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EA und Funcom veroffentlichten heute das Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Spiel (MMO) The Secret World. Funcom is laying off employees and shifting its focus away from giant, expensive MMO projects, as it tries to recover from the recent disappointing launch for The Secret World. Though over 500,000 users registered for the subscription title's beta, only 200,000 consumers have purchased The Secret World since the game launched two months ago, which the Norwegian developer admits is below its expectations. After working on The Secret World on and off for a decade, Funcom says it now wants to make smaller games that require shorter development times and less upfront investments, starting with its upcoming free-to-play title based on LEGO's Minifigures toys (expected development time for the project is 18 months). The company wants to create more focused gameplay- and player-driven games that are in line with today's market, citing examples like League of Legends, World of Tanks, Minecraft. Along with this change in direction, Funcom is undergoing large cost reduction initiatives, which has so far included layoffs at its Oslo, Montreal, Durham, and Beijing locations, with around half of the developer's personnel affected. Funcom intends to continue development on The Secret World and launch several player acquisition initiatives. The Secret World developers Funcom have inaugurated a browser-based title called The Secret War, which ties into the upcoming PC MMO. The Secret War tasks players with recruiting agents to their secret society via Facebook friends, and then deploying agents to different regions to aid your side in the global conspiracy.

The better you do, the more rewards you'll get for The Secret World, such as weapons, clothes, and more. For more on The Secret World, check out the game's latest video detailing character progression. Durham, USA – September 10th, 2009 – After a series of media-only presentations held at the Penny Arcade Expo 2009 in Seattle last weekend, Funcom today lifted the press embargo allowing gaming sites everywhere to reveal new details on «The Secret World», Funcom’s upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game.
Today Funcom kicks off Week of the Templars; a full week of focus on the Templars secret society. The Templars is the most uncompromising and traditional of the three in-game secret societies; based in London, the focus of the Templars is their crusade against darkness. Wer sich den Titel nicht vorbestellt hat, der hat nun die Moglichkeit, seinen Key der Vollversion bis zum 06.
It's also looking to address the game's issues that annoyed players and reviewers -- the company says the game's 72 Metacritic score has impacted its sales significantly.
You can even earn access to special beta weekends, win a trip to meet the developers in Montreal, and get your name embedded in The Secret World itself at launch. As a part of the new reveals of the game, Funcom today also released the first ever official screenshots of the real-world MMO on its official website.

Throughout the week, all eyes will be on the historic and uncompromising Templars society, one of three secret societies represented in the upcoming, modern-day MMO The Secret World. Throughout the week Funcom will reveal something new about the Templars secret society, ranging from articles, artwork, screenshots, video and an exclusive Q&A session hosted on the official The Secret World Facebook page. The website has also been updated with a list of features that provides an overview of the game.
After deciding to make the development its next massively multiplayer online game a little less secret, Funcom have now released information, artworks and the first ever trailer video for ‘The Secret World’. These exclusive items will be available on select media sites, as well as on The Secret World official website.
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