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Whether you are new to yoga, an advanced practitioner or a yoga teacher, check out the great offerings on this week’s Denver yoga calendar.
Monday, February 22: Connect to the energy of the full moon and Accelerate Your Healing with Katie Smith tonight at Kundalini Yoga Denver.
Wednesday, February 24: Vital Yoga presents Herbcraft Wisdom with Seth O’Donovan, beginning this evening and continuing through March 16.
Practice Evening Vinyasa Yoga with yoga teacher and horticulturist Blake Burger this and every Wednesday evening at Denver Botanic Gardens. Shar Lee presents a free Tibetan Cranial® Lecture and Demonstration tonight at Highlands Event Center.
Saturday, February 27: The River hosts special guest teacher Lisa Rundall this morning for a 90-minute Sangha Saturdays Master Class. Yoga for the People presents Chair Yoga with Hansa at lunchtime today at Prana Yoga & Ayurveda Mandala. If you’re a yoga teacher, sign up for Practical Applications of Meditation with Irene Doherty at Maitri Yoga Center. Accompany your toddler or preschooler for the Kids Yoga Workshop this afternoon at Maitri Yoga Center.
Try Bhangara Rhythms with Karen Boeser and Friends this evening at Asana Studio for yoga, music and dance. While this is a labor of love, many cups of chai are consumed in the process of producing the calendar. The Full Moon in Virgo is set to peak tonight, February 22nd, helping all of us clear out old baggage, allowing us to evaluate the turn of events and decisions that have taken place over the course of the last six months. February’s Full Moon is the last Full Moon in the Eclipse cycle that started back in September of 2015. As this Full Moon shines brightly of the independent and thought-provoking Virgo, the Universe will guide us into the expansion of our awareness, encouraging us to look deeper into the signs and clues around us.
Pay attention to matters of all sorts, even the smallest ones need to be addressed, and the finer details of life observed during this Full Moon–this will lay the foundation that we are building for the future.
This Virgo Full Moon will give us the light necessary to heal and clear out all of those little nooks and crannies that we tend to avoid or are unable to see. During these clearing processes, when the end of an Eclipse cycle is nearing, we must focus on looking inward, working out the areas of ourselves where to need to love more, where we need to hold strong and speak our truths, and where we need to find our voice of independence. This will be the energy that we keep as we move forward into the new Eclipse cycle in March, and it is important because we will notice it working mostly in areas around the heart, where it affects our relationships, feelings of self-worth and  feelings of self-esteem. This Full Moon may also cause us to revisit the events that have taken place over the last six months so that we may see things with more clarity. If your life has seemingly been in shambles since September of last year, this Full Moon will provide the opportunity to become grounded as the path ahead becomes more clear to you. To fully embrace the energy that is provided by the February Full Moon, one must allow their inner strength to shine.
The Virgo Full Moon is there to help work through the dirty alleyways of our lives, healing what needs to be healed, cleansing us, and preparing us.
This point in between Eclipse cycles is magical and telling, it is a time when we are all collectively starting new chapters in life, regardless of where we currently are in journeys. Remember, the Universe can only open the door and guide you if you are able to surrender to what is; assess the direction of your life, acknowledge your reality, and then charge forward in life as the radiant being of light that you are.

