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LOS ANGELES – DeAndre Jordan lowered his voice, doing his best Shaquille O’Neal impression at his locker following the Clippers win in Atlanta. Jordan knocked down six of his eight fourth-quarter free throws when the Hawks started hacking late, as teams often do to Jordan when they get in desperation mode. After going 7-for-12 from the line in that game, followed that performance up by hitting at least 50 percent of his free throws his next two games, as well, against the Lakers and Bulls.
What ended as a 27-point win against the Bulls was only a six-point lead with 4:20 remaining in the third quarter. Jordan had just split his previous two free throws as the Bulls started hacking, and Chicago went right back to the strategy. Rivers said they need Jordan’s energy, and with the late-game performances he’s put together recently at the line, the Clippers can keep him in at crunch time.

Jordan played an integral part of the Clippers’ victory against the Hawks – one of three wins on the Clippers’ recent five-game road trip, which included four games against the East’s top eight teams. At the time, Rivers said Atlanta head coach Mike Budenholzer probably did the right thing by going to the move; but it didn’t pay off. Rivers said the players doing the hacking don’t like to do it to begin with, and they get even angrier when the player they’re hacking makes the free throws when they could’ve just played defense instead. The hacking strategy is one Rivers uses occasionally on opponents, but he’s starting to come around to the opinion that the rule needs to change; however, with a player who gets hacked as often as Jordan, he knows he can’t be the one leading that movement. The Clippers’ center made them pay in what became a two-point win, but he didn’t stop there. In January, Jordan hit 48.5 percent of his free throws, shooting at least 50 percent from the line in eight games last month.

Jordan responded by knocking down two free throws to stretch the lead to eight, and his success seemed to spark the Clippers, who led by 11 after the third quarter and by 18 not even two minutes into the fourth. But it’s the fact he’s done it multiple times recently against top-notch talent which makes this stretch particularly noteworthy. And the more Jordan can do what he’s been doing at the line the last few games, the less they’ll need to worry about them. Five seconds later, the Hawks sent Jordan back to the line, and the center hit two free throws again.

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