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Sitting at the computer all day surfing for new shoes or getting the latest celebrity gossip isn't going to do much to boost your brain power.
Your muscles don't get stronger without consistent resistance training, and the same goes for your brain.
As we all know, mindfulness practices have been receiving growing attention both in the workplace and in the media. In order to answer how mindfulness impacts positive functioning of the brain, Cheisa et al. In order to determine whether mindfulness training might have protective effects, two military cohorts were studied during their pre-deployment period. Certainly, these amazing results can be applied to other “performance under pressure” situations.
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Research shows that cognitive exercises can improve your brain fitness and ward off Alzheimer's and dementia down the road. Certainly, abundant evidence has shown the clinical and psychological benefits to mindfulness training. Mindfulness training, referred to as M–Fit (mindfulness-based mind fitness training), was delivered as an 8–week course to one military group, but not the other. It does not matter whether you are a firefighter, a paramedic on an ambulance run, or an employee facing a serious and taxing work week.
Aikens continued her education with further training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts. A recent study proves that working memory and visual attention can be improved through the use of web-based cognitive training programs - "brain games" - as opposed to the lab-only improvements seen in previous research. Sure, you can do the Sunday paper crossword puzzle or even challenge your wits playing word games and riddles with your kids.

But what has the evidence said about improvements in performance, attention span or memory? Overall, preliminary evidence is positive; suggesting that even moderately brief mindfulness interventions can improve attention, memory and executive functioning. The purpose of the study was to determine whether a mindfulness intervention might be beneficial during this difficult time. During this time, researchers found that the working memory in the group who did not receive the M-Fit training decreased. We all could benefit from extra working memory and less negative affect when faced with stressful or difficult situations.
She has studied in programs developed by world-renowned doctors Andrew Weil, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Joseph Goldstein and has received numerous certifications.
Due to her interest in bringing both Integrative Medicine and mindfulness solutions to corporate health, she subsequently designed the Aikens Approach. But if you are on the computer for much of your day, online brain training may be just the thing you need to keep your cognitive abilities sharp.And those computer brain training games aren't just for passing time when your boss isn't looking. Findings also show that mindfulness enhances working memory, and may prevent loss of working memory prior to stressful events.
Prior studies had reported that military deployment increases the likelihood of acute and long-term psychological injury, in addition to physical harm. However, those who took the M-Fit training, particularly those who practiced frequently, saw significant improvements in working memory. Overall, the mindfulness evidence shows that in such situations our performance may well improve, but just as importantly, so will our quality of life. Aikens was struck by the overwhelming literature supporting the efficacy of alternative practices on patient outcomes. Research conducted by Lumos Labs suggests that brain games -- such as those online at Happy Neuron or used on a hand-held device, like Nintendo's Brain Age -- can significantly improve your working memory and visual attention.What exactly is working memory and visual attention?Working memory is the process of temporarily storing and manipulating information. In fact, investigators have found that the cognitive functioning of troops decreases, while emotional disturbances increase during deployment (Stanley et al, 2009; Maguen et a, 2008).

This improved working memory was correlated with lower levels of negative moods and affect. It belies performance in other activities such as logical reasoning and reading comprehension and it bears a strong relationship with a person's general intelligence. Overall, researchers concluded that mindfulness training might be protective, potentially providing soldiers with greater cognitive resources in highly stressful and challenging situations, including in counterinsurgency environments. Visual attention is the allocation of attention that determines how a person perceives his or her environment. Changes in visual attention can affect behaviors, such as driving and understanding changes in the environment. The efficacy of online brain gamesThe Lumos Labs research shows that its online training program -- called Lumosity -- consisting of five different cognitive exercises can improve attention, memory, processing speed and executive function. Exercises used in the study included birdwatching (a game requiring the user to identify a letter while simultaneously detecting the location of a bird graphic somewhere else on the screen), memory match (a speed match of previous data to current data), and monster garden (a maze requiring the user to rely on memory to avoid obstacles and complete a maze). Exercises in the study provided points and increasing difficulty levels.Study participants were able to use their own PC and had no guidance from researchers. They were instructed to play specified online brain games for a 20-minute session every day for five weeks. As compared to a control group (which did not play brain games), trained participants could more precisely locate rapidly presented visual stimuli and better evaluate a larger scope of visual information. Best yet, researchers suggest that a mere 10 to 20 minutes per day will show improvements in cognitive skills in as soon as six days.

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