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I was chatting with a young employee over a beer the other day and we started talking about confidence and its importance.
The state of mind then carries over into how we carry ourselves and the actions we choose to take. When others see confidence, they instinctually trust and follow it because we all know that these are the types of people that end up creating wins for the companies, their families, their communities, and their world. For the most part, people admire those that make impact and they end up sharing their feedback with those that have taken action. Be comfortable with knowing that a lot of the action will not produce the outcome you want immediately. People (except haters) love others who take action because they’re a true manifestation of living the dream.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. In the aftermath of World War II, Americans reacted with dismay as relations between the United States and the Soviet Union deteriorated, the Russians imposed communist control over much of Eastern Europe, and China was on the verge of going communist. The Cold War revived the anti-communist hysteria that had gripped the United States after World War I. By 1949, the Soviets had expanded their control to cover most of Eastern Europe, and it appeared that China would soon fall to the communists as well. In February 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy captured headlines by his claims that he held in his hand, a list of names of some 205 communists in the State Department which he did not reveal. Senator Joseph McCarthy's continued string of reckless charges of communism in government created such a sensation that the Senate appointed a special committee under Millard E.
Senator Joseph McCarthy's irresponsible tactics were endorsed by many voters who felt that the communist threat was such that the means justified the ends. Throughout his political career, Dwight Eisenhower refused to take a public stand against Senator Joseph McCarthy's aggressive anti-communist campaign.
In 1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy went too far when he took on the United States Army, accusing it of promoting communists.
Even with Senator Joseph McCarthy on the wane, the general hysteria continued in many forms by assorted super patriots. Richard Nixon had discovered the power of smear attacks in his early campaigns for the House of Representatives and Senate years before Senator McCarthy began to use them. Have you ever noticed a hairstyle or an out-fit that is way out of your fashion sense that you never ever would want to get caught wearing; but then all of a sudden you notice something fashionable about the person wearing it and your fashion sense becomes arroused though the idea is still out of your league? Confidence founded outside of this, within ourselves or in the things we possess can only be short lived as we may fail, our abilities may fail but God never fails. Confianza fundada fuera de este, dentro de nosotros mismos o en las cosas que poseemos solo puede ser de corta duracion ya que puede fallar, nuestras habilidades podemos fallar, pero Dios nunca falla. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
A powerful posture can spark that confidence within yourself as well as to others and it’s contagious, like a yawn.  How we utilize our body, will change our thinking and ultimately change our life.  Striking the power pose, the upright awesome posture, while sitting or standing will give you that perception of being stronger and taller, think how people will perceive you then!!  The fact that a simple pose can have such a huge impact on how you feel and confidence! Changing our posture is one but how about changing our facial expressions?  You know that expression “resting bitch face”?  Sometimes this expression will make you unapproachable or even make you think negative but by simply changing that expression can boost your very own internal confidence! How about giving a complement?  Building up someone else’s ego with instantly give you a confidence boost and in return make you feel even happier.  Small changes that you can do in a matter of seconds will create a whole new outlook on your day, your week and daily life.

