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I'm sure we've all heard many opinions on whether or not video games are hurting or helping our countries youth, and with the gaming industry growing rapidly, I wanted to find out if it's beneficial or harmful for a child to play video games.Most of the older generation claims that video games are hurting the youth in America, making children more obese and more violent, but is that really true? I think there are some problems with the study, first off that maybe half of all games are non violent, but the most popular ones almost always are. While that might be true with violent video games, it certainly isn't the case for non-violent ones, and in fact, more than half of the video games out there have no violence whatsoever. I know my younger brother loves to play video games every chance he can, but I do still think that even though there are benefits to video games, time spent playing them should be limited. The only non violent games I ever see someone play are FIFA or Maddenn, and typically people will play much more Call of Duty then any other game. In a recent study done by the Education Development Center, they found that video games could improve literacy skills in young children between 4 and 5 years old.
Whether it be a violent or non-violent, or one with physical activity incorporated, we should not consume most of our time spent at home watching the television screen.
As a player of complex video games, I can say that they have helped with my problem solving and my critical thinking. There may be a lot of non violent games, but that does not mean that people are not playing those games. I personally think it is unhealthy to stare at a television or computer screen for too long.

Playing games such as Call of Duty have helped me think through situations and issues at a relatively quicker pace. My other problem is that there maybe videogames that force people to move like the Wii, but again they are not very popular. For example, if a child completes a difficult puzzle or figures out how to get through a hard maze, it will make their self confidence improve.Lastly, contrary to popular belief, video games in children have been shown to promote exercise. I personally experience a head ache when I play the game SIMS for too long or even when I am playing a physical game of Dance, Dance Revolution!
After the inertial hype of Wii was done there have been very little new and exciting games that really get you to move.
Many people believe that when children play video games they become more sedentary and obese. I am able to do things such as tie knots, carry many things between my fingers, and type much more effectively. Instead Nintendo has made games that can be played without moving around except for moving the controller like Mario Kart. I still feel like videogames can do a lot of good for children, but I am not willing to say that they do not lead to obesity because I still believe they do.
With today's new gaming systems such as the Wii and Xbox 360 Kinect, children are much more apt to be moving around while they play video games such as baseball and tennis in the Wii Fit program.Overall, video games for children might not be as bad as most people think.

According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, teens who play video games such as Call of Duty and other violent games can be subjected to some major psychological changes. Of course there will always be those exceptions where children suffer from more harm than good by playing video games, but in the scheme of things, they aren't too bad for some children. Do you guys think there are more harmful effects or more beneficial effects on children who play video games? I never knew there were that many benefits, but that still doesn't change the fact that there are many harmful effects. It just opened my eyes a little more about some of the good that can come from video games. These traits can lead to poor social skills and a decline in reading which can result in lower grades. Do you think maybe just educational and physical video games are good and the rest all have negative effects?
If a balance is struck and comprehended, then maybe the psychological risks may decrease if not vanish.

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