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Now, I’m no doctor… But if you’re a fellow writer, I’m willing to bet you suffer a certain syndrome. When a client accepts your terms and rates for a project, do you think, “I can’t believe they fell for it!”? Do you constantly fear being exposed as a fraud—even though you have the expertise to back up your claims? No matter how accomplished you become, do you feel you still need to “pay your dues” or that you don’t deserve the recognition (or pay!) you receive? According to Wikipedia‘s collective genius, “Despite external evidence of their competence, those with [impostor] syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. And then, since I work primarily as a ghostwriter, I like to whisper to myself, “And those are just the ones with my name on them! Add up the money you’ve received from said fine people. If your mind won’t believe the words, maybe it’ll believe the numbers. An elevator pitch is a short speech about who you are and what you do—a speech that can be delivered to your audience in the time it takes to ride an elevator.
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About Lauren Tharp, BAFB Community ManagerLauren is a freelance writer and young adult fiction author. Now I save every compliment I get in a swipe file and every time I feel a case a Impostor Syndrome rearing it’s ugly head, I go through the file. I know you would apreciate if I can add some thoughts about how we can defeat this syndrome, right?
But I had SO many moments where that little voice in my head piped up and was going “Who do you think you are? I love having that variety, but doing so many things has made it difficult to build one, cohesive platform.
After she created a resume for me that made me want to make out with myself, it occurred to me that she might have more insight to share in terms of creating a cohesive marketing platform as a freelancer. What do you see as the biggest obstacle freelancers face when building a one-stop marketing platform? One thing I often recommend is that you put all of your freelance work under one business name, whether it’s an official corporation or an LLC or just something you decided to call yourself. What are some other tips you’d throw out there for those putting together a project-based resume?
Have earned strong reviews from editors and readers for natural ability to convey personal experiences in a way that engages and entertains a wide online community. Concepted, planned and executed a Word Nerd Networking event that attracted 75 writers, bloggers and publishers. Proven ability to write pieces that attract significant audience response and national media attention, including coverage on the Today show, CNN and PC Magazine. In addition to a fantabulous resume, what do recruiters, hiring managers, and clients look for in a strong marketing platform?
If you’re not online and not utilizing some of these tools that are so vital to the creative industry, that sets you back a little bit. The most terrible thing that almost everybody does is spend the majority of their time applying blindly to things they find advertised online.
Also, you can connect with high-level people if you engage with them instead of just blatantly asking for a job.
A veces nos cuesta muchisimo ser honestos con nosotros mismos, sabemos que hay aspectos que tenemos y debemos mejorar, pero lo dificil es reconocerlo.

