable of creating whatever level of abundance they desire.
An organization that not only supports your career as a Therapist but also supports, inspires and nourishes your Spirit. In fact, I can confidently guarantee that even if some of the issues below dona€™t outwardly resonate with you, until they are cleared, the insidious energy they carry is playing havoc with your prosperity.
They hinder us from attaining and maintaining good health and wellbeing in all levels of consciousness.

You will also discover how to distinguish whether guidance is coming from Source, or from your lower self or ego.
Please note that since this program includes instant access to all call in numbers, considerable digital bonuses and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. I’m not talking about worrying about your bills or losing your job or not having enough paying clients.
And by paying attention, you are more likely to see an increase in money flowing into your account. Are you collecting your loose change in a special jar that reflects how much you value your money?
It was around my dog, Niyo’s, Birthday and the sale was part of celebrating his Birthday too.
Her reaction had more to do with her and her own relationship with money than about anything that I was doing. If they are having money struggles continue to focus on the truth of what they are truly capable of rather than to buy into what they are creating right now. I have been amazed over the years how my assumptions over the years have been so inaccurate with what people can pay. You will receive attunements, shifts and balances to bring you closer to your divine wellbeing and authentic blueprint.
I will guide you through a sacred process where you will utilize your clairvoyance to activate your personal money tree; the energetic source of your unlimited abundance and inner wealth.
I have a tendency to grab my change and stuff it into my wallet, my pockets, or down in my purse. He hoarded it out of fear and harmed others by not keeping the money in a flow state (by failing to spend it on his employees or a decent holiday meal).
This may sound incredibly simple, but most of the time you don’t ask for what you really want. I LOVED these CD’s and they have helped so many people and all I could think about was how much this sale was going to help more people. Once I established those money boundaries it made it easier to continue to follow my Spirit and take bold actions to be of service on the Planet—and not hold back because of other people’s fears and reactions. What I have learned is that people who truly desire your service will move mountains to get the money to pay for your services—if it is important enough to them. Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify where your money blocks are so you can sign more clients to make more money and make a difference in more lives!
I will guide you to experience a deeper understanding of your unique Vibrational Credibility and align with your Universal Bank Account. For example, do you post all your transactions to your checkbook, balance it regularly, and reconcile it to your bank statements each month? But if I don’t take the time when I get home to round up all that change, smooth it out, line it up, store it properly, and treat it well, my income starts going down.
It may not happen right away, but like any other relationship, if you are consistent in your efforts, money will come your way. Is it because you feel this is what people would pay and you don’t think you could go higher? The more you are viewing them as powerful, you are actually energetically supporting them to step into this much more than buying into the false belief that they are limited.
It loves all that attention and the energetic importance that comes from that kind of activity. Because if you are the only one keeping track of your money, and you aren’t actually doing it, then you probably are struggling with that aspect of your life.

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