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This collection we have most of funny life quotes, funny quotes about life, funny quotations and funny life sayings. Humor in life also has significance in making us forget our problems or at least laugh at them.
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Life really is all about what you make of it and now today, We hope this collection make it a laugh stock.

If there is laughter there will be tears too, if there are comforts there will be hardships too. After all problems do come and hard times do pass, so in no sense it will be good to drown your head in them and avoid or miss the little opportunities in life that make you glad. But those who take each small incident or tragedy to their heart and refuse to step forward aren’t wise. We should have rational approach towards life and it requires us to be more practical and matured.

We have to deal with everything that may be either good or bad but it’s we who decide how to tackle and what’s better. You may not have seen towards life this way before so do read the quotes to have some enjoyment.

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