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When I was very young boy living in New York, there was a popular television weathercaster by the name of Carol Reed. One evening, Carol commented that it would be clear for everyone to get a good view of that night's "pink" full moon.
While I don't recall the year of this episode, I can state most definitely that it took place in the month of April, since many years later I learned that traditionally the full moon of April is called the "pink moon," a reference made to the grass pink or wild ground phlox which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring season.
So on Thursday night, when you look skyward at this year's version of the "pink" April full moon, remember not to take the term literally! While this month's full moon may not look pink, if you live in Europe, Africa or much of Asia, you will notice something a bit different about it, because it will take place on the night of a lunar eclipse.
Unfortunately, in North America, none of this eclipse will be visible, since the actual instant of full moon occurs on Thursday afternoon (April 25), when the moon is below the horizon. During the first 110-minutes of the eclipse, the moon's northern hemisphere pushes ever-so-gradually into the Earth's partial shadow, called the penumbra.
In spite of the fact that this isn't much of an eclipse, I suspect that more than a few skywatchers across the big pond will still take time out to watch it. The skies stayed clear for the duration of the eclipse although there was some thin cloud now and then.
Having being denied a look at comet PanStarrs due to the usual bank of cloud sitting on the west horizon, I made use of the telescope and captured some images of the Moon. Surrounded by various flora and fauna helped produce a mesmerizing orchestra of sights and sounds under the fading sunlight. Thanks to staff member, Jason Frenzel, we were able to come back to shore with a campfire roaring for us. We also have two Birding events planned to give a better understanding of the journey that migratory birds take when traveling through our area.
If you are hungry for watershed knowledge, viagra join us for guided nature walks throughout the Huron River.
If you crave a more hands-on summer recreation experience, we have five paddle trips planned to meet your needs. If paddling isn’t your thing but you still want to enjoy the Huron River, we are proud to welcome back the annual Baseline Lake Swim. Most scientists have determined that even if statistics show an incline in bag behavior on days of the full moon, there's no correlation or consistency.

Scientists Demonstrate Three-Way Quantum Communication: What's Faster Than The Speed Of Light? When it got dark, my mother accompanied me outside expecting to see a salmon-colored moon, but all we saw was a full moon that looked the way it always did: yellowish-white with not a hint of pink. EDT (1804 GMT), the moon begins to meet the Earth's shadow; a little over two hours later it arrives under the middle of that shadow. EDT (1954 GMT), the moon's northern limb finally makes contact with a much more abrupt shadow, the blackish-brown umbra. To the unaided eye, even to those with acute visual skills, it will hardly cause a perceptible dent on the lunar disk.
That is, after all what a true amateur astronomer is: patient, undemanding, and willing to accept even the smallest crumbs from the star tables. He writes about astronomy for The New York Times and other publications, and he is also an on-camera meteorologist for News 12 Westchester, New York. Always like looking at the full moon, a beautiful sight although it spoils the darkness for other star gazing! Typically, our paddle trips consist of paddling up or down river, however, this paddle was held on Mill Lake in the Waterloo State Recreation Area.
With the help of our participating birders; Dea Armstrong, City of Ann Arbor Ornithologist, produced a list of 34 species of birds we encountered on the paddle. We are offering a variety of events this summer to get you outside and in-touch with nature. We have three different walks planned to familiarize you with current efforts to protect watershed quality and provide information on the ecology as well. If you are up for the challenge, we are offering an optional two-mile swim along with the traditional one-mile swim. We are offering Fly Fishing Lessons that will help to get you started for a summer on the river. Many believe in the folklore that the full moon offers a night of temporal insanity!
If the phases of the moon could cause a bulge in the Earth's crust then surely it could affect humans who are made of sixty percent of water. However, a study at the University of Sydney in Australia concluded there was no identifiable relationship.

As it fell between the planting and harvesting of crops this was traditionally the best month to get married.
One theory is that prehistoric men were more likely to go hunting during their womenfolk's period because of taboos associated with blood. By then the moon will have just risen and will be visible low to the east-southeast horizon as seen from Ireland, and will be setting over south-central Japan in the morning hours of Friday, April 26. EDT (1920 GMT) you may realize you are beginning to detect the ever-so-slight gradient of a soft grey darkening around the top of the moon. However, anyone who glances up at the moon around that time will likely notice that the uppermost part of the disk of the moon will appear smudged or tarnished. Once the sun had receded below the tree line we witnessed our first glimpse of the Full Moon that we were anxiously waiting to see. A special thanks to State Representative Gretchen Driskell for joining us for the Full Moon paddle.
Beginning in May we are proud to have our first event, the Watershed Photo Workshop, cure which is offered in October as well. Each trip includes discussion regarding the river’s water ecology, history, and unique features.
You will have the chance to put those Fly Fishing skills to the test at our annual Single Fly Tournament, pick your best fly and fish it till you lose it! For centuries the myth of a full moon was people became crazy leading to suicide, arson, violent crimes, labor, epileptic seizures and sleepwalking. The most profitable time to hunt was during the full moon and the best way to convince the men to return with food was with the prospect of sex. Thanks to each participant for made this paddle memorable, including our canine friend who accompanied us. As you can see, there are a lot of options to get outside and involved with your community. Come prepared to get hands-on experience in the field, and learn basic techniques for taking great nature photos.

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