Esta habilidad nos permite controlar nuestros impulsos y emociones y logicamente a pensar antes de realizar una tarea.
Lo mas importante es trabajar y sentir satisfaccion ante una meta alcanzada, y no solo buscar una compensacion economica. Hay que sentirse apasionado por su trabajo, ser creativos y mostrar una energia y unos deseos de avanzar en los proyectos que iniciamos. Asi mismo ante el fracaso, no hay que ver nubes negras, sino ver la oportunidad para mejorar y comprometernos mas en nuestra organizacion diaria y de esta forma las buenas ofertas monetarias vendran, pero lo mas importante es ralizarnos como personas y crecer. Esta habilidad hace que consideremos los sentimientos ajenos, y sepamos tratar a las personas segun las reacciones que estas puedan tener en determinado momento, saber como decir las cosas. Nos referimos a la capacidad de las personas para manejar las relaciones con los demas y conducirlos hacia la direccion que se desee ya sea buscando un acuerdo o un entusiasmo frente a un producto o servicio. Para ser un empresario lider sobresaliente deben combinarse de la mejor manera posible los cinco elementos de la Inteligencia Emocional. La tarea es entonces, buscar en cada uno de nosotros a ese lider que esta escondido y a esas habilidades que debemos explotar al maximo. One of the first lessons we learn when we “go pro” is the importance of marketing: of being able to convince others of our worth.
The website catalogs any by-lined articles I’ve written online and not only shares the number of clips there are, but how many total words I’ve written. Confession time: I always get horribly depressed around the holidays (for a number of reasons, but the main one being that freelance writing sales tend to droop in December). Enter your email and I'll send you a free copy, plus my money-making toolkit and other useful stuff.
She's also Be a Freelance Blogger's Community Manager, making sure that guest posts get uploaded on time and your comments on the blog and forum get answered! I’m actually doing an article about how to get (and present) testimonials on my website on September 6th.
That’s why I make sure to white out any names and information, and I keep share those photos strictly with with friends. Humility is a wonderful thing – unless you have so much of it that it keeps you from growing.
The more I add to the file the easier it is becoming to convince myself that it is not a fluke. I’m glad you picked a topic not all bloggers would want to talk about, but certainly would help if they will. It’s a lot of fun and, so long as we keep moving forward, the results are always positive. I definitely experienced it as a writer, but it got so much worse when I moved into my current business.
We have strict spam filters in place so if your account has been denied, please email us for support. I’ve done freelance writing and editing while working full-time in the book publishing industry.
It should appear that there’s a strategy behind the projects you take on, and what you offer.
Then you have the opportunity for a more smoothly flowing resume that showcases your freelance work, and that still shows the actual corporate work you’ve done and may continue to do. The event earned outstanding participant reviews, and spawned plans for an upcoming digital publishing forum.
How can those in the creative industries get creative with their resumes… without shooting themselves in the foot?

When the economy turned, I was getting calls and emails from people every day who were very frustrated and wanted my help with their resumes, and with the job search. And if I were, I’m not sure it would be appropriate for me to go public with those stats.
Entonces si hablamos de autoconciencia hablamos de saber o tener la habilidad para reconocer y entender nuestros estados de animo, nuestras emociones y su efecto sobre las personas. Este punto es importantisimo ya que si se nos presenta una situacion desagradable no actuaremos con el primer impulso de gritar o renir, sino que pensaremos antes de actuar, y analizaremos porque fallamos en ese momento. With this in mind, I always write a letter to my future self to open the following year during my “trouble months.” I like to share what I’m up to at that moment in time, career-wise in particular. Personally, based on the the many articles about writers feeling like a fake, this wondenful piece stands out. No matter what field we belong to, no matter what we do, we must decide to believe in ourself.
I LOVE the idea of writing a letter to my future self; what a clever way to overcome those desperate days of feeling like a fraud! I work with a lot of esoteric and spiritual topics, and I counsel people on certain topics that I know a lot about due to personal experience.
Because otherwise, what happens to people is that they appear to be all over the map, and most clients or employers get nervous, because they can’t see an intentional path. Debemos reconocer nuestros errores y de esta manera seremos mas cautos al realizar cada tarea. Aqui destacaria que un empresario con esta habilidad y la reflexion y el pensamiento siempre estaran siempre en primer lugar.
And, without fail—at least so far!—I’m always doing better by the time I read it the following year. For instance, if I receive an email from a happy client, I’d take a screen shot and post it to Facebook. I’m going to your blog to find your contact info, by the way so expect an email from me. From now on, I’m just going for it and telling everybody that I, Ronn Jerard, am a writer.
And now I’m a full-time freelance sex writing, funeral singing career coach to word nerds.
I really wanted to help a lot of people, but I had to draw the line somewhere, as I was not being compensated for my advice. First, how do you feel about having multiple versions of your resume depending on who the client is?
What I highly recommend, much to the chagrin of HR people, is to go after those positions, but take the extra step to figure out who the hiring manager is for that job. I decided to provide a resource that would give the type of information I was repeating over and over again.
That said, it’s tough to know which version to send when a recruiter asks for a copy they can keep on file. Because I’d trust Jenny with my entire career, I feel totally comfortable endorsing her book.

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