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The New Moon portal is considered most powerful during the 2-3 days following each New Moon. Ominous predictions can be taken as an opportunity to step beyond the role of passive observer and become co-creators of best possible outcomes.
At the doorstep of the Solstice portal, the Sabian symbol for the June New Moon reminds us of the relationship between today’s attitudes and future results. Spoken or mental prayers are a sublime expression of Prayer, and relate to Gemini the Communicator. However, we unwittingly diminish its expression in our lives whenever we doubt or question the efficacy and value of our past or present prayers. Something that firmly closes or secures… To fasten or as if with a seal to prevent tampering… to make fast… to close the pores of… to complete the movement of after the contacting parts touch each other… to determine irrevocably. If our prayers in the past have been a way of reaching to The Source, the seal will “complete the movement of the contacting parts.” If we or others have doubted their efficacy they will be secured, made fast and closed to tampering.
The Pure Light of the Omnipresence fills this space and all my prayers, insuring only good will come from them. 3)    Ask that these angels assist you in sealing all your past and present spiritual work, so that the good from it remain and grow. 4)    Repeat the following affirmation during 6 minutes or more with absolute attention and joy. Every sacred thought you have entertained has found its way the realm of the eternal, where they all continue to glow with an invisible though bright radiance. Support Global Light MindsIf you enjoy reading my articles and would like to make a donation to help keep this website going, here's where you can. Global Light Minds is a Daily Online Magazine, intended for people who wish to enlightened their lives with true joy and happiness.
It opens a fertile field to seal and bless our past and present prayer work, before entering the new cycle of the Divine Feminine that begins on June 21, when the Solstice Sun moves into Cancer, the sign of the Mother.
On April 20, Moon in Cancer opposed Pluto (lord of petroleum), turning the aforementioned T-square into a Grand Cross; feisty Mars in fiery Leo activated the configuration in exact quincunx to Pluto. In that sense, any anxiety aroused by the approaching Solstice Cross can be compared to the hype around 2012, for which many are projecting a catastrophic scenario, and unconsciously building a wall of fear that led one psychic to say that she couldn’t see beyond that year because of the collective mental block.

It describes a couple dancing, enjoying the moment in the faith that the coming harvest will be abundant.
This we do every time we think our prayers might have been the wrong ones, were not constant enough, worked only for a specific situation that’s now past, or any other limiting idea that we—or someone else—may have cast on our spiritual utterances. This is the joyous New Moon dance that recognizes the inevitable results from our accumulated work in consciousness. Like a fortress of light, they shine to guide the way of all seekers, making the Summer Solstice and every passage ahead a move toward the golden era for our planet. It’s better to start any renewed or new endeavor after the New Moon and before the following Full Moon. Does this mean we can expect more major disasters on or around Summer Solstice, when Sun in Cancer will fill out the Grand Cross and exactly oppose Uranus? About this metaphor, Terry Lamb adds, “trust in our work in consciousness despite appearances, knowing on a core level that everything is well.” How does all this relate to the lunar cycle now beginning? All the prayers we’ve ever used to connect with Good and Love have been building a force field of light on the invisible plane that lasts, protects and shines on to guide us and all who might seek its energy.
Spirit has been in it all, registering my best intentions and insuring the vibrations be for the Highest of all Good.
By sealing our prayers in that certainty for several minutes each day, from now throughout the Moon’s waxing cycle, we will more easily open the door to the good harvest ahead. Written by well known spiritual writers and philosophers around the world, vivid photos, travel destinations and messages of hope and love. Of course, the Higher Power and angels respond whenever we call, or rather pick up the receiver and let them through. For the Gemini New Moon portal, we’ve prepared a seal to insure that our past spiritual intentions will continue doing their complete, miraculous work.
I give thanks that every one of my prayerful thoughts has been perfectly utilized by the Divine Mind, and seal my present and accumulated spiritual practice in the certainty that none of it has been wasted. My past and present prayers are freed from the weight of doubt—mine or others—and all of them fly to complete their divine purpose now. As Leo rules creativity, glamour, romance and fertility, many of us will be "giving birth" this weekend, seeing our efforts come to light in a bold and attention-getting way.

Sharing our gifts is an act of generosity, as long as our intention is to uplift others rather than serve our own egos. For many of us, the ego shows up as the destructive voice of self-hatred, limiting beliefs, and the protective shell we keep between ourselves and others. When we release the ego, we become present to the sense of oneness that we share with others. Harness the power of the full moon in Leo, to break through the confines of ego and reconnect with the universal human spirit. According to "pleasure revolutionary" Regena (Mama Gena) Thomashauer, bragging is a vital antidote to the culture of shame that women have inherited as a legacy.
She encourages bragging proudly, openly and often, as a confidence-boosting form of self-love. Once the initial awkwardness passes, bragging puts us in touch with the wonder of our own divine gifts a€” and a deep gratitude for the lives we got to live a€” and that's something the full moon in Leo loves! Never mind that fear also stops us from living our dreams, pursuing happiness and feeling the unadulterated joy that Leo is all about.
Let it surge through your veins, bring it to the bedroom or take it for a twirl on the dance floor. While Leo narratives can run long, here's a fun fact for anyone who needs to give a presentation a€” the time-honored art of storytelling is actually the most powerful way to activate the brain. Storytelling connects us in a special way a€” much like the zodiac's tribal Lion, who spends life in a tight-knit community. They are… Read more Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are identical twin sisters and professional astrologers.

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