Eventos Espanaeventos-espana.es es una revista creada para facilitarte la busqueda de los mejores eventos en Espana. Descubre como pasar tus dias haciendo lo que mas te gusta y cuales son los mejores planes en la noche.
To find higher self, to find ones destiny; communication with other spirits, worlds and deities.
During this phase of the moon are practised rituals, which aim is to diminish, reduce something. By waxing moon are rituals focused on issues we want to increase, which we want to have in our life more. White Magic CentreFind balance, peace and new impulse in our rooms open to public, where individual counselling. This is the first full moon of 2016, and according to the Old Farmer's Almanac Native American's called January's full moon "The Wolf Moon".
Native American wisdom marries every full moon in a month with a specific feature in Nature. Ideas aren’t a problem for me; I have a binder full of ideas Joyce: Do you have any particular rituals that help you get into the writing frame of mind? Members of the FBI’s task force were able to record and videotape MS-13’s initiation rituals, according to the affidavit. Defense Ministry spokesman Moon full time and some say their statements of guilt were coerced.
The Prison Yoga Project, in collaboration with Give Back Yoga Foundation, offers a training today at the RA MA Institute for Applied Yoga Science and Technology. The ancient healing art of Tibetan Cranial® uses subtle touch to the face and head, based on pulse assessment.
The River hosts this week’s Friday Night Yoga Club with Sara Rice leading the flow yoga practice and DJillE laying down the beats. A Kids Yoga class and childcare are offered at the same time for parents who want to practice. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, with a light, gentle touch used to channel energy. Learn to teach yoga and movement classes to little ones who are confident walking, up to age 3. Learn to weave meditation into asana classes, including practices of mantra and japa meditation, as well as pranayama and rotation of consciousness. Enjoy yoga poses, stories, games and songs that help little ones with their physical, emotional and social skills.
Malissa Schwamm offers Connecting Chakra and Asana: Moving toward a clearer state of being this afternoon at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Hace parte de la red Evensi, un motor de busqueda con mas de 30 millones de eventos en el mundo, donde encontraras el que mas te interesa. Healing Magic (to diminish illness = disappear); Love spells- to break with the partner, to end relationship. It is good time to communicate with one's unconsciousness and to make, if needed, a contact with dark entities and demons.
You should take care of everything you want to increase in amount for more days and then, to end you work on the full moon.

Do you need to solve your present situation or problem with the help of magic, because all other solutions failed? January 23, 2016, brings the full moon into theatrical Leo, sending out a cosmic casting call. The North is holding an American, Otto Warmbier, who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in March for trying to steal a propaganda banner.
Join Katie for the “Healing Ring of Tantra,” meditation to lessen the fluctuations of the mind that can occur with the full moon.
James Fox, Founder and Director of Prison Yoga Project, leads this training, designed for yoga teachers and committed yoga practitioners. While the sessions at the public clinic that runs today and Sunday are full, a waitlist is available. Learn to meditate with the mantra selected based on your moment of birth at the Primordial Sound Meditation workshop at Vital Yoga, beginning this evening and continuing through Sunday afternoon.
Join Maia Talbott for Pranayama: An Exploration of Breath with Maia Talbott this afternoon at Karma Yoga Center. Flow through a series of yoga poses specifically designed to release blocked energy, then deeply relax with a guided meditation. You are destined to grow in the process of this unfolding and we are here to give homage along your way. During waxing moon we practice rituals for things we wish to have stable in our life- love, money health and success. Experience restorative poses and mudras at the Chakra Enneagram Meditation at Golden Yoga & Healing Arts.
Or check out the free Community Gentle Yoga class with Cindy Hamilton this afternoon at Rishi’s Community Yoga.
Or join Susie Ritchey tonight at Asana Studio for The Chakras – Balancing Your Energy. Here on Expanded Consciousness you'll find inspiring stories, insightful information, and a forum to contribute to the advancement of other visitors. Explore The Spiritual Approach to Life’s Challenges with author Sandra Alexander and Carrie Odom at Kosha Yoga Center. Explore chakra basics and practice yoga, pranayama, meditation and chanting to balance the energy centers. Deeply relax at Mind Free Friday: Healing Piano and Singing Bowl Journey with Michael Schenkelberg at Karma Yoga Center.
Learn techniques of spiritual alchemy to clear blockages and increase clarity at Sacred Journey with Sorel Haruf at Longmont’s Full Circle Yoga. Enjoy Restorative Yoga with Essential Oils and Massage with Rose Shattell, Vanessa Beauchamp, and Bronwyn Morrissey at Yoga Pod Southglenn. Or, if you’re a new mom, join other new mothers for Vino and Vinyasa with Logan Kinney this evening at The Mama’hood Denver. Learn safe pose instruction as well as precautions and contraindications for pregnant women.

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