With these techniques you can build a stronger mind, attitude and what a better way of obtaining a confidence booster instantly!  Try a few of these and see how they work out for you, how it changes your confidence to tackle anything that comes your way! Thank you, my fabulous sparkletude friends for taking the time to read my blog and love to hear from you all!  Share your stories, no matter what the subject is with me, I love to hear how your lives are going! This blog uses Comment Love Premium which kindly allows you to put your keywords with your name.
You can get Anne's inspirational memoir by clicking on the page called, 'Anne's Memoir' above. Here is a summary of the conversation along with a diagram on the cyclical pattern of confidence. People instinctually know that the results will be beneficial and leave positive lasting affects on them. That positive feedback helps fuel even higher levels of confidence, which in turn creates more action and results.
But if you keep working at it and persisting towards a clear path, you WILL get better, you will produce better results, and you will be able to affect change in the world. Just by getting the results, it means the confident people chased their dream, and they’re making it.
People worried that communists might try to subvert schools, labor unions, and other institutions. In 1947 Congress revived the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), opposed by Herb Block since its inception in the 1930s and declared by President Truman to be itself the most un-American activity. Some individuals compiled and circulated their own blacklists, which were accepted by frightened employers and casting directors who feared being blacklisted themselves if they sought facts and fair play.
Many members of Congress, influenced by his success, began to support his heavy-handed and abusive tactics for political purposes. Tydings to investigate his "evidence." McCarthy managed to turn the hearings into a circus, each new charge obscuring the fact that earlier accusations weren't backed up. A non-combat veteran, he had used the nickname "Tail-gunner Joe" to win a Senate seat after the war. Eisenhower even struck from a 1952 campaign speech in Wisconsin a defense of his mentor, George C.
The Senate held special hearings, known as the Army-McCarthy hearings, which were among the first to be televised nationally. In 1954, during his vice-presidential campaign for re-election, Nixon traveled the country to charging previous Democratic administrations and current Democratic members of Congress with being soft on communism.
Interact with members and spread hope.Like Us On FacebookFollow Us On TwitterWe would love to connect with you! Please do not Plagiarize this one because this copy is not mine It's from my bestfriend. Like in yoga, you breath in and out to release the tension and toxins in your body.  This will help change your mood from a sluggish or negative thinking to more open and friendlier mindset! This is so because the physical brain can’t really tell the difference between the two. Are you attempting to build your confidence by reading every personal development  book you can find?
Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. In their zeal to stamp out all signs of subversion in the United States, professional and amateur anti-communists threatened to suppress American liberties as well.

Despite a final report by the committee discrediting McCarthy's tactics and evidence, he emerged with more general support than ever. Follow us and retweet our hope quotes.Follow Us On TwitterBecome A VolunteerBe a part of the Hope Team!
In this climate of fear and suspicion, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, which Herb Block had opposed since its inception in the 1930s, became active. Edgar Hoover, helped provide the committee with material from its aptly named ‘raw files'.
Other politicians, recognizing pay dirt when they saw it, jumped on his tar-barrel bandwagon.
Half a dozen Republican senators, including Ralph Flanders, joined Margaret Chase Smith in a "declaration of conscience" against McCarthy. As both public and politicians watched the bullying antics of the Senator, they became increasingly disenchanted.
Herb Block's 1954 depiction of the emerging campaigner would stick with Nixon throughout his career.
Help us grow and share hope with millions.Become A VolunteerSubscribe Via RSSNever miss a post! The only way you’ll be confident you remember how to cycle is by getting back on that bike. And in 1950, a young senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy, seeking political gain, began a well-publicized campaign using smear tactics, bullying and innuendo to identify and purge communists and "fellow travelers" in government.
Taft, and Styles Bridges and Republican National Chairman Guy Gabrielson push a reluctant GOP elephant to mount the unsavory platform.
The attacks on the Truman Administration continued even as President Harry Truman was fighting a war against communist aggression in Korea.
Eisenhower, however, continued to speak of "justice and fair play" in fighting communism, and it was a long time before they prevailed. The only way to grow confidence is by stepping up, getting involved and doing something about it.
Herb Block recognized the danger to civil liberties posed by such activities and warned of them in his work.
At the State Department's request, Herb Block contributed a booklet of his anticommunist cartoons for distribution abroad. Build Confidence: You Can Do It  gives you the top-up you need today to have that faith in yourself.
Take up arms and actually make confidence building activities one of your big focuses in life.
He coined the phrase "McCarthyism" in his cartoon for March 29, 1950, naming the era just weeks after Senator McCarthy's spectacular pronouncement that he had in his hand a list of communists in the State Department. For four years McCarthy attacked communism, while in his cartoons Herb Block relentlessly attacked his heavy-handed tactics.

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